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Cute Candy Cane Centerpiece

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Oh gosh I swear I can literally hear the clock go tick- tock, tick- tock to the hours till Christmas! I’m in a big frenzy. I usually have my shopping done long ago, but this year (for the LAST time) made the huge mistake of handing the shopping $$ over to my hubby. Never again. I knew I should have kept full control over it. Now I know. Im doing all sorts of last minute running that never would have happened otherwise.

OK that VENT is over.

We have gotten TONS of snow, and I was able to finally get some snow pants!

Now listen to this-I LOVE Target, but this little tid bit of info drove me crazy-Target sells KIDS snow bibs (thats what they call them) but NOTHING for adults! Not even in mens section. Does that make any sense to you? Do we not need to shovel or go sledding as well?

So I went into the little boys section, and found a XL snowbib and it FIT! So I got that. Best part-on sale for $6!!!!! So it worked out in the end.

OK now moving onto the the holidays.

 I had a million requests for how I would give candy canes as a gift. Well, you could use theLolli-Pop Along template, or For Keep{Sake}, another idea I hope you have time to try is this SIMPLE little bucket, that will adorn our kids food table at Christmas.


You know those adorable little buckets in the Target $1 spot? Did you know they could be the PERFECT center piece! Well they can.

I just made a bucket insert for my candy canes to stick into, and I was good to go. I used the set JustRite Stampers ivy & holly berry circle border from the Christmas Ensemble set, and die cut the circle, then layered it onto a scallop circle nestability-which fit perfectly into my bucket!!!


Cut some holes that were a firm fit for my candy canes, then added some filler in the bucket-done!

I used the Harmony Classic Circle II set for making my little tag. I used markers to make it 2 colors. I thought it would make a perfect lil ornament by adding a silver clip to the top! So quick & easy. I tied some silver string to the handle and now it hangs just like an ornament.


I think this bucket was cute and festive. Best part was it was made in 15 minutes :D! Now that is a kid friendly project!

Well I have lots to wrap up here and the insane amount of snow we had isn’t helping. I finished Amber’s teacher gifts and boy did they come out nice!!! Wait till you see. All this week I will be sharing various gift items-so I hope you have time to stop by quick & say hi!

Till tomorrow-

I’m not sure WHO is out there in blogland, as the busy holiday approaches, lots of awful snowy weather, and power outages to say the least-but if you are out there, and are reading, I am beyond excited to share this project with you! I wasn’t going to bother posting today since everyone is “gone”, but if you are here, I hope you enjoy it! I had a BLAST making it.

I made this little gift set for my friend Alicia’s daughter Ava. I have been trying to get a care package together (rather SLOWLY) and want to include this. My own daughter Amber helped with the idea! I also made one for Amber, as she thought the original was for her. Let me tell you- it was HOURS of cutting and coloring!!!!!!!!!!

Keep reading.

Who would have thought that the My Timeless Template Lolli-pop Along © could become a “store-like” carry case for some pretty paper dolls, and their clothes? Oh, yes!! It can. This template is so versatile-Im truly in love with it.

I am over the moon in LOVE with Stephanie Fizer & her style. The newest Isabelle Paper Dolls collection is so cute. They are retro to me and borderline the look of Wednesday from the Adams Family (remember that show??). Right amount of cute, but not too cutesy.

This project truly brought me back to summer’s at my grandmother’s when I would play with paper dolls on her sun porch! Girls these day’s don’t really play with paper dolls anymore! So sad. I hope this set revives that old pastime.

With all that being said……….it is time to introduce you to some of my Pretty Paper Friends!

In classic MFT style


Pretty Paper Friends Pop-Along

Yes, I named them. How can you make 3 paper dolls, each with their own personality and NOT name them? I think I had more fun making these than any little will have! LOL!

 Candy is in pink-think cotton candy.

Pepper is in red-like a peppermint

 and then, in purple we have Poppi-like a lollipop! AKA Lolli-pop Along©

Aren’t they so cute?


I used the JustRite Stampers to create the introduction to my gift set! It’s really nice have some various size alpha’s in various font’s to make projects like this possible. I don’t know how I would have done this otherwise.  Now THESE are something to ask Santa for-for sure! I love the store front with the label!

I used the New Times Roman font for my “friends” and the small alpha (which I use endlessly) for the “Pretty Paper”. The oval was from Harmony Classic Oval 1 for my dotted border. I love it.

