I {Heart} my PSF’s

This is for all of my PSF’s out there in cyber world! I had to make it my favorite color-purple!

How surprised I was to see this sentiment in a stamp set. I had no idea it wold ever catch on in the cyber world. Many people now seem to be using it.

If you didn’t know the term “PSF” stands for pretend stamping friends-hence the abbreviationPSF. This term originated with my daughter Alexa! It began when Alexa got sick, and was in the hospital. Many amazing people I “knew” from online gathered together to send her cards or care packages. Truly an amazing outpouring. Literally over a 1,000 cards adorned the walls of her hospital room, where we basically lived for months at a time. People all over the hospital would stop by just to see all the handmade cards people sent.

She would always ask “who” sent it. I would tell her it was mommy’s friend X from the computer. Since she never met any of the people and only saw me online, she thought they were “pretend”, and would refer to them as mommy’s pretend stamping friends! I think she thought they were all in my head! How crazy she must think I am! LOL! Anyway that is how the term PSF came to be. We all shortened it the term to make it easier.

I use it on here often to describe all the friends I have in cyber world, whom are my “friends” but I never met. I have now actually been able to meet some, and that is awesome, but they are all still my awesome PSF’s. So that is the little backgrounder on that.

I had to use it when making this card with the NEW!-to be released set from My Favorite Things– Who’s That E-Girl. This is being released on the 5th.

For my card I paper pieced the bkgd using some paper I had in my stash. I *think* its piggy tales???

I then colored her in various coordinating shades of purple.

I die cut the image with my rectangle scallop nestabilities, and sponged and pierced my border. A simple yet nice touch that looks like layered, but really isn’t.

I think she looks so comfy, chillin, as she blurfs! If only I looked like that when I am online. Im at my computer desk, off the kitchen, while the kids ask me at least 6 times if they can have a snack, knowing I am only half listening. Meanwhile they grab their own and hide to eat it, so I won’t notice.

Too funny.

Well there is much more to share before the release, so stay tuned!