Quite honestly this video has got to be the MOST intimidating thing I have had to do-to date!

That, and the fact I considered (for a very brief moment) sharing a video of me in my “before” jeans and “after” jeans! LOL! To hopefully motivate you all some  more. That will not be happening! LOL! Just like a commercial-I could so be on with my clothing-too funny. The good thing is bathing suit shopping won’t be pure torture this year. I just can’t stand spending $40 on a suit. They are insanely pricey.

OK back to the subject.

So for today’s video’s I did the much asked for Copic Coloring Tutorial.

I am not a coloring expert. Nor do I claim to be. I honestly don’t even feel qualified, but you all wanted to see how I color, and some asked about making my scenery-so its my “job” to share it all with you! LOL! So be gentle! I do hope you gain something from it-even if its pure amusement.

This is the finished image I have colored to create my sample here

I used my Saturday Sketch #21-mytimess21


Now for the videos:

EDITING TO ADD! My videos are ON my site in  the post above!


Kurtis DID enable them so we are all set, from here on out!

The rest of my babble below was my frustration with the video situation, but now its all smooth sailing!


GOOD NEWS!! My plug-ins will be enabled soon. I tried to do it myself, and only got a black box to work. That is huge progress.What that means is in the future you can ALL watch it here, on my blog-without going to Veoh! Just like the YouTube one’s I am able to feature.

 Again I did post on Veoh. There are MANY reasons I like Veoh more.

Easy to upload, better video quality. No time restrictions, and the list goes on.  I tried to do 2 parts so that I could post to YouTube. Obviously-of course, I went over! After MUCH editing too! So Im no longer breaking it up into segments, after this. Im uploading to ONE place, ONE video. It is too much more of my time to try to keep editing down, and then to split it up, save and load 2 or three segments. Stresses me out just reliving it in blog land! LOL!  This is the part of the process that causes me the most duress-TIME! So I’m done with it.

I offer these videos for a fresh approach, and something fun. I won’t want to do them if I have to keep doing so much just to keep everyone happy. (Not that I dont want you to be happy )

I know YouTube is more “popular” but I don’t need to be popular, or use the most popular place. I want to use what site can best accommodate me, and right now that isn’t YouTube. I’m actually in PURE awe at the girls who can whip up an under 10 video. My personality and chatty nature just can’t handle it-sadly. I’m a talker, and a visual person. so I feel its all relevant

We are women-Its impossible for us to ALL be happy ALL the time! LOL!

I apologize if you cannot view it where you are from :C I do not know how you could view it otherwise. Once my plugin gets working everyone should be able to view it right here, no matter what Country you are from-so YEAH! Let’s cross our fingers shall we.

Now onto the details:

What better image to use than my Dress Up Lily Amber set from Pink Cat Studio? (remember you can personalize those! So I got Amber stamps!!) In this video I show you step by step (OK so severely edited steps in some parts) how to get Lily colored, and in this scenery!


She is so cute, I think.

My colors are Sweet Blush, Pure Poppy, Ripe Avocado, white, and some paper I got at Target a year ago! LOL!

The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink- Mailbox Greetings. That set has some rockin sentiments.

OK I hope you enjoy the video’s. You know I love hearing your thoughts on them. I think I improve a little each time.

Please don’t be harsh in judgement on my coloring-since I seriously have no claim to be a “professional”. Just a regular, self taught stamper, trying to show you some of what I do while playing around 😀

Thats the best way to learn-hands on.

OK I do enough blabbering in the video’s, so I’ll hush up now.

OK I need a nap. I have been up all weekend with the kids being sick so I need to take advantage of the quiet. I’m wiped out.


And as always thanks for stopping by with a hello,  the kind words and support 😀

Oh, and thanks for watching.

PS Yes I know I look exhausted in the video too-I was.