I had this vision of them in a store front window, which was inspired by the  MFT pink & black awning logo they use on all their stamps/blog/store etc. When I thought HOW to create that-the Lolli-pop Along came to mind.

So I went to work creating my holder.


I also stamped the Behind the Scenes, flower image onto my acetate in white stazon, then colored in with Souffle gel pens! I love the look.

So here are the dolls, out of the package-each one dressed up!

I used THIN magnetic strips I got at Michaels! Its cheap, and easy, plus holds well. For 2 sets of these it only use one small strip. The entire magnetic strip had 6 or 8 for like $1.54?? Not too shabby.


It was Amber’s idea to put them on sticks! She said it would be easier to play “paper doll puppet show” that way since they were easier to hold. She also noted that they wouldn’t get “dirty” or squished by her hands! Pretty good observation for a 4 yo. I guess that is why they have KIDS test toys before they market them huh? They should now what works! Luckily I had some thin flat craft sticks at home already!

Now its time to play dress up!


Here is Poppi in her mermaid outfit. Each girl in the set has a set of all the matching outfits supplied in the stamp set!

I put the clothing in a plastic case that large silver paperclips come in! Fits perfectly, a wardrobe for 3! They each also have a “pet” that comes in the set too. I made one for the gilrs as well.

 I put some magnets in the box to keep everything “tidy”, and wrapped with some pink & black polka dot ribbon to match!

This also stays in the holder with a magnet.


Time to say bye!

I hope Ava likes her package when she FINALLY gets it-next year!

I’d love to hear a favorite toy from your childhood! I know I have so many. With the holidays approaching it will be fun to reminisce 😀 So share away.

Till tomorrow.

WOW! Are we ever getting hit hard with snow.  I have to say it makes the holiday season very festive, and pretty. Although makes my last minute shopping difficult.

I’ll be sledding with the kids, all day today I have a feeling. Note to self: Get ski pants!!

I felt like an awful mom, when the other day Amber said to me (after playing in the snow for 4 hours!) “Mom I had so much fun playing in the snow. You know, I never did that before.”

That hit me like a ton of bricks.

 I realized, OH! MY! WORD! She never has got to “play” in the snow. She has sledded a handful of times, but she was only 1 when Alexa got sick, and I spent what seemed like forever in the hospital. So for the last 2 winters, (she was really young anyway) she never got to just go out and PLAY! Even last year, Alexa couldn’t really risk being outside for too long. I felt SOOOOO terrible. I saw what a backseat she has taken in some areas and felt terrible. Talk about a “bad mommy” moment. I seriously almost cried. So, now every chance she gets she’s goin out! She’s at a better age anyway. Under 4 seems so small to be out in the freezing cold. Maybe that’s because I LOATHE cold.

I’d love to hear a bad mommy moment you had recently, so I don’t feel so awful. This is the place to unload the guilt. We can’t do it all, all the time. That is why I’m starting to take note of things like that, and try harder to change them. Like Dr. Phil says “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge!” Granted some things are beyond our control, like when Alexa was sick, but doesn’t mean I can’t change the fact that Amber may need a little more attention, time to time, now.

Anyway-back to the point of the post. On design teams we are ALWAYS months ahead of holidays, and we are currently gearing up for Valentines Day. (I know-INSANE!) I’m trying to finish Christmas stuff, and I’m working with hearts, and LOVE stuff. Too funny. I don’t know which is more amusing-the fact that its JUST before Christmas and I’m  working on LOVE stuff, or that I started Christmas stuff in AUGUST, and I’m STILL not done! Jeepers, that is insane.

Well as you know it IS Saturday, and that means Sketch Time!

Thank you to all who give it a go. I do my best to peek around and comment when you do. I’m always in awe of everyone’s take on things too.

For the sketches, just use them as inspiration. If something doesn’t work, don’t kill yourself to get it there, just go with the flow.

OK I am totally LOVING this week’s sketch-keyword mytimess


I definitely want to use this one again and again.

SO for my card I got this image from Stampavie the Rachelle Anne Miller Collection-Lily & Milo.


I felt it was PERFECT for me at my “in between” holiday faze of Christmas & Valentines day!

Embrace Happiness


Isn’t it beyond adorable? I’m giving this to Jay with his Christmas gifts 😀

I LOVE that sentiment! It’s from Mixed Messages. Its just perfect.

