Im very excited about tonight’s project! I still have SO many samples that I’m scrambling to share as many as I can before the Papertrey Ink release tomorrow night!


Red & brown-LOVE IT! LOVE! I can’t get off the red kick, but I don’t care.

For this project I stamped images from flower garden and beautiful blooms and, birds of a feather onto my lined vellum slider box using my Perfect Match Box template 😀 I think it made the prettiest patterned paper. I would BUY paper like that, so I’m happy I was able to make it.

This was a very quick and simple version of what you can do with the box design.

I’m really loving how much you can do with this template-I have many more ideas as to what can go in here, but tonight I used an old “standby” for what I consider a yummy gift!

Last year I designed a pretty popular Ghirardelli Chocolate square holder. So if you liked that maybe you will LOVE this one!


Isn’t that awesome looking? You’d never think to see all those squares in there when you slide this open!

Can you guess how many you can get in here?

Well you can fit 2 rows of 12! That means 24 chocolate squares! Now that is a YUMMY gift 😀 Looks can be deceiving can’t they? Bet you didn’t think it could easily fit THAT many.

Here is another peek-partially pulled out.


Now this is a great idea for someone who loves chocolate, and that you REALLY love because you are parting with it all!

My colors came from my wrappers. I love the mix.

What is YOUR favorite yummy treat?

For ‘gourmet” stuff my absolute favorite thing is Chocolate Raspberry Starfish from Godiva Chocolates! I LOVE the Raspberry Ghirardelli squares since they are similar. Im not a “dark” chocolate person, but those are pretty yummy.

As far as other treats-I just love chocolate anything 😀 Although since I haven’t eaten any in a while when I do, I feel SO sick. I stole a couple peanut M&M’s tonight. WOW! They were good! I also LOVE the Target -Chocolate drizzled rice crispy treats that ONLY come out at the holidays. I bought myself 2 containers! LOL! They are the perfect size for moderation 😀 Its great when things are individually wrapped so you can THINK before you open it.

Another HUGE guilty pleasure that I recently found-Poppycock gourmet popcorn stuff. OMW! If you try the chocolate peanutbutter drizzled one-TO DIE FOR!

OK Im going off on chocolate stuff, time to quit!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. Your turn.

Tomorrow I have a bunch more stuff to share-so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by 😀