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Let’s so sledding!

I think sledding is the best part about the cold snowy winters in New Hampshire, and the best part about the big hill in our backyard! It is the ONLY time we enjoy that hill! In the summer its pretty useless. I have great memories sledding as a kid with the entire neighborhood. My mom always had soup, grilled cheese and hot cocoa waiting for us when we came. in.

This image is just way too cute, and definitely makes me smile. So yes, you are seeing a NEW! image from Pink Cat Studio. This set is called Lily & Billy Winter Stamps and is due for release on Thurday the 6th.

Lily & Billy are just the cutest little people ever! They are what drew me into Pink Cat Studio. Every-time there is a release with them I get SOOOOO excited.

So for this one I kept it simple. I just wanted them to e 3D and going down a hill. Something easily re-producible. So, I stamped them onto the corner of some scrap cardstock, then used my wavy cutter to create my “hill”. I then cut out the upper portion of Lily & Billy. Added some of that super cellophane confetti for my snow. i LOVED the look of that.

Before layering onto my card base, I sponged on some blue ink for a winter sky. Added some little snowflakes, and ended up with a uber cute yet SIMPLE card.

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Come back tomorrow for TWO more samples using ONE  of the images in the set!  REALLY CUTE!

I’d love to hear a great winter memory you may have as a child, or maybe a tradition. Feel free to share!

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