Sunday Amber had a birthday party to go to. I always have to add SOMETHING handmade when my kids go to a party it. Usually its a card, but my kids are now taking that part amongst themselves, and Amber insisted  she only send along her hand drawn picture she drew of the 2 of them playing Princess.

So I decided to include with her WebKinz gift a personalized Purse-onality Clutch  gift set that I made just for her.


What little girl doesn’t LOVE seeing her name on stuff? I know I still do 😀 And you cannot go wrong with PINK! I love this paper byImaginisce called Fairest of them all. It totally matched my Sweet blush (PTI), and Berry Sorbet cardstock

PS- many of you emailed to ask what patterned paper I used yesterday-HERE you go!


I used my flower border from the Curlz Deluxe Kit, and assembled Cassie’s name in the bottom of my circle block using the small letters set. I inked it in berry sorbet ink, then dotted my flower centers with an olive marker. Personalization complete 😀 Easy peasy. I like that there is NO hunting in a store for something with Cassie or any other name on it anymore, and being LIMITED to whatever random personalized gift I do find. I just make my own.

PS JustRite Stampers is have a HUGE SALE! Now is the time 😀 Buy one get one FREE 😀

Now for the matching flowers, I used my shimmery bridal confetti flower in green for the “leaves” (found in Michaels Stores in the bridal section-paintcan FULL for $4) a 2 flower punches from Punch Bunch. With a little bling in the center.

Now the fun part to this gift set was WHAT it really was!

ThePurse-onality Clutch was made to be a MOD GIRLY version of a Crayon Box!

Yes! You read it right. Target had these LARGE boxes of Crayons for $1. I bought 2 boxes and went to work! Yes I said I bought 2. I know they are repeat colors, but you know kids break their crayons all the time. Plus I wanted to fill the clutch.

So when I say went to work you may be thinking “Work? Work on what?”

Wrapping up my crayons!


I stamped my limitless labels image onto my white mailing label sheets (32 crayons per box). Then covered each crayon! They wrap PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!! I was over the moon, that what was in my head, was able to get done in the real world!

One box done in the floral pattern label Berry Sorbet, and the other box done in the leaf pattern in Ripe Avocado.

 Now even if they don’t have the “style” you want you can still use them for anyone! These would have been fine as they are Disney Princess Crayons, but I wanted to over them all the same.

Here is the set at another angle


Now if you are wondering what is the gift on the right……………that is just a covered white notepad for her to be able to draw on. The top flap slides into that belly band to keep it closed. Quick, cute and simple. The clutch was a HUGE hit with all the girls! I got the notebook at Staples. I believe there were 6 in a pack for only $2. Now if you have a girly party this would be pretty inexpensive to make for favors, and you daughter could help! Amber’s class is ALMOST all girls, only 1 boy so I may make these for little Christmas Gifts! Not sure yet. Im sure I can BOY up a clutch for the occasion!

Stay tuned for that 😀

On another note: many of you emailed asking about my Kettlebell-

Wow! Am I ever sore. I did my first workout with the Kettlebell yesterday and all I can say is OUCH! A good ouch though. There is nothing like the muscle soreness from a hard workout. Makes you feel like you accomplished something.

I wasn’t sure I would like the workout. It honestly didn’t feel like a ton of work. I mean Im use to practically feeling like I am going to throw up after the Biggest Loser workout and Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred program! LOL!

 I broke a sweat but thought that was it. Well today I felt exactly where it worked! My abs, calves, thighs, butt and yes my arms. Who’d of thought. The one thing I didn’t like was the DVD was INSTRUCTIONAL only. You can go online and ORDER more workouts-GRR!!! My Kettlebell was On Sale at Target for $25-I think it was usually $33 (I got the 7lb one) and I feel for that price I should get a Workout dvd WITH IT! So I basically use the menu guide and go through each workout, doing my own reps with my MP3 player on. The good thing is I am getting more use from my MP3! LOL!

I’ll keep you posted.

Another meal I thought I’d include for you are the Panini’s from Lean Cuisine! OH YUM!! You wouldn’t think a microwaved sandwich would taste very good, but WOW! They are FILLING, and great for people on the go, who work at an office (just take for your lunch) and people like me-busy moms. Just pop it in the microwave while you fix the kids their lunch, and you are GOLDEN! Really loving those this week!!

I also like Soy Joy bars. Now Im not a “soy” person but these are pretty good, give you engery and are filling. Amber LOVES them. The other kids don’t. Jason thinks they are BOGUS, so I think its a personal choice.

When I want chocolate I got to my SlimFast snack bars! Perfect little dose without so much guilt. I like the chocolate peanut butter ones. I also LOVE Special K (store brand is what I really buy) strawberry granola bars too. Only 90 cal!!!!!!!!!!

OK that enough of the “talk”.

Hope you like todays post, and have a great week. Upon the advice of EVERYONE I am off to buy those shes today. I have determined that me NOT being a shoe person, and wanting them so badly, that YES! I do deserve them, and yes I will take photos for those who want to see what got me in a frenzy. They really aren’t a big deal, but I will share.

Till tomorrow