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Through the Long Journey-Believe

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believe-for-a-cure.jpg Believe

Well TODAY is THE day.

The day that I waited for since the day I heard Alexa had Leukemia. The end of treatment. It is amazing how fast time passes. I feel sad that I rushed through part of my daughter’s childhood. To get to the END of a long road.

This is Alexa’s LAST chemo treatment. Not the end of the road to recovery, but the end of most of the fear and worry. We have a 5 year window, that is very important to be considered in “remission”. I don’t think this thing that sits in the pit of my gut, since the day I first heard her say “Mommy my knee hurts”, will ever go away. Every complaint will be met with that panic. Every fever will forever be a big deal. But I now get to at least take a deep sigh of relief. Relief that she can fight her own germs. Relief that she can go forward and just be a kid. Relief that she has over come a HUGE battle! She has done so amazing.

I am so beyond overwhelmed. I started this post attaching photos of her along her journey. Photos of before with her thick straight dark brown hair, then onto photos of her in the hospital right after we cut her waist length hair to up above her shoulders so that when it began to fall out it wouldn’t be so bad, to photos of her in the hospital, looking like I never ever want to see her looking again.

Then I deleted it all. I had to. I thought that is OVER! DONE! Not going back. Not dwelling on all that.

 I couldn’t even bare to see some of the photos. They brought the rush of emotions and turmoil those first few months had brought to me and my family. A huge SOB in my throat. Photos of my kids wearing masks to protect their sister against germs that anyone could fight off, but now for Alexa could become life threatening, Photos of them playing with dolls that have port-a-caths. Photos capturing hings NO person, let alone children should experience. To think I even limited the photos because I didn’t want to capture that time. I can see why I didn’t want to remember any of that.

Now its time to move forward in HOPE, FAITH and BELIEF that this is behind us, and she is in God’s care.

I have worn a purple wrist band that is inscribed inside-Faith in Healing Alexa. I have never taken it off. I don’t think I can. Lavender is the general cancer awareness color and is also the color for Cancer Survivors-so I went with that. Plus its my favorite color.

If you can, send up a prayer for Alexa today. A prayer that she is still Cancer free and will remain that way for the rest of her LONG life. Thank you!

I truly believe this has happened for a greater purpose, and was meant to teach me and my family countless lessons. Through it all I just had to believe it would all be ok.

Now for a card I made above-it holds a limited edition Tic Tac cassette. The front panel opens up with a magnet.

This is the Think Pink set from MFT. A great set for a cause. You can color it to suit any type of cause that affects you. Not just pink.

Leukemia color is orange. Most causes are represented by a color.

CLICK HERE to learn more about that.

believe-open.jpg Band opened

I stamped the Sweet Blush Satin ribbon using Berry Sorbet ink.

SOOOO-This is my thought for today-Believe. Believe in a cure. Believe in Healing.

Thank you all again so much for stopping by, and if you read my post and send up a prayer I appreciate it.

What a journey.

Till Tomorrow.

That Dewy Complexion

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OK I know I am late with today’s post. But I will share a answer to a question I get asked a lot-keep reading.

You truly have NO IDEA how much I have going on here. I also have a very cluttered brain, and have for the last week or two. Alexa completes (fingers crossed, prayers said) her LAST chemo tomorrow, and Im really nervous about the entire thing. This milestone and worry, has consumed me more than I thought it would, leaving me to be un-inspired and not stamping as much as I would like to. ALSO Leaving me having to wait to share a lot of what I have done (since it has been release related).

Anyway-I did get some things done, and will get to share over the next few days.

I KNOW I have a ton of unanswered emails sitting in my INBOX, but I’m really too stressed about tomorrow to get back to you all just yet. I appreciate the understanding and patience as you cannot even imagine how I am feeling right now.

This last spinal tap has me really freakin. FREAKIN!

Anyway-I assume you all got to see our PTI baby favors on Nichole’s Blog! I was in awe by what the DT put together! Wait till you see the gallery. WOW!!  Be sure to see Nichole’s blog for the other DT peeks.

Thanks for the super sweet emails. I already was asked by many for a tutorial! We shall see!

I also got some lovely b-day cards from Anne Williams, a card and yummies from oriental trading from my PSF Bee, and cards from Pam, Diane and Sharon. Thank you.