In place of the “circle” I used ribbons.

I think its important to embrace happiness and love when we can. Acknowledge the one’s you love. I rarely make cards for most “holidays” to give away, but I think Jay will like it. He loves when I make him cards, especially for no reason. He does love the DETAILED ones, and holds me to a high standard I think. That can be stressful! LOL!

Close up view


OK so I LOVE these colors together!

Poppy, Regal rose, dark chocolate, caramel/kraft, pink.

THIS is why I LOVE my copic’s! That POP of color is so WOW! (I just realized I’m capitalizing a lot. Yes I am that passionate about my points here today I guess. :O)

I have to say for me coloring is so soothing. I love it.

I also have to say that ANY time I have boy/girl images together, I totally STRESS about WHAT colors I am going to use on the boy! He HAS to match her, but he shouldn’t really be in PINK! KWIM? This is always a safe route, since I never want to throw off my color scheme.

I know I sound a little crazy, but these are the weird things that throw me in a frenzy sometimes. Plus not using ANY patterned paper can be hard, as it is often a jumping point for me when coloring detailed images as well. I think the sketch and image are detailed enough without needing the busy look patterned paper can sometimes bring.

Well that is all my rambling for today. My mojo is in HIGH gear , which of course always happens when I have stuff I HAVE to do, and it makes me trail off and just “play” which I shouldn’t be doing. I have some super projects to share with you because of that, really soon.

In the mean time, try the sketch. Maybe it will be what you need for something.

Also check out the sketch team-hopefully they got some time in to stamp too!

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Till tomorrow-stay warm!


    I think we are always on the hunt for the perfect package for little treats.

    Do you have a long list of people you want or need to give a little something to this holiday season? Even if you don’t have a long list, you are going to love this treat idea. It is sure to make people OH! and AH! over the simplest of gifts, any time of year.

    There really is such a thing as “It’s the thought that counts!”, so why not let everyone know you are thinking of them, in a way that is affordable?

     I have just the quick treat holder for you!

    Did you know that if you purchased the Lolli-pop Along © Template, you have an entire new use of JUST the base template? Let me show you how.

    I’m certain as the years pass, the list of people in our life grows, but our finances don’t! With 3 kids now in school-and some of the extra services they get, I like to acknowledge everyone who impacts  my children’s lives. Like everyone else in the world, we are on a tight budget, so this year (like the past 3 or 4) I am mainly making gifts for all our family and friends.

    I love gourmet chocolate, and it can make a really nice gift. You don’t need to spend a fortune on it either.

    I whipped up 16 of these gifts, and it only cost me $1.20 each!

    I went the the Lindt Chocolate store and purchased 2 large bags of truffles (48 in each bag). Regular price $12. But if you purchase 2 bags they were on Sale for $10. So I purchased 2. That is 96 truffles for $20. Which means they are 0.20 cents per truffle.

     My little treat holder, holds 6, so I was able to get 16 gifts, for a mere $20 purchase. That means I spent $1.20 for each gift!!

    Side view-


    I want people to know I appreciate all they do, but not break the bank doing it. I think I accomplished that this year, for much cheaper than I normally do, and without having to bake a thing!

    Also consider that many people have “food issue’s”. Meaning people are a bit leery of food prepared from someone’s home. They have no idea how clean your kitchen is! Packaged items are always a great way to go, and if they hate these truffles a re-gift is definitely OK.

    So lets get started shall we?

    Print Lollipop Along ©base on white cardstock.

    Cut and score bottom as directed.

    At end panels, score at 1/2 inch from edge. (As seen in photo)


    Then stamp sentiment from Snowfall Additions in right corner in Spring Rain Ink

    Use long rectangle nestability (or a ruler) to trace a rectangle window, on front panel.


    Use a hobby blade to cut out window.


    Stamp a piece of acetate, in white StazOn with snowflake cluster from Snowfall set. While wet, sprinkle on glitter of choice.

    Adhere window to inside of holiday-Lollipop Along ©  window 


    Then put sides of box base together.

    Photo of -Window in place, box together


    Now add a little white bag filler for “snow”. Then fill the box.

    Now inside this box you can easily fit 6 Lindt Chocolate Truffles!


    The snowman ones are milk chocolate, with white chocolate centers! YUM!

    Make sure you have the snowmen turned to the front of the window.


