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Then this is THE post for you 😀

This is a super last minute gift idea, that I hope you find useful.

I needed to finish making teacher gifts, and Amber’s teacher is a HUGE cookie swapper. She has special parties several times a year where they swap cookies and recipe’s!

While pondering what on earth to make her (she stamps too!) I figured why not a Cookie Swap Recipe Holder?! She can bring it with her and have her recipe’s ready to go, and it’s a great holder to house the favorite one’s she receives.


Here it is! Laurie’s Cookie Swap Recipe Wrap up

My Timeless Templates ©to the rescue. I mean it when I say my own templates saved me time this season on time, creative effort, and $$ . I have had fun sharing all these homemade treats with so many people. I keep hearing that I should open a store! LOL! Um, not sure about that.

I used my FREE template-the Recipe Wrap-Up for this gift. I have to say I have really enjoyed being able to easily personalize my gifts with my HUGE collection of JustRite Stamper Letter sets. I have several and they also saved me this year too. I use my small alpha ALL the time. Not sure how I lived without that one. As you can see it made this wrap really special and personal.

I then stamped, colored and cut a cookie for the center design.

Since she loves pink, I thought of a way to combine her favorite color for the holder, and keep it cookie related-using Kraft, dark chocolate, sweet blush, berry sorbet, and white. Ribbon is also from Papertrey Ink.

The polka dot patterned paper is from Polka Dot Parade.


The main paper you see-with all the cookies, and snowflakes, I made myself! I’m beyond in LOVE with the way it came out. I would TOTALLY BUY IT if I saw it.

I have had this set from A Chemistry With Paper called Holiday Treats. I LOVE that set, and it was absolutely perfect for what I needed today. I also used some other small stamp elements from the Holiday Treats from Papertrey Ink.

Here is a close up view to the ties.


I decided that I would use eyelets to keep this sturdy for lots of wear and tear from tying closed, swap to swap.

All unwrapped


As you can see In modified this version from the original as I didn’t make 6 pockets for my recipe cards, instead I did 2 panels with a altered large paper clip to house any little notes or other things she may want to have handy!


Here is a closer view of the clip-


I used my same design element, as on the cover of my Wrap-Up! Stamping again my personalized info

Close up view on the pockets-left


Now do you see my pockets? I found a way to make this go even quicker! Little envelopes that usually hold 3 X 3 notecards! They are PERFECT for the Recipe Wrap Up, and the recipe cards. I just added a strip of designer paper, and some ribbon, then my cookie decoration embellishments, made to match 😀

Other view of pockets on right


Each pocket holds 10 cards for this one. So she has 40 swap cards, blank- for her to do with what she likes.

Now you may be wondering what the LONG Tube like thing is!


Well, I thought a great companion for her gift would be a magazine of all Gourmet Cookie Recipes, so I purchased the newest Martha Stewart Cookie magazine to give her some great recipes to try for her next swap. I honestly contemplated keeping it for me! LOL!

I didn’t want to give it in a plain ole bag, or plainly wrap it, so I made a tube from cardstock, and added cellophane to the ends. Rolled it up, and decorated. Just untie the ends, and slide out the magazine! Pretty cute huh?

I think it was a really nice co-ordinated gift 😀 Plus it was  fun to make.

The dotted borders are actually Doodlebug Paper Frills-colored with my Copic’s to match 😀


Since we are talking cookies, and swapping-PLEASE share your favorite cookie recipe here if you have time! 

 I will share my favorite cookie-the easy way 😀

Do you likeRaspberry Linzer Cookies? They are beyond amazing! My favorite cookie-I think. I have a thing for Raspberry and Lemon stuff (like little tarts or lemon square/bars, tarts-anything! PIE!! OMG! I need to go have dinner)

Short on time? Here is my cheater way to get them done F-A-S-T!

Can you tell I loathe cooking? It totally cuts into my stamp time 😀

I just buy the pre-made Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.

Roll it out, and cut with my circle cookie cutter.

Now, make sure that exactly 1/2 of the circle cookies have a shape cut in the center.

(you can also do shapes like a heart, then do a little heart cut in the center)

FYI-You need 2 cookies for the sandwich-one has a hold in it.

Bake as directed.

Let cool.

Spread Seedless Raspberry Jam on the solid shape, and apply top cookie with cut out. Sprinkle on powdered sugar and you are DONE!!

Easy peasy, and so yummy. No one will guess how super simple that was.

On more DIVINE Raspberry treat! You can have this made in less than 15 minutes-tops! (Doesn’t count chilling time)

Its a Trifle. If you use what I tell you-really low fat and pretty low calories too-if you don’t over eat!

NOTE: I omitted the macaroons for a healthier, yet still scrumptious version

2 pkgs pound cake (Sara Lee frozen section)

1 tub of Fat Free Cool Whip (it does still taste fab)

1- 4 pk of Fat Free vanilla pudding cups (they are Handi-snacks. Then you don’t have to make the pudding-just pour it out of the containers!) (OK you MAY need 2 pks, I can’t remember :C)

1 jar of seedless raspberry jam

1 pkg of fat free/sugar free raspberry jello (make per instructions)

OK direction time

Cut pound cake into slices. Spread on raspberry jam, making pound cake/jam sandwiches.

Once sandwiches are made, cut into smaller sandwich cubes.

Layer sandwich cubes on bottom to trifle bowl.

Layer vanilla pudding, whipped cream.

Repeat steps until you are at top (DO NOT TOP WITH WHIP CREAM YET!)

Now take the prepared jello mixture, and pour it over the dessert. (TRUST ME ITS AMAZING)

Be sure to poke lots of holes so the jello does coagulate and form pockets of jello. You want the pound cake to soak up the juice (and no its NOT a soggy bread thing-that would NOT go over well with me!)

Let sit at least 4 hours in fridge.

Top with whipped cream before serving.

Scoop out & enjoy!

So that does it for me here.

I will be back tomorrow to post and wish you all a happy holiday!

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