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Well I am sure you are all DYING to know what the FREE My Timeless Template © is going to be this month. I received many emails and guesses. Your excitement is just awesome!!! It truly makes my day. This time of the month is CRAZY for me, but in a fabulous way. So thank you  for making it awesome!

If you are wondering what the template it you may want to Check this out!

After literally HUNDREDS of emails (awe you make a girl feel special) Nichole and I decided that you may be pretty happy to have the Recipe Wrap Up© as your FREEBIE!

NOTE: The newest templates and NEWEST FREE download aren’t available unil the 15th!

Now if the whole “recipe” idea is not your thing I’m sure the idea catalog that you get to download with the template (remember the idea book comes with EVERY download, is in full color with 5 EXCLUSIVE projects, supplies and instructions) will fill your brain with many creative ideas!

But before then, I want to share another idea for the template download. Don’t let yourself get limited by the original name of the first few samples! The hardest part of these projects is DONE! You just have to print , cut, score and go! The rest is up to your creative imagination 😀

This projet uses ONE of the printable wrap up’s (for the original wrap up you would print 2 templates) and one of the envelope’s from the template (original project uses 6).

How many times do you wish you had a unique money holder? For maybe a pretty wrap up for some notecards? Well now you can whip them up, every time.


Wedding Wrap Up-Money Holder

I love simple and elegant wedding cards. This template makes this style of card so easy!

I printed my wrap, and scored. I then added another little score, and what is normally the side seam, attaching the 2 wrap up panels. This little extra score makes the little lip you see on the right, that helps hold this closed.

I secured it closed with my gold ribbon


This sentiment is PERFECT! It is from the upcoming release on the 15th Heartfelt Basics. It really conveyed the perfect message for the newlyweds!

I used a shimmery white cardstock as my base. Now that really say’s elegance to me.I stamped my Beautiful Blooms in Encore Gold Ink. I used my cuttlebug flowers #1 die to die cut my flowers.

The butterflies are both Martha Stewart Punches. I LOVE those punches!!

Now when you unfold it…………….



You see this.

Isn’t it just the prettiest money holder (I know my $50 isn’t “pretty”. I used what I had for my photo purposes. This is actually going in Noah’s new wallet as part of his birthday gift today! Yes its his bday!!) ever . I told you I love simple!

I also chose to use Wedding Day for my “bride & groom” sentiment-it was the perfect touch.

The panel on the right is plain, but a photo of the happy couple would be REALLY nice to add without BULK! Don’t you think? I should have dug one up! Oh well.

 Now on the notecard, you can attach our written wishes/advice for successful & happy marriage for the newly wed couple. You should use remove-able adhesive for that panel so that they can save it in a book 😀 OK that is just what I would do-you don’t HAVE to.


SO that is just ONE other idea for the Recipe Wrap Up!

You will have to let me know what you think! I know I’m pretty excited with this template, and giving you another shot at a FREEBIE!!!

 Template Talk-

If you are NEW to my blog and have NO IDEA what I am speaking about-read this!

My templates are for various gift packaging, and they are SO EASY! Just download once, print, cut, score and assemble. Done in minutes. EASY PEASY! You can make great gifts over and over again for the purchase of one template.

If you want to see our other templates (we just started this product line last month) then click here! You can also try a FREE template there as well D Also see my sidebar. I have a My Timeless Template category that you are able to click and view any past projects I have created here, for some ideas.


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