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OK Crossing my fingers that this video loads!

Thank you again to Sara Williams!! I LOVE YOU!

The most requested video I have had was for all of you wanting to see my craft space!

So, this video is of my stamping space! I hope you enjoy it. Its jam packed with stuff.

As I said there are 2 parts I would like to have had music during the “tour” but that didn’t happen :C

My upcoming videos include :

*the Birthday Organization Box (I know you are ALL anxiously awaiting that) called File and Find

* Copic coloring tutorial-no idea why you want to see ME color-but OK

* a template project with My Timeless Templates-start to finish

* and how to take professional photos-Im not a professional but I do think I have some really good tips on using a photo box and lighting!!

Now I need some more ideas for what YOU want to see!! This only gives me a months worth!

Thanks for checkin in here

Now just in case this video DOESN’T load you can view it here!

My Stamping Space by Lauren Meader

Let me know what you think-

Till tomorrow