Well it is Thursday. Only one more day of sanity till summer vacation! LOL!

Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE my children. But put all three in a house, 24/7, in the heat like caged animals and there will be CRAZINESS! I also have practically adopted a neighborhood girl, who is Alexa’s friend. So I actually have 4 kids. Now those of you who have 4 kids that are yours are saying “Well welcome to my life”. Trust me I know. Or should I say I can only imagine. Three is more than enough for me. If you have 3 or more than that you are a QUEEN of mother’s in my book. This girl is the last of 8 siblings, so lets just say I dont think her mom even notices she is gone all day/weekend. She basically cares for herself. She is the sweetest little thing ever too.

I try to go out and do stuff with them as much as possible in the summer, but it takes me forever to get out the door-especially if we go to the lake.

Alexa is going to Summer School, which is great. I never get out of the house before 10am anyway (OK so I really can but not in a good mood) anyway, so I should be ready to go when she gets in the door.

Now onto the fun stuff- I SO LOVE flowers, and flower sets. Funky and fun. You most likely already know that.

bloomin-love-unity.jpg Love in Bloom

I think of this as like the couple, whose love is blooming-and growing. Im lame. I know.

This paper by Scenic Route was a PERFECT match for my flower.

Part of the Random Special 3 (<—-click there for details) is the Best Friends set by Unity. I really LOVE this set, and the larger images. I love Unity because, to me, they are very different. They are also HOT & Trendy. I love that. Unity really gets me thinking outside my comfort zone. I really love a challenge, and pushing past my “comfort” zone. It is how I can grow as a crafter.

Once of my favorite things to do-if you can’t tell my some past stuff, is only stamp a portion of an image as my main focus. I have done this numerous times. I just LOVE the look it lends. WHY do wee need to have the entire thing so perfect in the middle all the time?

We dont! There are NO RULES! Only the one’s you put on yourself!


So “I” am issuing a challenge for you today! Stamp only a PORTION of an image, and create something with it. Send us a link here so we can see what you come with.

Now also used in this card (lovey couple) is another set I really want to use more! I have a special thank you to get out to my friend (it is of course WAY late) and I NEED to use this set!! It is Fun Night Out. I just love it. I love the people images too.

Now the close up

100_7947.jpg EEK! Sorry for the BLUR!

I have been itching to use my Bella Dots EmBELLAshments! How can you not love them? I have some big plans for these yummies!! Again they were just perfect for my flower. I made a flower center, then used Mono-multi as my glue to stick them on. Clear glue dots would be perfect too.

Just so cute.

OK So get your buns out of that chair and get inking! I want to see your challenge cards!

I have some last minute stuff to finish up here and am STALKING my mailman for my new release goodies!

Tomorrow I have a peek at Storage Ink & More-and a giveaway! You will HAVE to come by for that!

If you haven’t entered their MOTHERLOAD of GIVEAWAYS! RUN!!!