I have my Monday’s with Mytime video done, and edited.

I uploaded somewhere else since its like 18 minutes long! I know-BORING! right. But you know how long winded I am by now don’t you????

I don’t want to ALWAYS be limited to under 10 min , so I uploaded elsewhere so i do have another option.

I just need the special plug in to get enabled before I can post it. SO I am waiting on the powers that be to do that.

I was going to cut it down even more, but my edit site CRASHED and didn’t save ANY of the editing I had already done before it was cut down to the 18 minutes, so I just went with that edited version. I was SOOOOOO mad, and have no patience for this after so long.

This video thing is going to be the DEATH of me!! I need better software or my computer may get tossed! LOL!

I also wanted to add music to one part but wasn’t sure how to do that either :C I couldn’t discriminate what part of the song I wanted to play where, and yadayadayada

Bottom line I still have a LONG way to go to get the hang of this, but I feel I did get better this time.

Once my plug-in is enabled, you will have my next video.

Sorry Im not posting anything else till then. I’ve been working hard and am so annoyed with it all :C