OK Im checkin in fast here. I have been super busy and gone all weekend.

The 3 classes went awesome. I love my girls who come. They just make my day. I cannot even tell you. They really make me want to keep on with the classes 😀 So thank you to all of them.

I have emails to answer (if you are one of them I will get to you soon) and I need to check in on all the awesome peeps who have been participating in the sketches (yeah!!), and the sketch team. I have a super awesome PTI project (as do the rest of the DT) to post tomorrow (and my big news below).

OH boy this weekend and week I am going to be so straight out. I have a ton of family stuff to do (all good stuff I think), soccer starts, pre-school meetings, and cram in last minute kid-ventures, school shopping (HELLO did you know that Old Navy just had a 40% off ALL kids stuff sale! OMW! I got like over 9 shirts per child,  and stuff for the kids all for $155!!!!) Take my cat to the vet because he is really sick :C Alexa has her chemo follow up Friday, and a Endocrinologist appt as well so all day will be spent at Dartmouth. Our Wedding anniversary is Sat (gotta make Jay his card, and get his gift, plan a date??), and Amber & Noah are in my Uncles Wedding on Sun, so I have to drive to meet my mom to get their outfits. Next thing you know BACK TO SCHOOL!! Can I get a WAHOO!!! LOL! AND I know I am forgetting SOMETHING else. Oh well.

Onto to the important stuff 😀

Have you heard the news?

Check it out —–>HERE!

This is another reason I have been SO busy!

lauren_blog_badge.jpg (Look at my fat face! OMG! I could die, at least Im workin on it )

Besides that………………

Is that exciting or what? I LOVED JustRite Stamps and was over the moon when asked to be a guest designer for this week 😀 I was just freakin out with excitement, then panic! What could “I” possibly do that hasn’t been done? Then I took a deep breath and let it go.

Now you won’t want to miss my creations! I am sure you are bound to find something that inspires you (OK so I HOPE that they inspire you! LOL! Even just a tinsy bit).  I was really happy with my take on their product when all was said and done.

All week you will get a little peek here (starting tomorrow) and then see the whole SHEBANG on the JustRite Stampers Blog!! Don’t worry I’ll send you to the right place.


They are having a super duper Champion Contest! Details on how you can get a chance to win HERE! Now don’t go saying “Oh I’m not good enough, I’m too afraid to, I never win anything, I don’t have time, or I’ll never get picked”, and all that crap! You know how I feel about that stuff. If you don’t even TRY you definitely don’t win!! At least if you try you have a chance. YOU are just as good as anyone else. So go for it!!!

OK I must run. More posting to do!!

Hope you check back in with me later 😀 Sorry I have NO TIME for a sample tonight.