WOW! Was I ever FREAKIN out. I lost my Internet/email ALL day yesterday, and did not know when I was going to get it back. This is the post that almost wasn’t!! There is nothing like working hard to prepare a project, to then have something go wrong! Well it is back so I can share my project for today (only after a mini panic attack!!). I have been working hard on releases and have much catching up to do, so bear with me OK!

I am so excited to share a peek at my favorite set from this upcoming release from Papertrey Ink! Be sure to check the senior design teams blogs for more peeks this week. 

The set featured in todays post will go LIVE on the 15th! Be sure to check Nichole’s blog for detailed instructions on the how-to’s. SO EASY!!

The set is named-Made of Snow

What is more fun than building a snowman in the winter? Well how about staying warm and creating your own with stamps!!! YES!! Build a snowman. Nichole designed this set that allows you to EASILY create your own snowman!! All the accessories and faces are perfect. Just wait till you see it.

I had way too much fun with this set let me tell you! I am in LOVE!!

Cocoa To Go!


Is this not adorable?! I was just bouncin when it was all finished. It turned out better than I thought it would.

The items used to create this Cocoa To Go-carrier are linked throughout the post. Just click on the highlighted words!

I never created any of those coffee carriers that were popular about 2 years ago. So I decided that would be a fun 3D project for this month. You know me and my boxes 😀 I LOVE making packaging. I hope you like my version, which I felt was just perfect for this months theme. We all love “snowman soup” and this is just a great way to present those types of gifts! AND why reinvent the wheel of a great gift?!

Here are my very own “Cocoa to go” instructions.

1-Cut 2 strips of Poppy cardstock size 4 X 11

2-Score along the 11 inch side at 3 inches, on both pieces. This creates the bottom of each panel

3-Use your oval nestability to make 2 handles in the top portion of the strips. You may also round top corners if you wish.


Photo above of completed steps 1-2-3

4- Now cut 2 pieces of poppy cardstock 3 1/2 X 11

5- Along the 3 1/2 inch side, score at 1/2 inch ( do this on both)

6-Along 11 inch side score at 1/2 * 3 1/2 * 7 1/2 * 10 1/2 (do this on both)


Photo above of completed steps 4-6

7- OPTIONAL STEP : Use a 1/2 circle nestability to create a cut out in the front panel. (do this on both)


NOTE: This is done on the panel front that measures 4 inches across

8-See photo below. Snip bottom score pieces up to score line. Score all folds. (do this on both)


Now it is time to assemble!


9- See photo above. Adhere the 3 ends of your box, and adhere them to the BACK of your tall piece with the handle, at the bottom. (do this on both)


10- Fold bottom in, and adhere edges of  front panel to the bottom. See above photo (do this on both)

Then this is what you have! 2 complete To Go pieces.


Now adhere the 2 pieces together-back to back! I use a good redline tape. Be generous with your adhesive!!


I find it easiest to lay them on their sides, and line up from the bottom 😀 Then put your hands inside the To Go carrier, and rub side panels together. This is done to ensure a good seal.


Now you have the FUN part! Designing it!!

Another note: I did add a decorative panel to the bottom of my carrier to finish it off. I hate messy projects.

First things first- You need some disposable coffee cups! You can find them at a variety of places, for some great prices. I purchased mine at Target, set of 12 (?) for $3.99. They are by Archer Farms. I personally LOVE this line of products Target carries.

I then decorated them with my little snowmen


This is a very simple part of the project, but you can go all out if you like that. I just stamped my snowman pieces and colored with Copic markers. I then die cut them with my circle nestabilities. I thought if the snowmen held hearts it would go SUPER with my sentiment (see below). Once that was done I added “snow with a glue pen, and glitter, then adhered to my cups, to cover the Archer Farms logo!


For my snowman in the front-I stamped him just like the one on the cup-but cut his entire body out instead. Don’t you LOVE him? Look at the sentiment! SO cute!

Now for the cocoa cones!

I love using disposable frosting bags to fill with fun goodies in all year. I made the cocoa cones using them. I just stamped the top with some snowflakes (cannot see well in photos-sorry) with white StazOn, then filled with an Archer Farms Hot Cocoa powder. I then crushed up some peppermint Ghirardeli chocolates, and layered in some jumbo marshmallows!! (can you believe I didn’t even taste a niblet of a single piece of chocolate?!) Those are the best because they don’t melt so fast. Tied the bags closed with my saddle stitched poppy ribbon. I then added a little tag that says “just add water”. That is from a MUST HAVE set called Holiday Treats. I proceeded to put then into the cups which were also filed with some shiny bag filler, which I adore!! I used the same filler in the holder to take up some space 😀


The side panels use a new-to be released- Holiday Vintage Prints patterned Paper collection in Polka dot petite. I was what inspired my snowman’s scarf colors!! Just perfect!  I stamped the Holiday Treats image on the sides to dress it up a little more as well.  That pretty much completed my project! A very clean and simple gift set for ANYONE!!

Switch it up with coffee, or tea…………..maybe put CANDY in the cups instead. Endless ideas.

Well that is all for now!! I do have yet ANOTHER Papertrey post tomorrow night :D, and more release things to share as we are allowed. This release will definitely get you ready for the holidays! I swear!