    It’s a perfect treat to let someone know you are thinking of them this winter season. Plus its easy on the wallet!

    Now for the tag-

    You want to use the snowflake punch , and punch a shape from Spring Rain cardstock.


    Stamp the snowflake image onto punched snowflake using the Glue Pad, then sprinkle on glitter.


    Now layer a smaller punched snowflake from vellum cardstock (mine is Martha Stewart), and add a bling sticker to the center.


    Then punch a hole in one corner of the snowflake, and string it through your tied ribbon.


    Isn’t it the perfect little tag?

    Everything is better with a little bling.

    So there you have another treat idea using My Timeless Templates ©! There is still time to make those last minute gifts 😀

    After Christmas I plan on sharing my Valentine’s version of this idea 😀

    Thank you for checking in ♥

    Snail Mail……

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    So sorry I’m late

    This is my Saturday mytimess15 sketch, flipped up side down!

    Story of my life! I sit here in pure PANIC as I realize I still have gifts to make for family and Christmas is ONE week away!!!!!!!! GASP! Please tell me you are doing the mad dash too? How did this happen? I started Christmas stuff in like August for all my design work!

    That little snail is me, if I were ever to be reincarnated into an animal! LOL! At least I’d be Raspberry Fizz and Dark chocolate 😀

    I make tons of stuff, but never get around to mailing it. I know I talk about this often. It’s a super awful habit. Can you tell it truly weighs on me? I usually end up donating all my creations. I don’t know what it is that I can never get any Thank Yous out in a timely manner. I put so much pressure to make each one special and perfect. I guess ANY thank you is better than a super late one.

    I didn’t even make our Christmas cards this year, even though I had my design. I just printed our family photo, and put it in cards from the American Cancer Society–here is that post,  and can’t even finish getting those out! Good grief.

    Another view for those who get dizzy with my tilted photos!


    This card is 5 X 5 for those who are wondering

    I do have some special cards to make for my PSF’s who got Alexa a special necklace (more on that when they are done and posted here) ,but am waiting to get PTI’s next release 😀 as it suits them all so fabulously! They gave her the gift in MAY! Now that my friends, is LATE.

    OK now for the card details-this is going to a sweet friend Sonia (eventually! LOL!)

    She has been so super sweet to me and I need to thank her. This suits my predicament.


    I LOVE the mushrooms from the newest set release Forest Friends.  Sentiment from Forest Friends sent. set. I think they are the best! LOL!! I had so much fun making them different funky colors.

    I then added some glitter all over it. Not sure if that was a good thing or not, as it did dull my awesome vibrant colors. Oh well-too late.

    The Raspberry Fizz everything is amazing! Lovin the ribbon. I just love these colors.

    Well my friends, I am on the run. I know I promised more to share, but that will most likely be the weekend post.

    I do have a PTI Newsletter Project to share tomorrow, something that saved me with some of my gift giving this year for teaches and other people in my life!

    So come back 😀

    I remember why I love my Copic’s

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    Sorry this is a bit later than norm. I have been sledding out back with the kids. So fun. I miss being a kid sometimes. Only care was will there be hot chocolate when I get home, with some warm soup & grilled cheese sandwich! Now its so much more.

    My hiney is officially FROZEN. They are still outside with my brother. I remember being a kid and being outside ALL day. My kids don’t ever get out unless I’m there with them the entire time. The world is a much different place than it once was. Granted I am pretty paranoid about people taking my kids, so that doesn’t help. I would NEVER leave them in our own back yard alone, and we live in a “nice” quiet town. That may even be worse! You get a false sense of “safety”. I cringe when I think of what I did as a kid at their ages. I would DIE letting my kids do any of that.

    OK you don’t need to hear about my paranoia.


    Purr-fect together forever

    More stamped creations with LeLo Designs 😀 This image is called You Go First.

    I got over 200 emails asking where YOU can get them. WOW! I should get a commission. I’m in the wrong “business”! LOL! I have to say the images are REALLY cute.

     Well All That Scraps IS getting in the designs soon! Don’t worry I will let you know. I was fortunate enough to get to pre-order some when buying some other stuff 😀

    There is also a Store Page if you want to find some in your area 😀 They sell to all over the world it looks like.

