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Party Animal!

May 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

little-sheep-hello.jpg Baa-that is sheep talk for thanks!

I had THE BEST Birthday ever!!! Thanks for the sweetest emails and wishes. I’m still reading.

I will dedicate a separate post for my Birthday Goodies/photos! Fill you in on what we did, and what I got. Lot’s of fun!

Speaking of fun!

Don’t miss the chance for MYTIME MAIL HERE!! One more day!

AND Today is the big release for C.C. Designs

Glam Girls and A Hootin Good Time!  My girls are LOVIN the Glam Girls.

I am hoping to get some more stuff done this week with these sets!

We also have Pink Cat Studio’s Birthday Release! Here is the blog-for more sample idea’s and the Blog Candy Winners!


Thank you again everyone. Im am trying to recover from my birthday fun and desserts! Alexa and Amber both have birthday parties to go to so I’m running around all day.

Ill be back later (or tomorrow) with some “you don’t want to miss” type of info.


myt-30th-birthday-reflection-card.jpg Happy 30!

Happy 30th Birthday to me! (and you, if it is your day too, but if it is I doubt you are reading this! LOL!)

Today I am celebrating with a BIG giveaway! In honor of my 30 years, Im doing THREE winners!!! So THREE people have a chance to win. The winner will be drawn Monday morning, since Im celebrating ALL weekend!

Here are the GOODS!! SORRY for the yucky photos, it was to the point that if you wanted MYTIME MAIL- this was as good as it was getting.

Package 1-3 Lizzie Anne Designs sets-Samantha Alphabet, Dreaming of Dots, and In the Meadow. There are also 2 Paper Bouquet templates. (2) template sizes in each-one is a take-out box, the other a pillow box!


Package 2-Hero Arts Cupcakes (no birthday give-away is complete without them) and Bird-Day Designs


Package 3-Crafty Secrets Kitchen Classics and a Paper Salon mini tin with my favorite flower! A Tulip!


Just reply to this post with any of the following-your very best birthday memory, a gift you would love to receive, one thing you have learned from life, or words you live by!! You pick!

WOW! 30 years flew by fast! After 17, I don’t know what happened.

Thank you for the b-day wishes and those who sent me cards! WOW! So touched by that! Oh and lets not forget the emails! I had over 600 emails! OMG!! That is a gift in itself. I am slowly reading each and every one.



So here is the reminder! Remember this will enter you TWICE!! So you should all try it.

I believe it was 2 years ago, I began the tradition of making MYSELF a birthday card! I found it to be so fun. This is the sentiment (from  that will be used on every card, from here on out! It is the first anniversary of my 29th birthday! LOL!

Sine I LOVE purple, Bella’s and bling, this card was super fun for me to put together. I also love vellum, and the tag thingy’s. Lets not forget Copic markers! I am actually sending this to a fellow blogger, who is my “Birthday Twin”. Her name is Becky. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!

I’m all emotional and long winded today so get the fresh cup of coffee if you feel like reading! LOL! 

This part begins the REFLECTION section.

my-30th-birthday-reflection.jpg Oh so 30!

This is Ohsoprettybella. Perfect. I am beginning to start this decade with self acceptance! What better Bella to use than this one? This is me! On the inside! LOL!

Did you notice the reflection in the mirror? Pretty cool huh? I was so happy that the “idea” translated to paper.

OK I am actually excited to be turning 30. My brain has clicked in, that it really isn’t the end of the world, but really a whole new start!  I have so many amazing things taking place in this new decade of my life!

My daughter is finishing her Cancer treatment! That is number ONE amazing to me. By far the best thing I could ever ask for. EVER! As mother’s we all just want our children to be HEALTHY & HAPPY. I know that is my number 1. Then it is to know God and have faith. I want them to grow up and find a fulfilling job, that they love, someone to share it with, and become people in the world who are kind, respectful, thoughtful and give a little something back to the world.

I could not ask to be in a better place right now! I have the BEST husband in the world. He is my rock and my very best friend. He has been there for me every second, never, letting me fall. He treats me like we are still dating, and looks at me the same-kids later & all!

I am getting to do something that I LOVE and find fulfilling, and think it’s safe to say I found my niche in life! I cannot tell you what this crazy stamping life brings to mine! Then the ability to reach others doing so. I never would have thought I would be where I am today, and I have enjoyed that journey! I’m so excited to begin teaching these classes in this setting!

When I look back on my 20’s, they were quite full. Some good, some awesome, but also some of the worst things I could have gone through! All amazing in the aspect that it lead me HERE! To a fabulous place, that I wouldn’t change one step for, because I would not be who I am today. I can’t tell you how each step affected me in phenomenal ways. Making me stronger, more independent. Unafraid to go for what I want.

