Mission organization: 

Well with the New Year officially here many of us feel the need to get organized. I know I do. We often resolve to get more done in the upcoming year, and hope that organization will help us to do that. I am fairly organized, and am endlessly re-organizing my work space. It always has to be clean! After I create I clean it all up like nothing happened.

This month Nichole asked the Papertrey Ink design team members to kick off the new year by sharing what organizational system WE use to remember, and get those birthday cards out on time.

WHAT?! We are suppose to SEND cards out? AND get them there ON TIME?!

All I could think of at that moment was EEK! I need help and ideas too! Can I sit this one out?! LOL!

 I’m so not organized in that area, at all! Its awful really. So I took the assignment as a challenge to myself, to finally organize myself enough to actually get a EASY system of organization for myself to actually start mailing ALL cards-not just birthday stuff.

I hope you enjoy what I found to be helpful!

I decided I wanted to create a file system that would allow me to keep the cards I make, and file them into a particular month. That way if make some ahead of time, or for a specific theme/person, I can easily file it, then find it. So I designed a SIMPLE, easy and fun filer system! I made it to match my stamp space of couse, adding some of my favorite accent colors.


Here is it! The File and Find Organizer!

I wanted it fun, and functional. I also wanted it as small as possible! I need all the space I can get from my system. The finished size is 6 X 5. Perfectly cute.

All I did to make this box was print 8 of the pretty pockets used from the All Boxed Up template from the My Timeless Templates line. It was SOOOOOO easy! I love the pockets from that template. Wouldn’t you know they were PERFECT for this project too 😀

EDITING TO ADD: The pockets are from the All Boxed Up  template. I created the box to fit my pocket templates for my project. I used ONLY the pockets from that template in this project

Then I created a box bottom to fit my 8 pockets. Stamped it using Polka Dot Basics, and added punched cardstock to match, in the center of the circles. For the back I added a folded piece of chocolate cardstock for a sturdy backing, with a handle punched in.


Here is a side view where you can see the pockets stacked next to each-other.

I printed 2 of each color-pure poppy, dark chocolate, berry sorbet, and aqua mist. Then simply cut, scored and assembled.

They all fit nicely into the box bottom I created. If I want to take them out of it I can, but there really is no need. The angle from of the pockets allows me to easily remove cards when I want, without taking the sections out, but it is a nice option to have.

Side view 1


I used the Wedding Day set to create the months on my paper tabs (I used a Stampin Up! Punch for my tabs) so I know which box holds what months worth of card creations. I needed 6 boxes just for the months, since I am doing 2 months per box. That means I can potentially hold 48 cards, in advance! 4 per month.

Side view 2


The last 2 pockets hold a few must haves to make me actually MAILING my cards possible!


The last pocket has some envelopes handy & ready to go! Definitely need those to get mailing.

The 2nd to last pocket holds a pen-stamped to match, to keep handy for signing my cards and a book of stamps for mailing. In that pocket there is also all the addresses of family and friends!

I took the opportunity to take all the names/addresses of friends and family, and save them on our computer so that they are PRINTABLE on my labels! All I then did was print up 2 sets of all the labels,  cut them up in sections of 5, and store them in the pocket! Easy peasy! No more looking for addresses. Just take the sticker off, and put it on the envelope. Stamp with postage and ready to go.

Here is the system-all laid out.


Just peel & stick the proper address on the envelope-done.

Now you may be wondering what that calendar page is you see with January across it. Well Betsy from the team created a file to go with her exclusive project for the Idea Catalog with the Music Makeover template, so I used that as well. It will be perfect for keeping track of those birthday’s and anniversary’s!

EDITING TO ADD: The templates aren’t on Betsy’s blog. You get the celendar templates as part of your purchase for the Music Makeover template.


The occasion tracker slides behind my decorative ribbon band 😀 I printed out each month to keep for a handy reference.

Here is another photo of a sample of a very SIMPLE card layout, that can be easily modified to fit any color combo, and made to fit any occasion-


It matches my File and Find set too! I think this card is so cute. It used the Wise Owl set, and inside says “have a hoot of a day”.

See here is another card-same colors, and layout, just different stamp set, and occasion!


This card used Floral Frenzy

Here are both together.


So, I think getting organized for this was much easier than I thought! I may actually get this goal achieved this year.

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  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project and share how YOU stay organized during the year.

    Till tomorrow 😀