    Well “back in the day”, about 1 1/2 years ago, before my luscious Copic markers, I use to use my Prismacolor pencils, and gamsol. I use to be pretty good with them, until my Copic markers came. Then I dropped my pencils like a hot potato! Granted Im not fabulous with them either, but I love them.

    I loved my Prismacolor pencils, and that is why I kept them all, but am sadly out of practice :C

    The Stampavie DT does AMAZING things with these images, and it seems they ALL use the Prismacolor pencils, so-wanting to be like them with their mad skills, I decided to try my hand at them again.

    Well, obviously its not gone too well for me! LOL! Need to get back to practicing again. I think I just need to be me, and not try to be like anyone else. Stick with what I’m better at-KWIM?

    So I will.

    Here is my close up with the pencils


    I will say I did have fun making the cat a tiger cat with the pencils-other than that, no such luck :C My copic’s are just easier for me now. Still practicing, but thats OK.

    If you didn’t recognize it this is my sketch from Saturday mytimess15 . I used the heart for my “circle” and the cats as my space where there was paper before. Its a loose version of the sketch but I like the lovey, cheery colors!!

    My sentiment is actually from the JustRite Stampers Romance small pre-inked words set.It was so purr-fect! LOL!

    The paper is from K&co I believe. Very pretty. I got it last year! LOL!!

    OK now I know I have a few more things to share, but with the snow I need to get back to time with my kids.

    So, till tomorrow-

    Darling Dragon

    Dec 16, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    So I got myself a little gift 😀

    I found some new stamps from Stampavie.

    They are such a Lauren company! LOL! Yeah Im talking in 3rd person, annoying I know. But they are. I love cute and whimsical stuff. The animals are  fab.

     I am beyond in LOVE with the Rachelle Anne Miller line. I found it on a SCS banner ad and about died and went to heaven when I saw the little owls!! I bought them, but haven’t used them yet. Then I picked up some more stamps when ATSgot them in (boy do they sell out quick) As far as the company goes, I’m not sure how its actually pronounced though! LOL! When I was talking to some stamp friends about the images I had no clue how to say it-Stampavie.

    Anyway, I saw they have a new line called LeLo Designs. When I saw it, I fell in LOVE with the little dragon. He is beyond the cutest thing ever! I am attempting to expand my boy line if images, so I had to take him home 😀 It could of course be made girly as you will sort see.

    First I used Party Dragon


    Noah had a b-day party to attend, so I thought this little guy would be perfect!!

    The sentiment “look who’s turning” is from Impress.

    Obviously the child was turning 6. I used my JustRite Stampers Number set for that. I love how the number is highlighted in the glittered edge star. That is a SU! punch.

    I think he’s cute flying in the sky. I had some American Crafts ribbon that had the colors I wanted. I used an epoxy sticker to cover my balloon. It made it pop and had a fun design.

    I loved him in blue.

    Close up


    Granted my coloring is not by any means professional, but I find it so therapeutic! My copics are my most used tool, next to my scor pal, paper cutter and ATG gun 😀

    Is he not adorable? Reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon.

    So I got to using that one, and used one more I picked up-

    Here is Dragon Flower


    I think he looks beyond awesome in red/orange/green!!

    I think I should have added more flowers but when I attempted too it was a little too much. There is such a thing.

    If you can’t tell, he is stamped, colored and cut out. You cannot tell but his ears and wings are popped forward, and shimmer, since I added some olive Shimmerz to them.

     He’s so cute.

    The sentiment is A Muse. An oldie but goodie!


    I did some piercing with my Onare template, and added some primas with hero arts flower stickers in the center. This was quick cute & easy. He is certain to make someone smile!!

    Well that is it today. Im crashing from my week of PTI peeks.

    I have so much more to do before the holidays. I made a rockin project yesterday that will are going to LOVE! (I think) I’ll post it sometime this week. Im seriously FLIPPING for it.

    The kids are feeling better, and now the running of class room duties begins. I’m getting sick :C Just worn down feeling. Not fun. Exhausted isn’t the word.

    Anyway-have an enjoyable day. I’ll be back tomorrow with more to share.

    I also have some requests for special snacks and ideas for assisting the many of you wanting to know more about adopting a new healthy lifestle in the new year.

