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Hello from Mytime! First video

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Please scroll down today! I have like 6 new posts :D Yes, I am insane. Blogging took longer than my projects! LOL!

Thanks for reading.


OK everyone-I actually got this to work! Im seriously doing a dance in front of my computer right now.I KNOW it's NOT Monday, but I planned on featuring my videos on Monday's, and this was suppose to be done yesterday, so go with me here. Thanks to Sara Williams-my blog girl!! She designed my blog and helped me with this concept for WordPress and enabled my video features, which I didn't have before.Now, before you watch please realize I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I just tried fiddling around with everything, just to see if I could even get this to work. I just wanted to get my HELLO WORLD uploaded.I do have my first video tutoiral ready to go for my Papertrey Ink newsletter! YEAH! So be watching for that. I am including directions for those who don't have high speed internet :DI felt like the biggest geek, sitting there, talking at the camera. No one even around to "listen" or guide me. If anything you will get a good giggle :D I hate my voice, had a bad hair day, and don't forget the camera adds 10lbs! LOL!I swear my next video will be more professional and I hope I can figure out some of the cool editing software my program has. I didn't have "segments" like I would if doing a tutorial so even attempting some of the features was pointless.Also note-this is like talking to yourself. I honestly hate watching this video, but after a million tries figured I better just go with it. Just be myself, and no focus on every little mistake, or my talking with my hands, and moving my head constantly. You will see Im definitely ALL valley girl :D Oh and my voice-gosh I don't sound like that in my own head. Oh well.

 I think once I get into the stamping part of doing a tutorial then it won't be so awkward. I'll be in my element, and not starring at a camera making a one sided conversation with myself! I'll have the camera over my shoulder instead.

Anyway-I am just excited that this will open up a whole new, hopefully more exciting venture on my blog with this new year!

So here I am-feeling like I am naked, in front of the world :C EEK!

All in all I'm still excited.

PS! I will work on the lighting! I had to film it at night because during the day the kids were running around and wanting to be on camera. Then I had Daisy chasing the cat, and then again you could hear the kids KILLING eachother upstairs! LOL! So, Ill do daylight stuff from now on and you can get a chuckle from my house drama! LOL!

OH BTW my video tutorial is going LIVE 10pm on the 15th. It was kinda dark like this-sorry :C

PPS- I have NO IDEA why its instant playing but promise they won't all do that.I have to figure out what I set, and HOW I set it. Told you this was a big process! LOL! For now just hit stop so my Fran Dreshcer voice doesn't play endlessly :C

Thanks for the feed back :D

WOW! Am I exhausted.

The Papertrey Ink release was another amazing one. I always have such a huge creative breakdown after, since I pour every ounce of creativity I own into every project.

Most of them were revealed up to the release, but I kept a few for today.

My first project today is very special, and I want to share it with you all. I did get special permission to post all this info, so I hope you get to read it.



I have to say with all the sympathy sentiments, while beautiful, it was emotional for me. Having been close to losing my own child a few times, I can’t even fathom the pain. I only know a portion of the pain that comes with just thinking of the “what ifs”. When Alexa got sick I planned her funeral in my head too many times. Something I hate to admit, but when she had so many close calls I couldn’t help but have those horrible thoughts not only cross my mind, but be lurking so close to reality.

This release came at a time that I really needed. It was so amazing because over the holiday a blog reader of mine-Melinda had sent me some amazing things from Australia. I was touched by her graciousness.

I was beyond amazed by her talent, but what got me was this photo attached with her letter, of her daughter Bethany.

She told me how stamping has helped her emotionally, to cope, as she lost that beautiful little girl in the photo last year to a tragic accident.

Here she is-


Every person in my home cried reading her letter, and starring at Bethany’s face.

Melinda said she has a hard time scrapping photos of Bethany, and this one was so special to her because it was the last photo she had of her-taken just a week before her accident. She was in her favorite dress. She loved pink flowers,  and butterflies!