Here is a 20’s recap

-finish college to become a nurse,  got married at 20, at 21 had first born child with life long disabilities but an amazing blessing, becoming a single mom by 22 and getting divorced, eventually meeting my husband and moving forward in life, packing up and moving to a place where I know NO ONE, remodeling a home, having 2 more children-both healthy, getting re-married, getting into stamping, finding out someone you love has Cancer (and that its your baby!!), pushing through that, someone I love beating cancer, then somehwere in the midst of all that, finding myself, sharing it all, and working to do what I love. WHEW! What a decade.

I think I may even be glad to say good by to my 20’s! I think that some of what I did takes most a lifetime! LOL! CRAZY!

So this is going to be a Decade of Different! A Decade of Fabulous! A time to enjoy life!

I am happy to say I have absolutely NO REGRETS. Let’s hope I get through my next 30, and can say the same.

30 things I learned along the way-in no particular order.

1) FAITH! The single most important thing I could ever have. Without it I would not have gotten through some of the worst times in my life. Same goes for family & friends.

2) You NEVER want to talk to ANYONE who calls from an (800) number! TRUST ME! LOL!

3) Make time for yourself and the things/people you love. You never hear anyone say “I spent too much time with so and so”. Usually only regrets of not enough time.

4) Try to be positive. It can ALWAYS be worse, and when it is, then know it has to get better-right?

5) You miss 100% of the chances you DONT take.

6) NO! I am learning to say that word to things I dont really want to do, or just don’t have time to do.

7) Shopping really is therapeutic! For me anyway! LOL!

8) You will never love anything more than your own children! Who else in the world would you GLADLY give your life for?

9) Work to LIVE, not live to work.

10) Money cannot buy you happiness.  Memories are something that will long outlast any fortune.

11) If it comes easy, it goes away easy! Things that are earned with hard work, will last much longer, and be more valued and appreciated, than those handed to us.

12) There is a reason that the older I get, the more I become like my mother! The older, the wiser!

13) That brings me to the understanding of “Youth is wasted on the young” While Im not “old” I am older, and I now GET IT!!! I wish at 20, I knew what I know now!

14) It is much CHEAPER to go to the dentist every 6 months, rather than wait a decade! I know what I am talking about.

15) Make sure you Pee before leaving the house too! You never know when you may ge stuck in traffic! LOL!

16) You really can have too much of a good thing.

17) Say what you mean, and mean what you say! Words are never forgotten and can hurt forever.

18) I hate sports! ALL of them, unless my child is involved.

19) Don’t wait till you have over 20 mice, to make your husband buy DECON! If ther is ONE there is a BIG problem-period!

20) If your husband takes you shopping for something (like a dog) he better be ready to buy it-THEN AND THERE!!

21) Everything has a reason and a purpose. You have the ability to make the most of very situation.

22) Take out does taste better! LOL!

23) When a house project gets started, there is a 2 year period from start to finish, anything sooner is a bonus! LOL!

24) If you want something done a certain way, then do it yourself 😀

25) To Do lists really do work! They are essential to my life. OCD isn’t all bad, it can actually come in handy.

26) In only ONE second you life can change forever. Don’t waste one minute.

27) Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today! No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

28) Live life to the fullest.

29) Twenty Nine-Once you leave it, its not the end of the world!! And speaking of the world, stamping can make a difference in the world! It can relieve stress, make someone’s day, capture a memory in an amazing way, and some of the best people do it!

30)THIRTY Is just the beginning of many great thing for me and my family!

I am SO up for the journey.

If you are still reading WOW! You must really like me! LOL!

I can’t wait to finish reading my emails & your comments here! Best of luck!!! I am off to a fabulous day! Thank you for the support and well wishes!


What’s in the Barn?

May 3, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards


What’s in the barn?

Since its my b-day,  and I needed to post a sample with this new set from Pink Cat Studio, Party Farm Animals, I decided to save my favorite design with you today!!

This barn is part of her new bkgd set. I immediately knew what I wanted to do!

I colored and cut out the barn. I made it so the doors would OPEN! When you open them up………………..Look what is inside!


Cute little chickies!! I so love these chicks! I was surprised at how fast this actually came together!

I colored my edges first, then my barn. I quickly ran my brownish Copic down the red lines of the barn wood and it looked so “barn-ish”! LOL!

I love the buttons along the bottom. So cute! Yet no over-done.

Make sure you check the blog, and other DT samples. Just an amazing group.

Have a fabulous day!! Im on the run.


May 2, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Saturday Sketch


Here is an early view of tomorrow’s sketch! Save your reply because I ahve a SWEET give-away tomorrow in honor of my day,

I’m on a real shopper high so be ready for a ramble! LOL!

