Want a special box to package a gift for a housewarming? This os perfect for the gardener, or bird lover. How about that perfect little doll-she would look great in here too. You might just want to WOW! them with your presentation.

Well I designed a house shaped gift box for just about any occasion!


Lo and behold Papertrey Ink had the perfect sets to make my “dream home” box a reality.

Come see!

Here is my very FIRST YouTube tutorial on video if you want a visual step by step!

Be kind, as this my first video and I did learn SO MUCH about the recording, lighting, editing process.

I made 6 of these boxes getting this to work right, and I have to say they got easier and easier, faster, and faster, and better and better.

I do need to change my video settings. I had to drastically edit this to get it to load-I had an hour of work, to cut down to 20 minutes-then found out I had to get it UNDER 10 minutes! OH BOY! Do you have any idea how long winded I am? Thats so hard. Its too bad because I had some funny conversations with myself for you! LOL! Another time I guess.

So bottom line I kept the most important parts.

For those of you on dial up, or just wanting the eye candy-I still included step by step directions for you here!

This was my first time editing and whatnot and I learned SO much, so Im certain that this will be the worst video ever. From now on it should go much smoother, as I know what to do, and not to do filming.

I will get a better angle/lighting in the future as well.

It has been so hard as I have been sitting on this project for over a month!

DYING to create a gift box that looks like a house! I wanted to create one that would fit a Groovy Girl doll or other dolls to give as a special gift.

Now lets get to work!

House Base

2 pieces of Kraft cardstock-81/2 X 11

1) Along the 8 1/2 side-score at 4 1/4 & 8

2) Along 11 inch side score at 4 1/4

Repeat steps for both pieces of Kraft cardstock.

Making the peek of the house

You will repeat this step on both pieces. (use scrap on 2nd box panel to ensure even peeks)

(along the 8 1/2 inch side) From the center of the 4 1/4 panel-Cut from the middle, at an angle / to the outer corner. Take the scrap piece, and trace it from the center to the other corner, and cut at an angle \.

Once your   / \ peek is cut, you will want to cut in from outer edge, in up to the peek. This becomes the flat sides to the box, allowing the peeks to pop up.

Now, on the bottom of the house pieces, trim on score lines, up to bottom score for your bottom.

NOTE: On the 2 panels with the peeks you will cut down the bottom flap to 3 3/4. This eill ensure a even base when box is folded.

Now pick a panel to become the front of your house.

Stamp the tree from Father Knows Best in the corner.


I used my Creative Memories wavy cutter to cut 2- 1 X 11 inch strips of grass. Put them together to wrap around my house base.

I then stamped grass from Forest Friends, as well as some of the Mushrooms.


I used the Martha Stewart Fence punch to punch 2- 1 1/2 X 11 strips of fence.

I adhered this fence behind my stamped grass hills.

Once adhered I attached it to the bottom of my house, all the way around both panels.

Trim under the roof

I used another Martha Stewart punch to line the top of my box, all the way around. It gives a nice finished look.


You will make 2.

Simply take your 1 3/8 square punch, and punch a square on either side of the house box along the flat portion. If you push the punch to the end it will ensure even windows on both sides of the house.

Take your 1 1/4 square punch and punch a square into some dark chocolate cardstock. Trim 1/8 around 3 sides, and 1/4 inch on one side.

Now take 1/8 inch strip of dark chocolate cardstock, and make your window panes by making a “t”. Once done adhere window panels over punched squares in house.

Now put the house box together!


The steps

Punch 2 pieces of gray cardstock using the Key Tag punch.

Sponge the edges, and cut down top step, to be flat. layer onto house front.


Punch a piece of dark chocolate cardstock with key tag punch.

Rub chocolate ink pad over door.

Cut down bottom.

Insert a brad for a door knob.



I took a piece of dark chocolate cardstock 4 1/2 X 6 1/2. Score in half at 3 1/4.

Ran it through my cuttlebug using the brick pattern Fiskars texture plate.

Adhered a 1 inch strip of cardstock (scored at 1/2 inch), and adhered on part of the score to the inside of my house box. This will allow my roof to stay attached, and hinge open/closed.

Now you get to decorate it, as you please with little punched flowers, or other fun items you wish to add to bring out your own personality!

Left side view-all decorated


Right side view


There you have it.  The perfect little house box!

I would love to hear your thoughts! I know its not the best video in the world but after having to drastically edit 6 times I know what to do next time.

I hope you enjoyed the project 😀

Thank you for visiting me.