I ALSO got a whopper of a package from Sonia-but Ill share that later this week. WOW! Im so blessed.

I am definitely going to need my retail therapy this weekend as I got to CKC!!

OK now for the card.

You all know how much I LOVE Lily!! Well here is yet another!

lily-smiles.jpg Thanks for making me smile!

This is to you all in blog land, and my PSF’s for all the love and support since the start of Alexa’s treatments 2 1/2 years ago.

Now for the question I get asked so many times:

Q. How do you get that dewy complexion on your people?

A. I never pay attention, and really never considered myself worthy of teaching coloring lessons, let alone with the Copic’s! I am still an amature, but I will share since it seems to be so interesting to people.

I use Ciao Copic markers in

E50-color entire face with this first


E51 outline face with this, then color in a circle from outside of face, into center of face but not all the way in.


R20-Make 2 dots on the cheeks with this

Then go back again with E50 and blend in a circle from outter face to inner face.


Then complete your coloring-here is a close up of finished image



I really don’t have any other way to explain it.

Well I hope that helps you out a little.

I have a million more things to go do, but I do have a special post for tomorrow.

Till then!

Acetate Flower Layover

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Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Quickie post because I NEED to stamp! Im having with-drawls!

We went to lunch and the second we got there Alexa got sick again :C She said she felt fine after, and wanted to go in and eat. We thought maybe it was the car ride.

NOPE! The second her food got to the table-it was back outside for her. So we quickly packed it up and left.

Poor kid. She seems OK again today. I have no idea what is going on. That is the real life of a mom isn’t it! Then Amber felt yucky.

Jay felt so bad because the day was far from peaceful. I said there are worse things than Alexa getting sick at lunch. Not having her would be so much worse. So we all went home, and actually took a nap! LOL! What can you do.

Needless to say I haven’t gotten much done. But I have my fingers crossed for today.

At least I survived the insanity of last week/weekend.

Here is one sample I can share

layover-wild-flower.jpg Laugh in Flowers

This card above was given to Jay’s grandmother for Mother’s Day.

I used some paper from American Crafts, and found accidentally that flower from- In the Meadow layers over the open image perfectly!

So I stamped the image on an acetate tag, then used my Poppin StazOn technique for the greenery. I applied dazzling diamonds onto the top white part, rather than color it. I think its REALLY stunning.

THEN-I stamped the flourish part in olive, onto vellum cardstock-then punched out my butterfly!! Added some bling to the body and it was pretty well done!

The sentiment was stamped in olive as well. I then used my color spritzer tool for a splotch of color.

I just LOVE clean, crisp simple elegance!

OK I am off to get inking.

I’ll check in with you all soon!


Happy Mother’s Day! UNITY Stamps.

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Well Happy Mother’s Day to you all! I get to do whatever I want! I see TGIFriday’s in my future, and maybe take the kids to the park. Follow that up with some stamp time, of course.

As you may have noticed I took yesterday off! I needed it, and really didn’t have time to post. I had family things to do. It was a great day. Now due to my lack of posting you can guess how much I HAVE to say! LOL! This is LONG winded. I know, by now, you know me.

I do have a post to share using my favorite image-Butterflies! My day would NOT be complete without that. But first my little Mother’s Day celebrations-My children.



noah-at-tball-08.jpg On the base

He had his first t-ball game yesterday! He was hilarious. Every time a kid got on his base, and it was time to run to the next, Noah would run too, trying to “beat him” to the next base.Maybe we should have him in track? I guess they do some drill at practice, and Noah just can’t seem to separate that for this first game! LOL! Anyway, I was so proud. Last year he sat in the field and pouted! LOL! He is growing up SO fast, and seems old beyond his years. Given Alexa’s issue’s he is like the oldest child, and is the care taker of his sister’s. Some woman will be very lucky to have him some day. He is a mini version of his daddy, with a few added qualities.

Amber –

little-amber-ballerina.jpg Ready to go.