First thanks for all the lovely emails! Im BLOWN away!

Second I hear my classes are filling up! YEAH! Can’t wait to meet you. We are chatting about the whole mail order classes tomorrow.

Third-my day:

I had THE BEST day today! I took the kids and went shopping! They were excellent!

 I got myself a new bedding set from Target, bought a bunch of new clothes that make me feel good about the way I look NOW- not how I want to look 10-20lbs lighter! LOL!

I got some black casual shoes! I have worn the same pair since I think I was pregnant with NOAH! I have shoe issue’s! I can’t walk on thin, and high heels. Makes NO sense to me.  I need style and comfort. While I lost the comfort  in my pair,I sorta had style. Anyway found the  PERFECT pair, and they were on sale for $12.99!!! From $40!!!! HELLO!!

I also bought a cutterbee system. Not sure if I like it YET.

Lindt chocolates, and body/spa stuff ! YEAH!

I went to an antique store and found some other cool items that aren’t post worthy, but fun to me.

OK deep breath!

I got lots of cards, and a frame from Sue!! Thank you so much! I was sad the glass was shattered into a billion pieces despite your big GLASS label!

 Oh boy.

OK I gotta run and finish posting for tomorrow.


hoo, hoo, hoo is having a birthday? Moo!

May 2, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

ME!! Tomorrow is my 30th!

I know I keep talking about it. Im really excited. I know, annoying. I am happy that I turned the “Im depressed Im getting old” corner.

We are going shopping, and then meeting our friends for dinner. Good times. I’m really looking forward to all of it. I got a killer package from my mom, which I was NOT expecting. WOW! Thanks mom!! Ill have to post a photo of that stuff too.

If you have any suggestions as to what I NEED to get with my b-day money, please share! Since I am going shopping, I like to have an idea what to keep my eye’s opened for.

As you saw Pink Cat Studio is releasing the Party Farm Animals set! Yes there are other images! I just adore this one 😀

hoo-is-having-a-birthday.jpg Hoo is having a party?

I have to say I LOVE this sketch layout. Just so fun! Speaking of sketches, I have a birthday sketch tomorrow AND a Birthday Giveaway! Ye my birthday, but YOU get a gift too!!

Speaking of gifts:

mytime-brown-cow-birthday.jpg The Brown Cow

 How cute is this cow holding a gift? I just had to make her brown! Had to! I figured everyone would do black and white! LOL! We live in farm country so we see brown cow’s all the time. I LOVE Berry Sorbet, and the cocoa color together. Just yummy.

I know-you are wondering HOW I mail these cards with the tags, sticking off the end. Don’t you remember how bad I am at sending stuff out? I DON’T! LOL! 

Honestly I would put it in a 5 1/2 square envy of the clear box mailer. OR better yet-hand deliver.

Im totally addicted to this tags. No idea why. I just think they are so cute.

Wish me luck today. After a full day of errands and appointments I really want to get into some MYTIME! I’m so hoping to work with the C.C designs sets more. I got them a little late and haven’t had much time for fun 😀

On another note:

 They say good things happen in 3’s-

I got 3 Arte Y Pico awards! WOW! Another big thank you to:

Kim, Rose Ann, and Jenn.

Im flattered!

OK I am hoping to pop back on with my sketch sample-EARLY!!

Shari, Gwen and Frankie

May 1, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Uh oh!

I am suffering from a migraine :c My body is catching up with my brain! After I am done this Im going to tak e nice HOT bath, then go to bed. I think I need it.

I had so many plans to upload my blog posts and my usual chatter but I’ll be lucky to get the NEED to do’s done! Plus I have TONS of running around tomorrow and won’t be home ALL day. Like from 7 am to 6 pm-gone! So I need to get these posted now.

Meet the Glam Girlz! New set from C.C. Designs being released the 4th! YEAH!

glamorous.jpg Shari the Glamorous Star

I just love her. She is simple and cool. I used a star die cut from my Cuttlebug to make a mask, stamped her in green, then lightly sponged her. The stars are DCWV glitter stack. Love it!

gwen1.jpg Gwen

This is Gwen. Christine sent me a little “kit” of paper and accessories I had to stick to, as a challenge. This is the result. “something” is missing! After typing this up I went and placed a circle sentiment, in the upper left corner that said You are Darling. If I had the energy I’d get out all my photo stuff and retake the picture, but I really can’t.

Now lastly we have Frankie

you-are-fabulous.jpg She is just so retro 70’s o me!

So I used my Hippie Chic paper by SEI! Love the bling eye glasses!! Those came in a DROP DEAD fabulous package from my secret friend. She made 3 of the most gorgeous frames of my kids-EVER!! Should be in a magazine. They deserve their very own post, and I need Jay to hang them for me (so they are actually straight) and then I will post a photo.