    My friend Erin just started the Mitch Gaylord workout that I use ( i got it for her for her b-day) and dropped several pounds and inches by her 11 day mark! She has a hard time losing weight so she is really happy with herself. Im proud of her too. She calls me regularly to check in and tell me the temptation she avoided! Its good to have a back up. Its hard for me living with a pregnant woman who wants to eat every amazing delicious thing under the sun, and wants everyone else to join her! UH-AH!! Not me!! I just slipped into the tiniest pair of dress pants for a Christmas party I have to attend this weekend. I had to keep having the woman get me a smaller sizes! Between my shirts and my pants! I was definitely doing a dance in that dressing room. No CHOCOLATE is worth feeling awful about yourself. I’ll stick with my yogurt and Soy Joy bars!!

    I do have a great low cal-but scrumptious dessert to share next time too. But for now-I gotta run-


    Good grief! I can’t believe its the 15th of December!!

    We have had power loss on & off here due to bad weather. That means no lights, and no hot water or heat. NO EMAIL or INTERNET. So if you have contacted me, and I have not responded-I will get to it.

    What is worse is my children have all juggled the stomach bug, and I am the designated bucket holder :C I have only slept a few hours total since Wednesday night. Then all the PTI excitement, that always gets me 😀 So much to do before the holiday approaches. I also need to re-evaluate my responsibilities and goals for the New Year! Reflection is never easy. I do enjoy the fresh start the new year brings. OK before I get way off focus-lets move on.

    We have a light design load this month. THANK GOODNESS! I shared MANY samples with you over the last few days (just scroll down if you missed any) and samples using My Timeless Templates. I do have ONE more to share (for now anyway! LOL!) and a few samples with the New Releases. I have so enjoyed the excitement during the countdown with my templates 😀 Thanks for all the support and kind words. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with the new templates. I have so enjoyed hearing how your holidays were made easier :D, and you got to take some time to get creative this year, saving some $!

     Now to the samples.

    Valentines was a VERY hard switch when you are really preparing for Christmas, but I truly love that holiday-so I had fun. Plus the sets rock, so how can you NOT be inspired?

    First up I will share my card projects

    Tree of love


    OK love the colors-and the layout.

    When I saw Heart Prints I just fell in LOVE! Seriously. I have a million ideas that flooded my head, but only so much time. When I saw the swirly flower pattern, it reminded me of a tree. So I decided to go with that, and stamped it in spring moss, then rocked & rolled it in ripe avocado. There was my tree top.


    I used the solid trunk from Father Knows Best ( I really love that set!), and my tree was born. I used the little “cherry hearts” from Lisa’s set Love Songs, for my tree fruit.

    Now my “grass” is the solid heart from the Heart Prints in avocado ink. I liked using all the little elements to create a cute scenery.

    I used aonare piercing template for the swirly border, and free pierced the little hearts. I used a paint pen to fill in the color of the hearts. Cute touch I thought.

    I also love the little buttons. I enjoy fitting buttons into my creations in fun ways.

    The sentiment is from Heart Prints Sentiments. LOVING that set too!

    So much so that I went on and make this card using it-

    In dreams and in love-layering


    Now again this card used 3 sets! I love that.

    The Heart Prints Sentiments , heart prints (the layered heart image), and Lisa’s set –Love Songs has the elements to spell out “love”. I wanted to be different in what I used from her set (trust me I made more stuff but am waiting to share :D) so I chose to use the sentiment and her words to create a different look, and show how awesome ALL PTI’s set co-ordinate together!


    Now when I saw the layered heart image it reminded me of a cookie cutter! I also love the solid floral heart image, so I stamped it 5 times in poppy, avocado, berry, and black-then cut and layered them all to create a cool look! I do have the heart punches, and they ROCK! I used the largest of them here.


    Now since we did share peeks through the week this is all I had to share for the release that you had not seen.

    I do however have another template idea (and more to come) to share today.

    A new and improved snowman soup

    How many times have you given or received Snowman Soup?

    If you don’t know what that is, then I will fill you in. Its basically a packet of cocoa, and marshmallows (maybe candy cane or candy pieces of chocolate to add), packaged up for a gift.

    Its a very cute and popular gift in the holiday/winter season. Well, I wanted to step up my snowman soup gift giving to a more “gourmet” style presentation!

    Wouldn’t you know that my newest template-the Lolli-pop Along© is PERFECT for such a gift D


    SO I created my base for my lolli-pop along using shimmery white cardstock.

    I punched 2 holes for my Marshmallow Melts stick stirrers. I find that the Crop-a-dile big bite is a perfect companion for this template :D. Reaches in perfectly.

