Hi world 😀

I did Noah’s party Smilebox. That is why this is SO late!!!

Now let me tell you that I am NOT a fan of any kind of bug, unless it is a butterfly or in stamp form! LOL! I also HATE rodents (all forms) and REPTILES of all kinds. Especially snakes. Alexa seems to either share my feelings, or feed off my insanity. You will see in the photos!

So WHY have a critter party?

I don’t know! LOL! The things we do for our children I guess.

When Noah had his party I let him pick any animal that could be TOUCHED! Every thing the woman from Critters n Creatures brought was touched by each child! That rule also eliminated spiders (thank god) and snakes). We learned some really cool stuff about the animals too. Anyway, they brought out the legless lizard I was NOT planning on it being JUST like a real SNAKE! I literally screeched and had to leave the room so I didn’t upset the kids. It was pretty bad. It was squiggling HARD to get out of her hands. I would DIE if that creepy thing got loose.

I felt the same way about the Skink. It was FAST, and tried to run away.

OMG! That would have been quite the site to see if it did! I’d climb up the wall myself. I was shocked that I was so freaked out by most of the little critters! ICK!

I have to say the party was well worth EVERY penny, and Jay who scoffed at my brilliant party idea had MORE fun than the kids! LOL! It was definitely a very cool party.

Click to play Noah turns 6
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I didn’t include the individual photos of the kids in attendance since they aren’t my children, and some people don’t want their kids all over the Internet, so I kept it mainly our family.

Looking back at the baby photos got me in a real frenzy. Im an emotional mess this week! LOL! My kids are just growing so fast, and before you know it won’t even believe in Santa! That will be a sad day. Soon they won’t want to do craft time with me either. I will be embarrassing to them, and will only be good to play TAXI to take their friends all over.

I took Noah for his 6 year check up. He has always been on the 110% percentile curve for his height. His doctor said by the time he is 12 he will look me in the eye! I am 5’11!!! Where did my little colicky baby go? Yes, as an infant he was a true nightmare! I would have given him away to a stranger (that sounds horrible and cruel if you never had a baby with colic, but if you have, you totally get it) but by 4 months old he was the sweetest boy. That smile always melts my heart.

Anyway Noah has turned into an amazing BIG boy. He is a mini Jason, which will be fabulous for some girl someday. He is very handsome (looks just like daddy) sensitive (like dad), and caring (maybe both of us?). He is outgoing (like me), smart (like dad), responsible (like us), creative (more me!) and has my OCD! LOL! That isn’t always a bad thing. I am so proud of him. He is an excellent brother to his sister’s (like his dad). He is the little caretaker of the family. He looks out for everyone. He has lots of friends and is just my great little helper. He makes me laugh and want to cry all in the same day! He’s the kid who will make you pull out your hair, but then say the sweetest thing you ever heard, all in the same breath. Im so happy God blessed me with him-he is the best “accident” that ever happened to me!

Anyway I figured I would share what we did do for the favors! Maybe give you a few ideas.

First up  Party Cubes!


We made 20 cubes full of candy!

Now before I get hundreds of emails about the SQUARE test tubes I will tell you SOON who is carrying them 😀 You will be pretty happy when I share. Yes, that IS a huge hint!! It also holds a great amount of stuff-as you can see.

So I filled them all to the tipity top, and decorated the tubes with some old SU! paper I had to match my candy, and party theme colors.

The best part was I bought ONE bag of “Halloween” candy, and because the BAG was Halloween decor I got all this candy for 0.94 CENTS!!!!!!!!!!! BARGAIN!!

It has gum, mentos, air heads, and tootsie pops! I divided them all out so each cube has the same amount.


I used the Pond Life set to make my caterpillar, in colors to match. Cute huh? The “thank-you” is from Limiteless labels. That set went perfect with out theme for the party.

These came together in NO TIME at all.

Having house guests (aka my brother and his girlfriend living with us) paid off in the party planning aspect! We had them help decorate, and Valerie had to do all the grunt work for the favors. In other words if I hated doing it (like cutting and tying a million ribbons, and punching cardstock) SHE got to do it! LOL! I was quite thankful for her help actually, because my mass producing time was cut in HALF! Plus she did a good job listening to my directions. Im pretty anal so that says alot!

Close up of the froggy game toy.


These are super cool! I just got some mini pinball games from Oriental Traders, popped out the back, and used it as a template to make my own party themed favor! Now you can make your own!

We just cut the back pieces, stamped with the frog image from Pond Life, and popped it back on! Pretty cool huh?

Here is the basket of them.


Are they not SO COOL?! Seriously!

We also had some gummy spider webs and a slimy spider too! They were Halloween sale items so for less than $1 I gave those out to the guests too.

I can’t tell you how fun this party was. I hope Noah remembers it for the rest of his life!

SO that is all for me for today. Time is ticking and I have a full day ahead (and I have to work out before Alexa gets off the bus!) Thanks for stopping by!

Tomorrow is the Saturday Sketch, and you will NOT want to miss it!!

Till then