I am excited to share this peek with you using First Fruits from Papertrey Ink.

 It will be released on the 15th.

Nichole & Becky really put their brilliant minds together to come up with a fabulous set.

I have absolutely fallen in love with it while creating for this release. It is such a classy and elegant set, with that perfect Papertrey Ink flair that we all love, because making a gorgeous card or gift is SIMPLE and EASY!

Now keeping with that Papertrey Ink style of simple elegance, I will take you back to the basics! We are going to creating a simple gift, in just minutes, that will make the receiver say WOW!

This is one of the very first non-card items I ever learned to create! From then on, I was hooked. I hope you have time to give it a try as we visit the “How To” of customizing a candle! We will add a twist, with a tag topper!


If you have never done this before it really is a WOW creation. You can take your stamps and turn a simple $1 candle, into one that you would spend several dollars for in the store. Best part is, it is done in minutes.

I save all my tissue paper from my Papertrey Ink orders! They are perfect for this project.

All you need is:

Stamp set of choice (First Fruits)* ink of choice * any size candle * tissue paper (even colored paper if you like) * a heat gun * Safe surface to work on ( I love my Tim Holtz non stick craft mat)


Cardstock cut in the size/shape of your candle top. Hole punch, slit punch, and ribbon.

Now for my project!

 I decided to go with non-traditional colors, despite my maple leaf design. I wanted it to be different. I chose green, and shades of blue for my color scheme. My candle is also a pale blue with a fresh linen scent.

1) Choose candle. Measure how tall the candle is, and how wide around. Cut your tissue paper, leaving a little extra to ensure full coverage.

2) Ink your stamp.


Now when using multiple colors of ink on one image, start with the lighter color first, then add your darker colors. This prevents your light colors of ink from getting “muddy”.


I stamped green in my leaf center, then dabbed the edges in a light blue, then again in a darker blue.

leaf-inked.jpg Isn’t it pretty?!

3) Stamp your image on your tissue paper

stamp-tissue-paper.jpg click to enlarge. Then without re-inking, stamp again. This will give the effect of layers of leaves within the candle when you are done, and adds a nice sense of dimension.

repeat-pattern-candle.jpg Finished paper

4) Now wrap your tissue paper around your candle. Put it on a safe, heat resistant work surface. Oh and one that you don’t care about getting melted wax on, as it can be messy!


6) Use heat tool to heat set. You will see the wax underneath come through and coat the tissue paper.


DO NOT over heat. You will get uneven melted portions of the candle, and lots of dripping. Just heat in smooth even strokes, back & forth. Do this until entire candle is done.

7) OPTIONAL : I like to wrap my candle in my craft mat, and roll it out (like dough) so that the light texture of my mat transfers into my warm wax candle!! It also helps hide any un-even areas 😀

roll-up-candle.jpg NOW ROLL! Back and forth.

Now it is done!

candle-done.jpg Can’t see the texutre in the photo but it IS there, I promise.

OK not totally done!! You can’t leave it like that!

I decided a topper for the top of my candle would really complete this gift! So lets make a topper shall we?


This is a quick and simple touch that really completes your candle.

1) I measured my candle top, and found a circle nestabilty that was the perfect fit!

2) Stamped the top with the same design as on my candle, and added a sentiment.

3) Punched a hole in the center of the circle topper for my wick to go through.

4) Added 2 slots for my ribbon to tie on the tag topper.

5) Measured my ribbon, and cut. I then punched a hole in the ribbon, so the wick can go through the ribbon and tag topper.

6) Wrapped my ribbon around the tag topper, and tied on.



Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the “oldie but goodie” reminder of this fun and easy gift.

If you get the time to try it out I’d love to see your creation! Send us a link here!

Don’t forget to check Nichole’s blog daily for the peek’s and the list of who is also counting down the release with samples! Oh and today Becky had a special post too!!! Don’t miss it.

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