August-on through till Christmas is generally my most crazy, non-stop time for me. It begins with our hot air balloon rally, then I know push time is before me. It starts with Amber’s birthday, then Jay and I have our wedding anniversary. Before you know it we are back in school and joining all the activities that come with that.  I don’t get to even breath, then it is Alexa’s birthday end of September, with Jay’s birthday 2 days later. Then we have Halloween, with Noah’s birthday close behind. Fast forward to Thanksgiving……… before I even finish my Thanksgiving dinner it seems like its Christmas. Let’s not forget all the companies I work for get me gearing towards these holidays while Im still trying to sip ice tea in the hot summer sun, with us getting holiday stuff end of July to early August. CRAZY!

So I got Amber’s birthday stuff out of the way, time to focus on Alexa.

I originally was going to combine their party at the beauty school, then realized that would not be fair to Alexa, as she isn’t as into all that as Amber is.

So I asked Alexa what she wanted to do for her party, and she popped out with the idea of a bowling party! HMMMM. She loves Wii bowling and is really good. So I called the place yesterday, got it all booked and  the invites whipped out in about 1 1/2 hours. Here they are!


Alexa goes bowling

Keep reading and you’ll “get it”

When mom is a stamper, kids get spoiled with their invite ideas, let me tell you! This one had me quite stumped for cute ideas. BOWLING!?! What on earth can I do for that?

Alexa informed me she wanted them to be purple and green, and use her groovy girl image from Alexa’s set.

FYI-ALL procedes from Alexa’s set benefit Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma research-check out her story HERE

Um, OK Alexa, I’ll see what I can do.

I love the pop out style, DIRECTIONS HERE, and thought it would be cute to get her Groovy girl bowling! So I printed my info, then made the pop up. I wanted the back portion to look like a bowling lane, with the pins, and bowling ball at the end.


The pop out standing up

PROBLEM: I have NO bowling sets!

So-keeping these simple-they are going to a bunch of kids, and trying to keep with my vision, I masked a bowling alley lane 😀 I then used some extra rubbah from a set I had not finished trimming, and hand cut a bowling pin! I stamped the center pin first, then without reinking stamped the other 2. OK not perfect, but not awful either. I was actually kind of happy with it.

Then came the bowling ball. I just used my 3/4 circle punch, dotted 3 holes for the finger grips, then sponges the ball edges for depth. Slap in a dimensional and you SORT OF have a bowling alley!

Cool huh?


Yes I had to give you 3 different photos-

I think she will love them no matter what. I think, if I didn’t stamp how would she get her awesome bowling party invites?! That would be a shame!

I only made 9, and fear I may need more. I have no idea how many girl friends she has in school. Some aren’t in her class, so I may have to pop out a few more this week when I send them to school. I had to get them done since her party is the end of this month. 2 Weeks in a row will be the girls parties.

I think for Noah we will do a Costume party-maybe. He is the real picky one!

Thanks for letting me share how I interpreted Alexa’s groovy girl bowling party! I am HOPING I can design a super cook bowling bag style party favor box to put some treats in! Now THAT would be cool! Then personalize with each girls name 😀 Oh the ideas are flowing.

Hope you have a super weekend, and that I see you at the Papertrey Ink party tonight!