Please scroll down today! I have like 6 new posts :D Yes, I am insane. Blogging took longer than my projects! LOL!

Thanks for reading.


OK everyone-I actually got this to work! Im seriously doing a dance in front of my computer right now.I KNOW it's NOT Monday, but I planned on featuring my videos on Monday's, and this was suppose to be done yesterday, so go with me here. Thanks to Sara Williams-my blog girl!! She designed my blog and helped me with this concept for WordPress and enabled my video features, which I didn't have before.Now, before you watch please realize I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I just tried fiddling around with everything, just to see if I could even get this to work. I just wanted to get my HELLO WORLD uploaded.I do have my first video tutoiral ready to go for my Papertrey Ink newsletter! YEAH! So be watching for that. I am including directions for those who don't have high speed internet :DI felt like the biggest geek, sitting there, talking at the camera. No one even around to "listen" or guide me. If anything you will get a good giggle :D I hate my voice, had a bad hair day, and don't forget the camera adds 10lbs! LOL!I swear my next video will be more professional and I hope I can figure out some of the cool editing software my program has. I didn't have "segments" like I would if doing a tutorial so even attempting some of the features was pointless.Also note-this is like talking to yourself. I honestly hate watching this video, but after a million tries figured I better just go with it. Just be myself, and no focus on every little mistake, or my talking with my hands, and moving my head constantly. You will see Im definitely ALL valley girl :D Oh and my voice-gosh I don't sound like that in my own head. Oh well.

 I think once I get into the stamping part of doing a tutorial then it won't be so awkward. I'll be in my element, and not starring at a camera making a one sided conversation with myself! I'll have the camera over my shoulder instead.

Anyway-I am just excited that this will open up a whole new, hopefully more exciting venture on my blog with this new year!

So here I am-feeling like I am naked, in front of the world :C EEK!

All in all I'm still excited.

PS! I will work on the lighting! I had to film it at night because during the day the kids were running around and wanting to be on camera. Then I had Daisy chasing the cat, and then again you could hear the kids KILLING eachother upstairs! LOL! So, Ill do daylight stuff from now on and you can get a chuckle from my house drama! LOL!

OH BTW my video tutorial is going LIVE 10pm on the 15th. It was kinda dark like this-sorry :C

PPS- I have NO IDEA why its instant playing but promise they won't all do that.I have to figure out what I set, and HOW I set it. Told you this was a big process! LOL! For now just hit stop so my Fran Dreshcer voice doesn't play endlessly :C

Thanks for the feed back :D