 I knew I wanted to make her something special, to honor her. I had no idea what to say or where to start! Then the Loss of  Child set was sent to me. I knew the words were perfect.


I have to admit I balled my eyes out the entire time I made it. I felt such a wave of pain and emotion, and I never even “knew” her. I never made a more meaningful gift in my life. I truly poured every ounce of love I felt for my own three children into making a keepsake for Bethany’s mom.


Stamps-Fresh Alphabet, Loss of a Child, With Sympathy
Ink-Berry Sorbet, black, ripe avocado, spring moss, sweet blush
Cardstock- sweet blush, berry sorbet, spring moss, white
Patterned Paper- Polka Dot Parade
Berry Sorbet stitched grosgrain, leaf pattern ribbon
B.E. Frame
Other-Prima Flowers, Prima leaves May Arts velvet ric rac, dew drops, adhesive rhinestones


Now when I asked Bethany’s mom if I could share this, she agreed. I asked her what she would like people to know about Bethany, since she isn’t just a photo for a project, or another post on my blog, but a person who is so missed and so loved. A person who’s short life will have made a difference in others. I know that despite her mom losing her, she will not let her loss be in vain, but will make a difference in others lives.

If you have lost a child and need support, Melinda has offered to help you-so contact me for her info. Melinda is also looking forward to being able to eventually working with SIDS & KIDS.

This is what she had to share-

From Bethany’s mother Melinda:

Bethany lived at fast forward all the time. She was born after a 40 minute labour on November 11th 2001. That day is Remembrance Day in Australia and each year at 11am on that day the country observes a minute silence for soldiers who fell in battle, but we also like to think the nation stops for Bethany (as of course we feel it should).
Bethany started to talk very early, weaned herself at 10 months and decided she was too big for nappies (diapers) a month after her little brother was born so toilet trained herself that very day (she was only 22 months old). She was little but had a voice that carried and would have long conversations with any and everybody she met. At nearly 5 she had just started wearing size 3 clothes and was a little dynamo. She didn’t watch TV or DVD’s but preferred to just hang out with me or her brothers and sisters. It was spring when she died and 3 weeks earlier I had bought her new sandals which she loved but refused to wear them. Her older sister, Emily, talked to her about it and found Bethany thought her toes were ugly. They went through Emily’s nailpolish and Beth chose a pretty pink (her favourite colour) to decorate her toes and then wore her new shoes. For all her speed to grow up, when I cleaned up her room after she died I found she had hidden one of her little brothers dummies (pacifiers) under her pillow and must have snuck it in her mouth after I tucked her in to bed. I will always be grateful that I was able to be a stay at home Mum and spent every minute possible with her. She was secure in the fact that she was very much loved and confident of her place in the world.
I’m not sure if what I have typed makes any sense, but I won’t edit it as I know I could go over and over it trying to get it perfect in her honour.

Butterflies have become very special to us all as they have appeared at significant moments as if she is letting us know she is somehow here. As we were getting ready for her funeral a butterfly somehow flew into the house and landed on her portrait, the day a friend and I went to collect her ashes a butterfly fluttered around the door of the funeral home the whole time and when we were on a recent holiday there was a butterfly who followed us as we walked around Wiggle World. So you see, the butterflies on your frame are so very special as is the sentiment. It is often these smaller things that combine into something amazing and bring great comfort.

The only thing I would add is that if there is another family who read your blog who have suffered the loss of a child and would like to contact me, please feel free to give them my email.
I just thought of one more anecdote I wanted to share with you. Bethany’s older brother Liam (he is now 10) has always loved to draw and create his own comics. He spends hours creating and binding them. They are really very intricate and Beth always loved them and wanted to copy them which was a cause of much dispute between the two of them. Going through Beth’s room we find her treasure draw and hidden at the bottom was one of Liam’s comic books. Beth had gone through and very carefully added her name to every page. Liam would have really gone off at her for that one but now it is his most treasured possession, almost like a little note from Bethany left specially for him.

