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WOW! I cannot believe my baby boy is 6 today! That means he needs 2 hands to show his age. Where has the time gone? Before I know it he’ll be driving.

Oh boy I get teary just thinking about it. He is already so “old” for his age to me. Its like he is the oldest child most times.

I have SO much to say about him and his day, but will save all that for his actual birthday party post (YIKES! I still have Amber’s to do-bad mommy!), which I am also trying to get the favors and stuff for that done in between everything else.

Anyway, before I go WAY off on a tangent of emotion, not meant for this entry, I have to move on. I have shared before that my kids and I always do an afternoon craft. I have to say My Timeless Templates have been a great part of that!! Making my planning for the craft SO much easier. No, Im not just saying that 😀 Its true.

Noah draws


So we are all (me & the 3 kids) crafting in my stamp room, and I’m whipping up samples for my templates to share with you all, and Noah says to me “Hey mom, can I make one of what you are making?” I told him that I wasn’t sure what we were doing yet. He then told me “But mom I have a super duper cool idea for you” (yes just like that! LOL! He really cracks me up) I said “Oh yeah?! What’s this idea?”  Not thinking he actually DID have an idea besides coloring it, let along a cool one. Then Noah said “I can decorate that thing with my pictures, and in that little thing inside (the pockets), I can put my crayons and my notebooks to take with me in the car when we go far away” Now where we live even the food store is about a 1/2 hour so that “far away” is every place we go! LOL!

SO I listened to his idea and this is what we did!


Noah and his All Boxed Up tote

(love the drawing)

WOW! Was I ever floored! I need to ask my kids opinions MORE. That WAS a cool idea!! So we did it!! Noah picked the colors, paper, and the fact he wanted his name and a star. I put the All Boxed Up together (I had to have it perfect since he was actually using it!), and Noah helped with the whole thing! Gluing and deciding where things would go! He was SOOOOOO excited my his project, it was really cool to see.

Side 2 of his tote


Yes that is a Christmas tree in the lower right corner! LOL!

Now here is the open view


Marker on his face from his labor of love.

He couldn’t even wait for a car ride. He started using it as soon as I told him we were done getting photos.


What mom wouldn’t be proud?!

I had a nice mommy moment and he had a creative epiphany! It was a good day. One I will cherish always.

We have a full day of fun things to do for his day. One which includes playing hookey!!

I love you Noah! Happy Birthday my sweet, amazing boy! I hope you always want to spend time with me, even when you grow up, and Im no longer “fun” 😀