YIPPEE!! I am so very excited to share my first peek at my next round of My Timeless Templates © I lose sleep over sharing this stuff with you all, so I hope you are inspired in some way over the next few days here. A lot of time and planning goes into everything we have done for the templates so that you get so many ideas and inspiration. Most importantly, you are able to re-create your own gifts!

This month we have THREE templates! Two available for purchase (ONLY $5 each) and ONE for FREE!!! Yes we are doing ONE more freebie 😀 It was a popular request, so I hope you will be happy when you see what it is.

Today I kept the project SIMPLE. I have lots of other behind the scenes stuff to complete for the countdown. You don’t need a ton of time to make this project. In fact typing everything up takes WAY longer than the actual project. Hence why I’m keeping today simple.

If you are NEW to my blog and have NO IDEA what I am speaking about-scroll down for all the details 😀

This one is called All Boxed Up ©!


It is THE perfect card box/holder, just in time for the holidays 😀 (yes I do have other amazing holders coming out for your cards-we are afterall CARD makers right?!)

When you use patterned paper this project looks so detailed but comes together so quickly! I decided that the Au Chocolat paper line was PERFECT for my first peek. This project took LESS than 15 minutes to make, and like an hour to type (since Im tired).

I designed my cover to look like a book. I used the stem from my Flower Garden set, stamped in white Craft ink. I used my flower punch for the bloom. I made the leaves pop forward, and layered with dimensionals. The center is from Text Boxed. Sentiment is from Beautiful Blooms

View from the side-tied closed


View from the bottom


I know many of you wanted some nice card packaging so I hope you are as happy with this as I am 😀 It can easily hold 8 A2 sized, embellished cards, and 8 envelopes 😀 I have an over the top AMAZING gift set to share with you during my peeks here, using this template. You are going to want CASE it for ALL your Christmas/ Hanukkah gifts this year 😀 I swear.

I am also certain you can find other uses for this handy holder once you get it into your hot little hands.

Here is a view, opened up-with cards and envelopes in the pockets

I really love the angle at which the card pockets come together. They alone are a great template (you’ll see more on that later :D)


Now we have my simple cards to match- out of the holder


I lined my inner pocket for a quick detailed, and  finished look.

Not to get you drooling, but wait until you see my other projects I created for the countdown! A real WOW!!

Template Talk

If you are NEW to my blog and have NO IDEA what I am speaking about-read this

My templates are for various gift packaging, and they are SO EASY! Just download once, print, cut, score and assemble. Done in minutes. EASY PEASY! You can make great gifts over and over again for the purchase of one template.

If you want to see our other templates (we just started this product line last month) then click here! You can also try a FREE template there as well D Also see my sidebar. I have a My Timeless Template category that you are able to click and view any past projects I have created here, for some ideas.


Be sure you check in with Nichole for more peeks, as well as Melissa & Lisa!

I’ll be back tomorrow for MORE peeks! 

 Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day, to check in and see what I have for you. All the comments, emails and support ( I read every single thing you send me) make every minute I have invested in this, worth every second. You all truly make my day. I really want to thank you for the bitty bottom of my heart (<—–YEAH! I *just* figured out how to do that! LOL!)

Well, till tomorrow.