    I then cut a long slot (using a ruler and finger hobby blade) to fit my 2 packets of cocoa mix (behind the skewers).

    This has 2 packets of Swiss Miss Cocoa. You could get more expensive cocoa, but this matched my project and I had it on hand.

    I then made some gourmet chocolate covered peppermint marshmallow stick stirrers. I had only ever seen these in candy shoppes so I tried my own, and it worked.

    How to make Marshmallow Melts

    Get some wooden BBQ skewers (cut down a little bit to fit my project).

     Put on 2 large marshmallows.

    Melt some chocolate wafers (found in baking section of Michaels), and quickly drizzled all over the marshmallows. Be fast as they could REALLY melt.

    Then lay the chocolate covered mallows on wax paper.

    Sprinkle on crushed candy canes. YUM!!

    Let them cool on wax paper, and then you are ready  to go!

    Now to put them in a gift set. Once they were in place I adhered some of this Marabou (? is that what thats called?! LOL!) for some faux snow! It is a nice finished detail I think.

    My base is tied in with the polka dot poppy ribbon, tied through a punched snowflake.


    My wrap was made using acetate. I stamped my snowflakes from  the Snowfall set, in white Stazon and sprinkled on some red glitter before it dried.

    I used snowflakes for my top closure, with some bling brads. The handle is cardstock.

    I made my tag using the 2008 Holiday Tag Collection, making my mug 3D.

    The snow man was stamped, and cut out. Layered with clear glue dot.

    A quick and easy, new presentation of an old favorite.

    So that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed the release, and all the countdown projects. I’d love to hear what your favorite thing I shared over this last week was 😀

    I hope you all have a super start to the week!

    Tubular Template ideas!

    Dec 13, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Timeless Templates

    OK if you read my blog even some of the time, you may know how much I LOVE packaging up test tubes filled with whatever I can cram into them 😀 I just love little containers of all kinds. I always have, since I was a girl.

    My templates have provided me with some amazing presentations of those ideas, and this month is no exception. I am beyond in love with my projects today! You have no idea. I truly hope you get inspired by them as well.

    As a SAHM, with this economy, living on ONE fixed income, we don’t always have a lot of $$ to get gifts for people we want to. I’m endlessly thinking of ways to acknowledge people, without breaking the bank, and not making it “chincy”. Like I just threw it all together. I want people to SEE the thought I put into their gifts, and I think my templates definitely help me accomplish that, and taking not so much actual TIME to create 😀 That is what I REALLY love about my templates 😀 Fast, functional and affordable. Since you use them limitlessly, its such a huge savings. No guess work everytime you make a 3D item, priceless.

    So I am over the moon with excitement to tell you that Papertrey Ink is now going to be carrying the silver cap test tubes, and that they fit PERFECTLY with My Timeless Templates!!!!!!!!!!

    The silver top tubes will be sold in sets of 3, and they are also going to be carrying the square plastic tubes in sets of 3 as seen HERE!! Is that not exciting news?

    Can life be any sweeter?

    So let’s start with how they fit with my Lollipop Along © first. Remember this won’t be available to download until the 15th. But when it is live, you can purchase it, and get it INSTANTLY!!! You can start making gifts at 12am on the 15th!

    OK I feel like the “exclaimation mark” Queen today. Can you tell I’m so excited? If you were standing in from of me, and I were talking to you, you would probably ask me to be quiet. I know I also tend to talk loudly too when I’m excited. Loud and fast. Its a Vigeant trait (my dad’s side of the family).


    Cafe To Go! Go!

    You KNOW how much I LOVE coffee. I do still drink it, but in less quantity, and now without real sugar and fat free cream. So, I had to do a coffee themed set with a new found product I love! Pink & brown are like my favorite combo-so this was a perfect set.

    Now see the tubes. They are an exact fit! The lollipop along base holds 5 of the PTI tubes perfectly, so each one can be on display.

    In these tube, there is 5 tsp of General Foods Inernational Sugar Free French Vanilla Coffee Mix. SUPER yummy.  You technically only need 4 tsp, but I like it sweeter!! And it fills the tubes more. All you do is add 8oz of boiling water, and you are ready to go!

    I found some uber cool-make your own mix recipes HERE! There is quite the variety, and they all sound YUM-A-LICIOUS!

