short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout!

I cannot get that crazy song out of head!!!

Hi all!

Grab your tea/coffee (or other caffeinated beverage of choice :D) and have a seat! I have 4 samples to share.

Im so excited for today’s post! Lizzie Anne Designs always has quarterly releases, so I always get excited for the days up to the big reveal! I think this release is my absolute favorite-overall- from them, and I have been with them almost 2 years!

Here is what is peeking today:

LB Tea Time
LB School Days
LB Welcome Home
SS Hoppy Easter

The actual release date of these sets is the Friday the 9th.

On my sidebar I have links to all the design team members, so be sure to hop around! Also check in on the NEW! Lizzie Anne Designs Blog 😀

So I hope you like the sets as much as I do! I have created so many samples that my head is spinning! I seriously could not stop, except I did need sleep, so had no choice (hehehehe)

For the first day of peeks,  I had to share samples with one of my favorite images for a stamp set-me being a coffee/tea set lover 😀 Its called Tea Time.


Two chairs, two teacups, two friends-

This was my favorite card for this set out of the 4 I made so far. Trust me, you will see lots more of this set.

I LOVE that sentiment!!!

I adore the several choices of tea pots, and tea cups, with the option of adding the handle/spout for the different pots. The sentiments are the best! I’m totally loving them all.

I chose these colors since they remind me of tea time in a summer garden. Just so happy.

I really like the layout in this one too. Not sure what about it that screams I LOVE IT, but I do.  I could use these particular images over & over again! I like the balance it has, and use of a large image, with smaller images.

Moving on to show you how the tea pots can be assembled…….


Tea for two

Is this not so cute?! I added the spout and handle.

I made this little tea bag holder card to give to a friend. The top tucks into the bottom flap closure.

 Inside are some tea bags with white tea. Really good stuff.

When I think of tea pots I think of my mom. She collects them, and I spend many hours on EBAY looking for vintage tea pots for her for all occasions! She has them all over the house. I love looking at her collection.

She always loves the ones with hand-painted roses, in pink. So, thinking of her, I took the plain one, and doodled some flowers with the tips of my copic markers to mimic the designs in the pots like my mom collects! I did the same on the tea cup image. I love how it turned out. Almost like fine China! OK so thats stretching it a bit, but I still like it.

The little hanging tag was done so the tea holder looks like a tea bag.

The embossed vellum layer is to also mimic the same look.

Pretty huh?

Now for a gift card-


You warm me up inside-

Wouldn’t this be perfect for a Valentine? Slide the gift card behind the “coffee” cup panel, and its perfect. This actually started as a regular card, (that was inspired by the 3rd creation in THIS post) then I decided to slide the gift card in there. Happy accident 😀

The colors really pop out too, and I love that.

Notice the steam? Its a heart image from the set-too cute.


Fancy a cuppa?

Can you tell I’m in love yet?

And that the flower tea cups are just my favorite? I still have ONE sentiment from the set that I didn’t use, and I HAVE to!! I love it, and have an idea sketched, but time was ticking 😀

This paper is by Chatterbox and is YEARS old! LOL! I just loved it too much in the past to use it. Now I am happy I waited. I love this simple design. The colors make it I think. I also love using tiny images as a focus too.

So there you have it!

My little peek for today 😀

I have at least 2 posts for tomorrow-so if you have time, stop by and say hi! Enjoy the enabling peeks!

Till tomorrow-