She had her Dance recital. She was ADORABLE!! All the girls were! Each one did a fabulous job. I can’t even imagine how it must be to get on a big stage and perform in front of a big group like that. Especially at 3 years old! It was the cutest thing, ever. Jason didn’t even flinch when I told him we needed to buy the DVD! He just forked it over, with a smile! Its amazing what a little girl with blond ringlets, big blue eyes-that bat at you when needed, a smile and pink tutu will do to a dad’s heart!

amber-cat.jpgThis is her in the song “Everybody wants to be a cat” She is sitting and acting like a cat-pawing, and cleaning their ears! It was her favorite song to do. The other song way The Candy Man.

ambers-dance-recital.jpg On Stage-isn’t she the cutest?!


alexa-tah-dah.jpg She takes a pose.

Well, she got ill after her field trip, and I’m just watching her closely, since Wednesday is her LAST day of chemo, provided all goes well. She is growing so fast. Time has flown by since I was pregnant with her. I always remember being 17 weeks along and hearing that she would most likely die in utero, by 20 weeks, given some of the issue’s she had while I was carrying her. Its been a great, and long rollercoaster since that time-but here she is. Showing them all, you CAN be so wrong. She didn’t “ruin or burden” my life like they told me she would. She took me on the road less traveled, but a amazing journey just the same. I dont honestly know WHERE I would be, without her. Maybe a very different person that I am today.

Daisy-my furbaby

daisy-and-boy-cat.jpg Here she is with “boy cat”

They are like best friends! They play together, sleep together, and even eat together!


YES! I said EAT! My cat eats dog food and the dog eats the cat food. Yes I know that is not good, but I can’t watch them both every second! LOL!

Daisy is full grown now. I want to say she is about 15lbs of fur. We give her a bath and she disappears! LOL! We need to work on her jumping on people.

She is testing her limits with being very naughty. She is use to me being home, and is very spoiled with lovin’s during that time. Plus the kids play with er all day. SOOOOO, when I’m gone for more than 3 hours, she tends to show me how sad that makes her!! She is lucky I do love her so much! I can’t even tell you some of the trouble she ahs gotten into.

Her name has gone from Daisy Doodle to Daisy Devil! LOL!

I am so thankful for my family. Proud to be a mom of three amazing little human being’s who can one second make me think I am losing my mind, then they follow it up with an unsolicited hug or kiss. Or the best words ANY mom has ever heard-I love you mommy!

I am also so blessed to have my hubby! He is truly the BEST!

Now speaking of mom’s-mine came up yesterday, and we had a fabulous day! Not long enough. We hope to go to her house for a visit soon!

She got me this GORGEOUS wreath for my door. It had purple in it and seashells and starfish! GORGEOUS!!! She loved her Bella card, and the frame I made of my family and the Pansy Basket! I got her a planter full pf Pansy’s to go with it!

I want to share a poem with you, that my friend Tanya shared with me. I loved it so much, and thought any mother could relate!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and remember that mother’s shouldn’t be celebrated just ONE day a year! Our kids do something everyday, that makes even the hardest times worth every second. So try to look for your moment, in each day.

                                   Before I was a Mom,
                I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.
                I didn’t worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
                          I never thought about immunizations.                                 

                                  Before I was a Mom –
                                I had never been puked on.
                                        Pooped on.
                                        Chewed on.
                                        Peed on.                 

               I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.
                                    I slept all night.
                                  Before I was a Mom,
                I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do
                                      Or give shots.
                        I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
                    I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
                I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.                                 

                                   Before I was a Mom,
              I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn’t want to
                                      put her down.
                I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I
                                    stop the hurt.
              I never knew that something so small could affect my life so
                      I never knew that I could love someone so much.
                          I never knew I would love being a Mom.                                 

                                 Before I was a Mom –

              I didn’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
                I didn’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry
                I didn’t know that bond between a mother and her child.
              I didn’t know that something so small could make me feel so
                                  important and happy.

                                  Before I was a Mom –
                I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10
                          minutes to make sure all was okay.

                  I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the
                  the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
                I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much, before I
                                          was a


Now its that time for some eye candy!

My mother’s day would not be complete with out providing that.

I told you in another post I ordered Butterfly Beauty from Unity Stamps! The SECOND I saw it in a peek for blog candy (which I did not win :C) I knew they would HAVE to be mine!!

