Last night we did have dinner with my father.

It went well. My dad is looking well. Last time I say him he looked awful, but this time he looks much more healthy.

It was bittersweet seeing him again. Makes me very sad. Jason thought I was going to have a meltdown, but I held it together. Its hard to see him. I have gone on to accept him for WHO is is, not who I think he should be. It’s a hard thing to do, but after so many years I don’t expect much. I’m trying to have that mentality with many people in my life.

I look just like my mother my dad says, so I think its hard for him to see me. I know he misses my mom, and still loves her. It’s like looking at my mom when she was my age for him. Im sure it brings waves of raw emotion for him.


Here we are at dinner. I really wanted to get some nice photos since I have NONE of my father. Who knows when I will see him next.

Here is a family shot


From left ot right- my brother Rob, my dad, me, Jay

bottom-Noah, Alexa & Amber

The kids were a little unsure of him, but by the end of the night were OK with talking to him. He is after-all a stranger to Noah and Amber. Alexa seemed to remember him a bit.

He promised the kids each a special book, and that got Noah very intrigued. Now I pray he follows through. I can see I am going to have to hunt down the Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, Princess and Dora books that were promised. Noah thought my dad was pretty funny.

He did attempt to cancel our dinner, but my brother convinced him otherwise. My brother has a different relationship with my dad, as he is always seeking his approval. He doesn’t realize that will never happen, but he does go out of his way to try. Must be a father son thing, because I don’t get it.

My brother is so much like my dad its freaky.

I like this photo of them though.


Here they are together at dinner.

I still think of my brother as a little boy. I’m reminded he is not when I see he towers of me and my dad. I never thought I’d see the day!

Now that my brother is going to be a father I hope he chooses to be a good father and role model. It is so important.

Now here are a few a photos of the 3 of us

This one is blurry-sorry




Then the 3 of us with my brothers girlfriend Valerie


Now we have a nice photo of my brother and Valerie


Then one of Jay and I.


I NEVER wear my hair up when I go out somewhere, but it was a REALLY bad hair day! I hate when that happens. You got to the food store and your hair is amazing!! then you have somewhere you want to look good for and its a disaster! Awful.

OK now I DO have a card to share-

I made this for my brother to give to him. The sentiment ALWAYS reminds me of them


I know-everytime I think guy card I think Father Knows Best. Plus I already had it out! LOL! I used dark chocolate, and vintage cream with all golden accents-gold cardstock, and gold sheer metallic ribbon

I cut the tree into 3 pieces, and ran my edges with a gold pen. Its very shimmery in real life. The leaves are stamped then restamped for layering. I then spritzed some color on. PERFECT!

THE HUGE bummer is you can’t see my piercing! It came out really nice. Maybe if you scroll up to the top photo…………

Anyway thanks for sharing with me. I received MANY emails from yo who can relate. WOW!

Tomorrow is the 10th!! That means I have the first Countdown project for Papertrey Ink, and SOON you will see my next peek at the newest round of My Timeless Templates ©!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im beyond busy and excited prepping for that, along with the release.

Enjoy your day 😀