Quite honestly I’m totally in LOVE with my project today.  Clean, simple, perfectly detailed.

OK by now I think you get how much I LOVE packaging ordinary, everyday things and making them extraordinary!

As a SAHM, on a fixed income (aka no allowance! LOL!) I have to rely on my stamping skills to make these inexpensive items more special. Its amazing what a little cardstock and ink can do to the littlest gifts. So I’m always trying to think of great ways to package things. For me its always been more about the packaging of things, rather than the gift inside.

I was always intrigued by cool packages, and wrapping paper as a girl. Now that love has grown out of control!!

Well I don’t know about you, but I LOVE candles! I could LIVE in Yankee candle 😀 (well until the headache from the plethora of scents hits me, then I’m out of there). I never get the huge ones, just a couple of the tea lights, or votives.

What is NOT to love? They can be pretty and they smell SO nice. Especially when you have company coming 😀 I personally love Clean Cotton (goes with my cleaning addiction! LOL!) , and Lilacs the best. We have a few lilac bushes outside our home, and the fragrance when they bloom is amazing! I wish it would last forever. Next up would probably be Apple Cinnamon. Reminds me of my mom baking during the holidays. “I” don’t typically bake, so that is the only way to get that scent in my house :D)

Have you ever seen their candle sampler set deals? You can get like 6 votives/tea-lights for X amount of $$. Supposedly saving you some $$ the more you get?

Candles make great gifts for people because its a nice “luxury” we don’t like to buy ourself, and they won’t get you fat! LOL! Plus they are a nice inexpensive gift so to speak, and EASILY re-giftable! No shame in that if you aren’t a fan of the scent.

Getting to my point here-

Every release I HAVE to do something with butterflies. I know, I know, blah blah blah, but they are “my thing”.  So I am doing it again.

I always wanted a NICE way to package up some candles-without having the EXTRA expense of a candle holder.  Maybe even a nice decorative way to STORE them, in full  view, so I don’t have to dig though my drawers or a cabinet to find them. OR remember I have them. If I don’t see them I forget to use them.

Well, wouldn’t you know that my Perfect Match Box © template is the PERFECT box for just that!!


Is this not so SIMPLY elegant looking? I don’t think I could part with it.

I printed my Perfect Match base onto Ripe Avocado cardstock, and assembled. The exact meaurements will be featured when the template goes LIVE on the 15th. The Perfect Match Slider box was printed on white cardstock. I added a velvet ric rac to the bottom for “grass”. Then I felt a nice 1/4 inch band across the top would be perfect!!

I used Rustic Branches ( a set I’m really in love with) to make my own flower stamp combo when paired with the flowers  from Beautiful Blooms (my favorite flower set of all time). The smaller open flower image is from Limitless Labels (another favorite I use ALL the time-especially with my templates :D)   A little bling in the flower centers is a great simple touch.

Add a butterfly from  Butterfly Kisses (one of my other favorite sets-ever), and lastly-(yes another favorite! LOL!) a  sentiment from Heartfelt basics-and its perfection!

My dear sweet friend Diana bought me a beautiful butterfly plate, that has butterfly votive candles on it. I adore that plate, and think of her everytime I see it. Well the candles inspired me to make this holder for them 😀


Yes! BUTTERFLY candles! The candles are glittery! The plate matched my living room perfectly, and the candles are stunning in person. Now I have a special box for them too.

Here is the set of them-out of the slider box.


This easily fits 6 decorative tea lights. The butterflies are raised up, so they are taller than your typical tea lights. You can certainly stack 2 layers (12 total) regular tea lights.

Isn’t this a great way to present such a gift?

Im just in love. Im also on a Raspberry Fizz, and Ripe Avocado kick now ( I switched from poppy, avocado and black! LOL!).

Anyway-I just had to share my excitment for this project with you all. Only a few more sleeps until I get to see what YOU do with it! So many things can get packaged up in here.

I do have lots more to share, but my kids are sick :C so my time here is VERY limited. Gotta love their timing!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already check my post below, AND Nichole’s Blog for more peeks! It’s also Michelle’s day for a peek too!

Enjoy your day-and THANK YOU for stopping by to share my excitment 😀 Hugs to you all.