This is a poem that Bethany’s mom finds comfort in:

The mention of my baby’s name may bring tears to my eyes,but it never fails to bring music to my ears.If you really are my friend,please don’t keep me from hearing the beautiful music.It soothes my broken heart and fills my soul with love. 

Those who wish to sing always find a song.


OK now I’m done that, and still balling, lets move on to my other projects.

This is yet another sample I made (for today’s post, not in my release gallery) using the With Sympathy set. It was going to be a countdown project but I had to wait to share it-


This box is from my newest template-The Perfect Match ©

I thought that the With Sympathy set was perfect for making a nice thoughtful set of cards.

Did you know it can hold little note cards and envelopes?


I got this set from Stampin Up! a while back 😀 Now was the perfect time to use them.

They are about 3 X 4 in size.

Here are a set of 20-with envelopes! Room to spare too.


Isn’t that so simple? Great teacher gifts without lots of work!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! Love that.

Another sample using my Perfect Match Box was paired with Heather’s  set 😀

I used the slider cover of my Perfect Match Box © template as a basket like box to hold my body mist. I had fun with the clean, crisp design I could get easily with this set. This came together in just minutes! A perfect quick gift wrap.



My Timeless Template-The Perfect Match Box ©
Stamps- Around & About sent.
Cardstock- PTI select white, Spring Rain, Vellum cardstock
Ink-Spring Rain

Other-adhesive rhinestone, swiss dots embossing folder, circle punches, Doodlebug paper frills border

Now another one with her set-Get Well Soon!!

I LOVE this card-Very clean and simple-but so pretty to me.


I used guideline’s to make my grid, then stamped the single flower from the set to make my own patterned paper.

I used the flower punch and stamped the circle sentiment inside, then added a button which I also stamped for the center 😀

My leaves are just some avocado stitched ribbon, folded up 😀

So there you have it everyone. Scroll down over the last few days, and let me know what project you liked best!

Thank you for visiting and thanks to anyone who gets any of the templates 😀 Don’t forget I WANT to see what YOU make 😀

Have a happy day-

Pink Cat Release! Today-

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Yeah! Its here!!

The newest release from Pink Cat Studio 😀

Here are the sets for your viewing pleasure, in their entirety.


For one last push, over the edge-I have ONE more card before you go shopping


Hello little butterfly-

This last one is SIMPLE! I just loved the little Kiki & the butterfly 😀 You know me & the butterflies. How could I NOT use her? And well purple being my favorite color-it was just meant to be.

I had a old SU! butterfly punch that looked similar to the butterfly in the image, so I made it look like a little flutter-trail-OK in my brain that was the idea. I liked the outcome all the same.

Clean and simple-but oh so cute! Can you say under 5 minute card? YUP! UNDER 5!

Have fun 😀

Raspberry Fizz Templates!

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OK no joke Im totally in LOVE with Raspberry Fizz! LOVE I tell you.

I figured since the Papertrey Ink Release is just hours away, I would give you another couple of ideas for use of my newest templates The Perfect Match © and Take Along Tote ©

Now I have told you in previous posts that the Perfect Match Box, is like 3 templates in 1!

You get to use the slider/base together, and you get the Base template, as well as a slider template! So I wanted you too see the pieces from The Perfect Match © used separately!

The first one ROCKS!


Because it uses the base template from The Perfect Match © to hold the square Trendy Tubes!


Oh yes! That is them!

Inside I have some yummy peanut M&M’s. This box is holding 4 of the square tubes. With room to spare 😀

Now you may be wondering HOW those 8 inch high tubes got into my little Match box, right?

Well I CUT them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you can resize them and they work perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!


I cut my tubes down to about 4 1/2, then reapplies the topper. I just used a hobby blade 😀 EASY PEASY!

Now think of the possibilities!

I’m so in love with this concept!

Here is a side view.


I used my Heart Prints set, and my heart punch to create the fun from embellishment. Can I tell you that this project seriously too me ONLY 10 minutes! How cool is that?

