So this week I have some more gifts to post that I created for people during the holidays!

Santa met up with me the other day to get Alexa her Baby Alive doll. All day she kept saying “I’m so happy Santa found my doll. I can’t believe it!” When I left and told her I was going to a “secret place” to meet up with him to get it for her, and then I wrapped her in the car before I got home ! The look on her face when I came home with that doll was priceless. She was jumping up and down, and just smiling ear to ear. She just kept saying “Oh! Im so happy to have my baby. Im so happy!” Over and over again. That doll was truly all she wanted. Its so funny how we work so hard to get them nice things for Christmas, and when it comes down to it there is usually just ONE thing that they truly want. She could have opened an entire toy store, but if Baby Alive wasn’t in that mix, it didn’t matter. Anyway, I’m so happy I got it because its things like that, that we remember forever! It would be “Remember that time all I wanted was Baby Alive, and I didn’t get it” I work hard to give my kids good memories and I hope this one will be in there.

Speaking of gifts-I had fun (and loads of stress) last week whipping up all this stuff LAST minute-YIKES! All that matters is it all got done, and on Christmas Eve I still was able to make the time to make cookies from scratch with the kids (for Santa, and guests) and do some last minute ornaments! It was really nice.

I love making personalized stuff. I have said before, I think its because I LOVE seeing my own name on things, since growing up-Lauren was far from popular! I was the only one, even in a huge High School. Granted it was nice, but as a little kid, not so much.

I also think being able to make personalized items really is fun, and shows how much thought went into the gift. Not to mention when you BUY personalized stuff, its expensive!

I decided to make a personalized set of stationery for Noah’s reading teacher Mrs. Trefrey. She has been a Godsend to Noah, and I so appreciate her.


Here is a close up view of the personalized tag I made using JustRite Stampers From the Desk/Library/Kitchen of border set. I then personalized it with her name using my small letter set. The “T” is one of my favorite font sets-The Special Occasions Font & Border set. I love the scripty-ness (is that a word?)

I made a set of 8 cards, with stamped envelopes to match.

What better way to box them up than to use my My Timeless TemplateDesk Top Stationery holder!


Now when making this set I decided to do ALL stamping! No patterned paper.

What I make this set its often easiest to-have my envelope be the cover for my card set, so I put that in front.

I used a very pretty set from Inque Boutique-can’t remember the name or find a link since the business changed hands :C I used it to stamp behind my monogram, and my box and envelopes :D. I love the softness it has. Noah insisted it be blue, so he got blue.

Here is the stationery holder, with the sample of the card


PS-After I took the photos I realized this particular embossed panel was up-side-down! LOL! So I changed it. Figures that is the one that got in the photos! All the rest were applied correct with birds ON the branches, not UNDER! LOL!

Another view-


This is a side view of the box. I just wrapped some pretty ribbon around the outside.

OK last photo-then Im off & running! Going to a new stamp store with  my friend Paulette!


Thanks for checking in-I hope you liked this version of a card set. I had fun with it

Be back tomorrow!