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As promised, for those interested, there is a Smilebox for the kids first day back to school. Don’t worry, there are only 11 photos, so you won’t be there all day 😀

Its great getting back into the swing of things. I forgot how busy the school year is! Between dropping off, picking up, field trips, PTO (I am joining this year-I THINK!), 2 kids in soccer, dance class, and girls scouts-its running everyday. Maybe that is why they years just fly by, and my children are just sprouting up, in what seems to be overnight! When is there time to fit in that homework?! YIKES!

The older they get, I am certain the more crazy things will get too.

I will say I do get a lot accomplished with my time while they are gone. Its a great 3 hours of QUIET!! Then its back to-

MOM! Shes looking at me!

 Mom! He colored in my coloring book.

MOM! She won’t share!

MOM! Can I have a snack? (for the 18th time)

 MOM! He won’t stop chasing me!

MOM! He hit me!

MOM! She’s in my seat!

MOM! he/she said “hate it” (I don’t like my kids using that word, so its considered a swear word in my house), although I think I use it time to time and that is NOT good. I have to work on that.

MOM! She is kissing me, and Im going to throw up! (NO JOKE! He really does. Its ridiculous!)

So I so enjoy watching my Martha Stewart as I craft, in total PEACE!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my children, no matter how insane they make me. I know I will miss all the bickering-someday. Just not today 😀

Anyway here is another card for you!

elzybells-prince-charming.jpg My Prince Charming

Isn’t that always the wonder? If the girl kisses the frog, will he actually turn into a Prince? I know I dated MANY a frog until I got mine! LOL!

These images are from Elzybells-the Fairytale Collection. Seriously some of the cutest images ever! I used my copic markers to color them. They are just too fun.

I went with colors I RARELY use for this one-Really rust, Sahara Sand and Olive. It was inspired by this Stampin Up! collection of paper I had in my stash.

I used a shimmery organdy ribbon from Michaels that is actually an orange, but when put with this looks rust. YEAH!!

Also in my archives………………

ats-hello-from-me.jpg Hello from me

I make so much stuff, and take my photographs all at once, that I often forget about things! I know its really awful. Anyway, this is one of those creations!

I used basically the mostly the same colors as above, just in different proportions. See, really rust can be a really great color. ANY color can work if you use it right 😀 (except YOYO YELLOW! EW! That color should be banned :D)

This went to a PSF’s mother who had a birthday this month. I hope she liked it.

This set uses Olivia’s Birdies , and the sentiments on that page as well.

I loved the thought of the birdhouse hanging from the branch. I HAD to make the little bird peek out of the birdhouse. I just colored, cut, then punched a hole in the house. Stamped a bird, colored it, then layered it behind the cut birdhouse.

The little nest is flocked, so it looks so cute in person. I just sponged some greenery around the leaves to give the tree a fuller effect.

Of course I color spritzed 😀 Love that tool. Then to complete it, added some flowers.

I like it!

Well I must go get in some mytime, before the day flies past me. More exciting things to come. More releases, and peeks, and the PTI Design Team challenge. I love my project for that. Like NOTHING you have ever seen here, from me before. Very cool.

Tomorrow is our Saturday Sketch! Don’t miss it.

Also check out  Kendra & Leigh blog, they have peeks for you!