It would have been quicker if I didn’t use a heart scallop border punch to wrap around my box! LOL!

For my ribbon wrap, I adhered it to the box bottom, then added a Raspberry Fizz cardstock panel to the bottom to cover it. Nice finished look, and my ribbon and tubes stay in place.

Now next up we are using just the slider cover portion, as a basket.

Sweet Pea


Being inspired by my bottle of body wash-I used Out on a Limb.

I love stamping over patterned paper Raspberry Fizz Miz

another view:


You may by now know how much I love giving (and receiving) bath and body stuff! Sweet Pea from Bath and Body works smells AMAZING! I scored these in the $1 section at Christmas time!

Inside this template there is a travel size body wash (as seen), body mist, and hand sanitizer! $3 total! This gift looks like more than that!


The owl is a super cute embossing punch I got from Martha Stewart!

I just punched it out, and dragged it through my Snow White ink 😀 —->C-A-UTE!

OK now we have our Take Along Tote!


Taking inspiration from the paper, I used my flower punch to create a sparkly vellum flower.

With just a glue pen, some free handing, and glitter-


Not too shabby, eh?

Side view-


How about using the pocket templates, on the inside?


I put the peanut M&M’s into my glassine bags, and added them into my pockets! YUM-O!

I jjust punched a few squares of the patterned paper, for an easy design. I then added some felt flowers, with my white blooms.

Who’d of thunk M&M’s could be so elegant! LOL! and FUNKY!

Well that is it for tonight. I hope to see you at the release 😀

Thanks for all the support, and you sweet comments.

On a good note I think I may have a video tutorial done soon!! I just got done editing one for the Papertrey Ink Newsletter. Cross your fingers I get it uploaded by tomorrow night 😀

Later-with more to come

Day #3 Pink Cat Peek

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Ready for more cuteness? Another Pink Cat Studio peek today.

Melissa- will also have peeks HERE!On the official Pink Cat Studio Blog. Also check out the forum on PCP

These images are just so sweet its a good thing they aren’t sugar because I’d be bouncing off the walls (more so than I already am! LOL!)

Well I have my last 2 peeks of the Lily & Billy Sweethearts, and Kiki Kitty before the actual release of the sets.

First up-Lily & Billy in love


Can I get a great big AWE!

When I saw these two, back to back I went nuts! How adorable? They way they fit together, to me, was already in the shape of a heart, so I went with that. I ALWAYS have a hard time when coloring a boy & girl together. I love this color combo, and I’m sure you are so sick of seeing me use red these days, but I can’t help it. We are getting into the “love season” where red is on my mind 😀

Another layout that I’m loving. I’m big on layouts of stuff. Its rare I choose to do the same ole, same ole. Not sure why I have issue’s with it :C Oh well. Anyway this layout I think just worked to be totally cute 😀

Here is their close up


What do you think?

OK now we have another Kiki Kitty creation. I didn’t feel like doing another card, so I designed a rather large size box. Just scored away, and came up with this vellum creation.

Its bigger than you may imagine. I wanted it to be able to actually hold “stuff”.


Doesn’t this scream HAPPY! I think it does. Again Kiki is done in white. I so love her that color with the little pink cheeks. Its like she is going to fly away with the balloons.


For the top I used a Papertrey ink set-Heart Prints, Made a cute large paper clip topper, to hold my boxy bag closed.

The ribbon is American Crafts. Love their ribbon.

Well that is it for me today, here. Tomorrow is the release, where I will show you the sets in their entirety, and one more peek.

Till then

How many?!

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Im very excited about tonight’s project! I still have SO many samples that I’m scrambling to share as many as I can before the Papertrey Ink release tomorrow night!


Red & brown-LOVE IT! LOVE! I can’t get off the red kick, but I don’t care.

For this project I stamped images from flower garden and beautiful blooms and, birds of a feather onto my lined vellum slider box using my Perfect Match Box template 😀 I think it made the prettiest patterned paper. I would BUY paper like that, so I’m happy I was able to make it.