I got some other yummies in the mail from some of my reader’s here-WOW!! Ill post those too, but when I have time to chatter!

Well I hope you liked the samples of the peeks!

Dont miss the ATS blog for blog candy!!! Each day a new chance to win 😀

I’d love to hear which one you think is your favorite!

OK my bath/bed are hollering.

PS They still haven’t posted the sample that won, so I have no idea!


A little bird told me….

May 1, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

That it is time for another peek!! And to dish some fun news 😀


But first, about the card!

How cute is that owl? LOVE IT!!! This is another peek from Pink Cat Studio Party Farm Animal set. I love it! Check out the PCS blogtoo, for Blog Candy and the other DT member’s samples.

I think this owl is my favorite image from the set. How can you not love it?

I had so much fun making this card. I love owl’s, I love circles, I love rub-on’s, I love scallops, I love pink & brown, and I love home-made dew drops! LOL!

Can you tell I love it?

Now onto my early Birthday gift that was unexpected!! NO IT WAS NOT THE CRICUT!! I told you “unexpected”!

My dear blog reader & PSF Dee, sent me info about this contest to win the entire Clip it up system! You had to send in 3 cards. I wasn’t sure I should enter because I HATE contests!! Much more than submission rejections! LOL! She kept telling me to go ahead, and try. Me being the “you miss a 100% of the chances you don’t take, and I definitely won’t win if I don’t try”, did listen and went ahead and submitted. I forgot all about it actually.

Anyway, while I was out I got a message from Renee at Simply Renee, and I won in the friend category! How cool is that, that I will FINALLY get the Clip it up! Plus my card is going to be used in their advertising!! WOW!!! That is just as cool as winning something 😀

Thanks Dee for forwarding that to me! I would not have found that out, otherwise.

The card should be posted on their site, later today! Ill let you know. I sent three, like asked,  so am unsure which was the “winner”. I will post again later-plus I have to finish another sneak peek sample.

FYI-my Craft Critique article is being posted TOMORROW! DUH! I swear it got moved! LOL!

Lastly, here is my Class Schedule for the day. None of the items have ever been done here! Totally fresh and new, using some of the newest products and hottest paper lines out there. I truly love each piece that I created, and am proud to share it with anyone who decides to attend.

Thanks to Michelle for helping me get it all priced and organized. Im just clueless!

Michelle will be posting this to her site SOON!!! So I will post my class descriptions here.

 I know she was feverishly working and waiting on me to update her classes for May. You can see that HERE! So make sure you sign up if you want to go!

NOTE: (this is being very wishful! LOL!) If a class fills, and seems popular, I will repeat it the following month, if there seems to be enough interest.

Saturday May 31 10am-noon All Tied Up with Lauren Meader

In this class you will make a beautiful card box, that is literally tied up!

Untie the gorgeous bows, to reveal an amazing gift! You will want to make this for every person you know.

Inside will include :

* 4 individually designed cards that match your box

* 4 stamped envelope’s to coordinate

* Stamped memo cube* Little pocket to hold stamps!

There is a extra place to include whatever else you wish.

The box is a gift in itself. Think teacher gifts, or any special someone!

You will need to bring: Paper cutter, scoring tool, adhesive

Saturday May 31 1230pm-2:30pm Perfect Party Favors with Lauren Meader

How many times have you held a party an been stumped for the perfect party favor?

Or ever have a smaller gift, that you would love to have perfectly packaged!

The key to perfect party favor’s is not only keeping it simple, but adaptable to ANY theme for ANY age!

I hope you will join me for some really fun favor’s you will want to make year, after year!

In this class you will learn to make 5 different favors

* A Origami Pouch

* Door Hanger Pocket

* Dinosaur egg tube

* Blooming Gift Bag

* Rodeo Round-Up stick holder

Trust me, they are as fun to make as they sound!

You will need to bring: Paper cutter, scoring tool, adhesive

Saturday May 31 3:00pm-5:00pmMake it Monogrammed with Lauren Meader

Nothing say’s personal like a set of monogrammed notecards. It is that time of year for teacher gifts!

Maybe you have another occasion these woule be perfect for?

Not sure WHO to make them for? Then go generic and make them Thank you, or thinking of you!

How about Just a note! Or treat YOURSELF to a set of beautiful notecards to have on hand.

In this class you will make

* 8 monogrammed note cards-envelopes included

* an exclusive, gorgeous gift box, that you will want to make over and over again to put in a variety of things!

You will need to bring: Adhesive, paper cutter, and scoring tool


SO that’s that!

Thanks everyone again for checking in.

I’ll be back with another post this afternoon!!

Till then

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