    So if you have many people, this may be the way to go. Maybe even a $5 limit Yankee swap?

    I used sweet blush cardstock to print my base template. I added a cute little chocolate piece to where the tubes insert for some interest, then cut my little circles for my tubes. I used the smallest circle on my Coluzzle circle template for this package. Then I put in some fun filler!

    I created my wrap using acetate. I stamped my acetate bottom with the polka dot basics stamp, in  white StazOn. I purchase mine in bulk at Staples. I get like 100 sheets for $20 (I believe) Its been a while since I had to buy them. They are just window transparencies. Basically for use with classroom projectors.


    For my tubes-I used Holiday Treats, as it pairs perfectly for this project with Warm Happiness. I wanted them to be a little fancy schmancy, so I stamped my labels to match, and wrapped them around the tops. This is quick and easy, and adds so much detail.


    My tag is pretty straight forward. I think its a nice addition to the design. Stamped my sentiment (it technically should have said coffee, but I THOUGHT this was cocoa mix! Blond moment.)

    View from the top-Just add water


    That was also done stamping the labels, then punching them out with my 3/4 inch circle punch.

    That is truly all you do! Pour it in the cup-add your 8oz of boiling water, and you have super yummy coffee with friends 😀

    As you can see I used ribbon for my handle. Easy peasy. Just grab the handle and go.

    Who wouldn’t love that? I think its just so cute. Plus you can get the kids in on it 😀 Let them mix the ingredients up and use a funnel to pour in the mix.

    OK moving on-

    Now for a super way you can use the tubes with the Desk Top Stationery holder!


    I call this Spa in a Box.


    Desk top organizer template

    Stamps- Floral Frenzy

    Ink-Sweet Blush, Spring Moss, summer sunset, the dark pink – its a Pallette ink pad that is that close to Raspberry Fizz by ribbon comparison

    Cardstock-Sweet Blush, spring moss, select white

    Raspberry Fizz patterned paper

    Ribbon-sweet blush stitched grosgrain, sweet blush twill

    clear cardbox, Labels nestability, nestability circle, dew drop, test tube, May Road frosted flowers

    Who doesn’t love to be pampered right? This is a gift for all ages too. I always make things I would personally love to receive. When you buy one larger product of each item, you can repackage it in many tubes, for several gifts. This gives that person a day or two of pampering.

    Look how PERFECT the tubes fit in this box, which is flipped up side down. You can easily fit 4, if you want to use dividers. I also believe 5 fit snuggly.

    Is this not SO pretty, and professional/store bought looking? Only YOU had fun creating it.


    I have 4 tubes-Body lotion, body wash, bath salts, 2 lip glosses (2 fit in 1 tube), and a face spa packet! I used my label maker to mark what is in each tube (in case you are wondering how the receiver will know what is in each) The face packet inspired my color combo for this gift!

    Now for the clear cover insert!


    Clear cover insert:

    Cut off the just the back panel of the card box.

    Now cut down the card box to about 5 inches.


    Insert box front, into box

    This step is optional, as they stay in place just fine without it.

    Now lets move onto the sections:

    Sections close up


    Now what I did for this set was to take my patterned piece of Raspberry Fizz paper, and stamped flowers from Floral Frenzy randomly all over, in co-ordinating colors.

    For the tube insert- You will make mountain/valley folds.

    Apply adhesive to back, and insert into holder.

    Adhere the 2 ends to the sides of the holder.

    For label-die cut 2 labels.

    Large label from white cardstock, layered label onto sweet blush cardstock.

    Die cut a scallop circle from spring moss cardstock. Layer on white die cut circle- stamped with flower & sentiment. Add dew drop with glue dot.

    Wrap stitched grosgrain ribbon around box.

    Last but not least-



     Remove original string from loofa

    String through ribbon to match.

    Insert through center of Maya Road flower, and make a knot.

    Trim excess.

    This was a simple addition, but really makes the set a WOW!

    Its all about the details.

    So there you have my projects for today. I hope you like them, as much as I do.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

    Be sure to check out more samples on Nichole’s blog, as well as Lisa & Debbie!

    2 posts today

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    OK please make sure you scroll down today! I have 2 posts to share. I’m a stamping fiend these days, and don’t want you to miss any of it.

    One for each template, and my sketch is under the Papertrey Ink group post.

    Thanks for visiting 😀

    Have a great weekend.

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