This was a very quick and simple version of what you can do with the box design.

I’m really loving how much you can do with this template-I have many more ideas as to what can go in here, but tonight I used an old “standby” for what I consider a yummy gift!

Last year I designed a pretty popular Ghirardelli Chocolate square holder. So if you liked that maybe you will LOVE this one!


Isn’t that awesome looking? You’d never think to see all those squares in there when you slide this open!

Can you guess how many you can get in here?

Well you can fit 2 rows of 12! That means 24 chocolate squares! Now that is a YUMMY gift 😀 Looks can be deceiving can’t they? Bet you didn’t think it could easily fit THAT many.

Here is another peek-partially pulled out.


Now this is a great idea for someone who loves chocolate, and that you REALLY love because you are parting with it all!

My colors came from my wrappers. I love the mix.

What is YOUR favorite yummy treat?

For ‘gourmet” stuff my absolute favorite thing is Chocolate Raspberry Starfish from Godiva Chocolates! I LOVE the Raspberry Ghirardelli squares since they are similar. Im not a “dark” chocolate person, but those are pretty yummy.

As far as other treats-I just love chocolate anything 😀 Although since I haven’t eaten any in a while when I do, I feel SO sick. I stole a couple peanut M&M’s tonight. WOW! They were good! I also LOVE the Target -Chocolate drizzled rice crispy treats that ONLY come out at the holidays. I bought myself 2 containers! LOL! They are the perfect size for moderation 😀 Its great when things are individually wrapped so you can THINK before you open it.

Another HUGE guilty pleasure that I recently found-Poppycock gourmet popcorn stuff. OMW! If you try the chocolate peanutbutter drizzled one-TO DIE FOR!

OK Im going off on chocolate stuff, time to quit!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. Your turn.

Tomorrow I have a bunch more stuff to share-so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by 😀

Mytime to sew

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Well it is no secret that I started my passion for “crafting” with quilting.

I loved purchasing and mixing the patterns of fabric so much more than the sewing part! LOL! That was my first sign that maybe being a quilter wasn’t for me. The second sign was me staying up ALL hours of the night trying to finish a quilt in a day! LOL!! I needed that instant gratification. I didn’t enjoy the quilting at all-just the end result. Boy am I thankful I found a craft I enjoy start to finish-with my instant joy attached.

Anyway-lots of people sew to some degree. When you are crafty you generally surround yourself with crafty people. Well I made this Sew n Go tote just for that crafty person in your life who loves to sew! It would be a fabulous gift for the beginner sewer in your life too!

Using Take Along Tote: Another My Timeless Template idea peek


Sew n Go! Patchwork of love

How cute is that?

I just think of how great this little package could be for a newbie sewer! I know I would have done a happy dance if this was given to me! Especially when I was a girl, and would sew during the summer at my grandmothers. To have my OWN supplies would have been over the top.

Now in the front pocket- I used a round nestability to cut out a portion of the pocket (prior to adhering it to the pattern base) to give you a different look, and more visibility at what is inside


I took a travel sewing kit I got at the Target $1 spot some time ago, and repackaged it in a gift card tin I got at Michaels. Also a $1. I used the plastic insert that would normally be for a gift card, and flipped it upside down to fit all my ribbon spools etc in, and encapsulated it in the tin.

Fits in the pocket perfectly.

I used quilters sampler/sent. for my design and sentiment. My colors were inspired by my fabric selection. I had fun coloring the quilt blocks to match 😀

Side view


I held this tote closed with large eyelets and some cranberry crisp ribbon.

Inside there are 4 yards of fabric!


Folded nicely, and secured in place with a stamped band.

Don’t you love the colors?

Wouldn’t this make a nice gift!! I love it.

Be back soon with more peeks

Scent-sational gift idea

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Quite honestly I’m totally in LOVE with my project today.  Clean, simple, perfectly detailed.

OK by now I think you get how much I LOVE packaging ordinary, everyday things and making them extraordinary!

