OK I have another template sample!!  The templates will be released on the 15th.

Do you ever give gift cards to the movies-or for movie rentals? I know Netflix is becoming popular, and with the economy being what it is, sometimes a movie “IN” is a much more affordable (and realistic) date night option these days. Especially if you are like me-3 kids, and NO HELP for babysitting. Let’s be realistic. If you have children getting a night out is NOT easy. AND if you wait for a date to “reconnect” and spend time with your loved one, before you know it the kids will be going off to college, and you won’t even know who you are married to anymore! LOL!

Jay and I try to have one on one time daily-even if its just an hour.

Throwing romance out the window, and making a date night at home is about as good as it can get at my house! Jason and I appreciate getting movie rental gift certificates from people, to make it that much more affordable. Even a $10 gift can get us 3 movies 😀 Upon receiving such a gift I thought about a fun way to GIVE a gift like that, and make it all the more special.


So this recent gift card (as seen here) being my inspiration point-here we go!


My newest Take Long Tote © template is the PERFECT presentation for a movie night at home!

Being inspired by the gift card packaging, I designed my front & back pockets to look just like a popcorn box! Of course both my pockets each hold a bag of microwave popcorn! You each need your own bag 😀 Heck they are only 110 calories, so eat up! The yellow filler adds to the design a bit.

Now to decorate my “popcorn box” pockets-I added strips of poppy cardstock, and made a scallop border.

I wanted to add to the popcorn pockets so-I did!


I used the stars from the 2008 Holiday Celebrations and cut them out. the “party time” is from Limitless Labels. I also used these for my candy bars (keep reading).

Now the close up-


OK so I wanted to make “tickets”.  I used a corner punch for that, and chose to use the Limitless Labels set for my ticket design. The “enjoy is from Mixed Messages.

I used the solid flower from the Remember set, and embossed it with white EP to make is look like a piece of popcorn! I then embossed a spare piece of cardstock, punched out a 3/4 circle, and covered a dimensional for the popcorn center-for a more realistic look! This was a proud moment for me! LOL! I was pretty happy with the outcome! From a flower to a piece of popcorn 😀

Now a view from the side :


Drumroll…………opening it up-

Inside we have a gift card to the movies or video store, and 2 wrapped candy bars to match.

You can’t “go to” the movies without popcorn and candy bars right?

I think this is totally cute, and sure to surprise the lucky couple!

Here is a close up of my candy bars-


I just created a cute wrapper for them. Nothing fancy.

I think the project as a whole is really cute. Heck include babysitting and get it for the movie theater! LOL!

The point is you CAN plan a nice date night at home. It may not go uninterrupted but its the thought that counts. With Valentines Day approaching you can make this for your special someone as part of your romantic date night at HOME! LOL!

Change it up for Football season-with a FREE PASS for an uninterrupted afternoon of watching the game with friends even. It’s always the thought that counts. Who’d of thunk it? That 2 measly packages of microwave popcorn and some candy could look so cute?!

Endless possibilities for this template-even for the MEN in our lives.

Thanks for letting me share 😀

I’d love to know what you think of this project, and share ANY “dating at home” tips for those of us with kids who can’t get out too often!