As a SAHM, on a fixed income (aka no allowance! LOL!) I have to rely on my stamping skills to make these inexpensive items more special. Its amazing what a little cardstock and ink can do to the littlest gifts. So I’m always trying to think of great ways to package things. For me its always been more about the packaging of things, rather than the gift inside.

I was always intrigued by cool packages, and wrapping paper as a girl. Now that love has grown out of control!!

Well I don’t know about you, but I LOVE candles! I could LIVE in Yankee candle 😀 (well until the headache from the plethora of scents hits me, then I’m out of there). I never get the huge ones, just a couple of the tea lights, or votives.

What is NOT to love? They can be pretty and they smell SO nice. Especially when you have company coming 😀 I personally love Clean Cotton (goes with my cleaning addiction! LOL!) , and Lilacs the best. We have a few lilac bushes outside our home, and the fragrance when they bloom is amazing! I wish it would last forever. Next up would probably be Apple Cinnamon. Reminds me of my mom baking during the holidays. “I” don’t typically bake, so that is the only way to get that scent in my house :D)

Have you ever seen their candle sampler set deals? You can get like 6 votives/tea-lights for X amount of $$. Supposedly saving you some $$ the more you get?

Candles make great gifts for people because its a nice “luxury” we don’t like to buy ourself, and they won’t get you fat! LOL! Plus they are a nice inexpensive gift so to speak, and EASILY re-giftable! No shame in that if you aren’t a fan of the scent.

Getting to my point here-

Every release I HAVE to do something with butterflies. I know, I know, blah blah blah, but they are “my thing”.  So I am doing it again.

I always wanted a NICE way to package up some candles-without having the EXTRA expense of a candle holder.  Maybe even a nice decorative way to STORE them, in full  view, so I don’t have to dig though my drawers or a cabinet to find them. OR remember I have them. If I don’t see them I forget to use them.

Well, wouldn’t you know that my Perfect Match Box © template is the PERFECT box for just that!!


Is this not so SIMPLY elegant looking? I don’t think I could part with it.

I printed my Perfect Match base onto Ripe Avocado cardstock, and assembled. The exact meaurements will be featured when the template goes LIVE on the 15th. The Perfect Match Slider box was printed on white cardstock. I added a velvet ric rac to the bottom for “grass”. Then I felt a nice 1/4 inch band across the top would be perfect!!

I used Rustic Branches ( a set I’m really in love with) to make my own flower stamp combo when paired with the flowers  from Beautiful Blooms (my favorite flower set of all time). The smaller open flower image is from Limitless Labels (another favorite I use ALL the time-especially with my templates :D)   A little bling in the flower centers is a great simple touch.

Add a butterfly from  Butterfly Kisses (one of my other favorite sets-ever), and lastly-(yes another favorite! LOL!) a  sentiment from Heartfelt basics-and its perfection!

My dear sweet friend Diana bought me a beautiful butterfly plate, that has butterfly votive candles on it. I adore that plate, and think of her everytime I see it. Well the candles inspired me to make this holder for them 😀


Yes! BUTTERFLY candles! The candles are glittery! The plate matched my living room perfectly, and the candles are stunning in person. Now I have a special box for them too.

Here is the set of them-out of the slider box.


This easily fits 6 decorative tea lights. The butterflies are raised up, so they are taller than your typical tea lights. You can certainly stack 2 layers (12 total) regular tea lights.

Isn’t this a great way to present such a gift?

Im just in love. Im also on a Raspberry Fizz, and Ripe Avocado kick now ( I switched from poppy, avocado and black! LOL!).

Anyway-I just had to share my excitment for this project with you all. Only a few more sleeps until I get to see what YOU do with it! So many things can get packaged up in here.

I do have lots more to share, but my kids are sick :C so my time here is VERY limited. Gotta love their timing!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already check my post below, AND Nichole’s Blog for more peeks! It’s also Michelle’s day for a peek too!

Enjoy your day-and THANK YOU for stopping by to share my excitment 😀 Hugs to you all.

Day 2 Pink Cat Peeks

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OK here we are on the Pink Cat Peeks day #2.

-Melissa will also have peeks HERE! On the offical Pink Cat Studio Blog. Also check out the forum on PCP The desing team really rocked out the sets yesterday! I can’t wait to see what today brings 😀

I have to admit that today’s peek shows you my FAVORITE of my projects of mine for this release 😀 It doesn’t get much cuter, let me tell you!!

First up-a close up of Cupid!


OMGosh! Does Cupid get any cuter? I think not!

That arrow of love, those rosey cheeks, and lets not forget soft/flocked wings! He is pure heaven.

I due cut him with my nestabilities, and layered him onto a felt heart embellishment I had in my stash of yummies. I was waiting for something “special” to use it on, and he definitely fits the occasion.

Now what could Cupid be bringing?


How about a box of LOVE POTION Lollipops?

Yes! That is perfect! Jelly Belly has some yummy pops, that are sure to have you in love! What better packaging than My Timeless Template-The Lollipop Along © ! I just made my cover using cardstock instead of vellum or acetate, and popped out a window with my rectangle nestability, so you can see the heart pops.


Here is another view-

I only used 3 pops in this one, since they are large. The perfect treat!

Now I’m going to share a Kiki card that I’m bonkers for!!

Jason & I got married in Hawaii, so anytime there is a hula anything I LOVE it! I always use a image of that nature for our anniversary cards, or “love you”, think of you kind of stuff, so when I saw the Hula Kiki I was bouncin!



The color combo is HOT! Loving spring moss, avocado, and raspberry fizz together! Its the perfect tropical color combo 😀

I think Kiki done is white rocks! Yesterday she was purple, today she isn’t. She was also stamped in brown ink as oppose to black, for a bit softer look as well.



For the softer look I used pearlescent pastels. They add a soft shimmer in person.

The layout on this is really cool I think! I used my nestability circle and a white gel pen to trace those white circle, and then I used a ruler for my lines on the avocado panel. I just love it all. I have had the hydrangea flowers forever and have been itching to use them.

So there you have another peek! The release is almost here!

Be sure to check in again tomorrow 😀


Mytime Mail Winner and 3 posts today-again

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Hi all

I have 3 posts today. Each one packed with ideas and info. Please scroll down so as to not miss anything 😀

Also the winner of the With Appreciation Take Along Tote: drawn via is

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-01-12 08:09:40 UTC

Tamara Limestahl January 11th, 2009 at 9:08 am  308

Lauren….again, you have done it! You are such an inspiration with all of your projects and as a SAHM (I have 5 kids, 2 of them are autistic 3 yr old twins), I find inspiration from your projects and strength daily. I am so glad to have found your blog. Thank you a million times for the blog-therapy! =) You are a blessing in disguise! =)


Tamara please email me your address so I can send this out to you!

 Again-thank you all so much for sharing your excitment with me 😀 It means the world to me, and makes all the hard work each month so rewarding 😀

Now-keep scrolling!

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Owner/Designer of My Time Made Easy* My Timeless Templates © by Lauren Meader for Papertrey Ink* SCS Dirty Dozen-past* A Chemistry With Paper-past* All That Scraps-Senior Designer - past* Green Grass Stamps-past* Gina K -Stamps for a Cause guest designer* Lizzie Anne Designs - past* My Favorite Things-Senior Designer -past* Our Daily Bread Guest Designer-past* Papertrey Ink - past* Pink Cat Studio- past* Reporter for Craft Critque-past* Say it with Letter Guest Designer* Stampavie -past* Storage Ink & More Guest Designer* Team Member for Scor-Pal*Su Ink & More-Past* Unity Stamps-past* Smile Box Avaitor-past*Numerous guest designer positions

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All content included on my site is COPYRIGHT ©2013 Lauren Meader. Original artwork is shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment only and may not be used for publication, submissions, or design contests.

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