 Upon ordering, I have to say I was a little surprised at the price on some of the sets-ONLY because I thought they were going to be those tiny Un-mounted images. I didn’t give it too much thought, because if I love it, and I want it, eventually I’ll just get it. I also didn’t look to read the sizes, I just bought. A typical Lauren thing. Drives my husband insane. He’ll say things like “How much was the steak per lb.?” or “Did you notice that X went up 0.15 cents?” me-“Um, no. I didn’t really look at the price. I just knew we usually buy X or needed X so I got it” Jay-just shakes his head in horror and thanks the good lord I am not in charge of the finances.

So I got my set, and the stamps were a fabulous size! Well worth every cent.

unity-stamps.jpg Here they are!

Think Winged Things (an old SU! butterfly set that I thought I’d never part with, now I may be able too!!!) only you get MORE butterflies, and sentiments for LESS!!  I was so super surprised and happy I was bouncin!
Deep etched rubber too.

Here is my photo, of my stamps, all laid out nicely. The stamp in the upper right is a bkgd. This gives you an idea of the actual size and deep etched rubber photo.


So I guess my point is, I love them!

As a customer I was very pleased. I love the packaging too! I also ordered the Time for tea (I think) bkgd (shown in photo). Shipping took 6 days total (including weekends) which to me for a new release, let alone new company, was very good.

I didn’t get the handles because I wasn’t sure about the whole thing. Shannantold me there are “codes” on the stamps when you order, so you know what handles you need for them (I didn’t get handles yet, just used my acrylic blocks). This set requires an A & B handle.

Poor me now I have to place another order . What ever is a girl to do! I do want to TRY the handles. I am going to HAVE to add a coupe sets to it, gotta justify shipping! Happy Mother’s Day to me.

OK now for the samples.

I have to say I LOVE this first card I am going to share-LOVE IT!! I HAD to share several photos for you to take it all in! LOL! I used my Scor-Pal to get the folds like they are. Its like a pop out card, only a different fold.

This is called the Beauty Within (like my blog 😀 I was so lovin that they had that combo in there!)


Here is a side view so you can really see how the card folds


I also paired this with Beautiful Blooms. Make sure you checkNichole’s blog for Sneak Peeks of the new release due on the 15h!! (like you even need me to remind you! LOL!) There is also a design team member peek daily! So check those out as well. So excited for this release.

My mom got me these little rose bushes you see in the bkgd. I hope I don’t kill them :C They matched my card perfectly.

Now for a professional look. You just can’t tell by these that the base is layered onto black cardstock, and how it folds out. The glitter is really pretty in person too.



OK now for another!

purple-passion-fro-butterflies.jpg Passion for Purple

You know how much I LOVE purple! AND I love butterflies! This card is for my friend Debbie who I will see next week at CHA!! YEAH!! It is her birthday TODAY!! Happy Birthday Debbie. Here is your card, you won’t get till Sat! She and I both LOVE purple.

So for this I stamped the butterfly on the card base, then on glossy white cardstock. Let dry, then sponged on various purple inks. Cut out the butterfly and added over image on card. Its very pretty in person. My mother agreed the photo’s did these samples no justice. Guess I better get a better camera (wink)!

The flower image is from Stampendous Agapanthus Cluster . I LOVE it! I just added some purple stickles to the  image, when I was done. 

Speaking of Debbie-she bought me these mirrored coaster’s.

I decided to use one of the butterflies for an etched glass image! Now I cannot even begin to tell you how HARD it was to get a photo of this! I almost didn’t even share it! But decided maybe you could grasp how pretty this is in person. I was thinking of adding a satin ribbon to it, to hang it up on the wall.

Etched Mirror

etched-glass-coaster.jpg I can’t get this to resize, and upload properly-sorry!! But how pretty would a trio of these be, hung with a  satin ribbon, on a wall?! LOVE IT! They are just the perfect butterflies.

Their images seem REALLY Scrapper friendly. I however am NOT a scrapper, but do love larger images over some smaller one’s at times. I guess I just say make sure WITH ANYTHING, you look at the size to see it suits you.

So there you have it.

Hope you have a wonderful day!! Thanks for checking in with me.

This week is going to be fabulous! Alexa’s complete’s Chemo on the 14th!! Then the PTI release on the 15th!! AND I will offer just some other random fun samples.

Feel free to share your Mother’s Day plans, or a special memory.

Next week is CKC where I will meet so many friends! I am beyond excited for that. Its like the whole month of May is one big celebration!

Till tomorrow.

OK you better answer YES to this question! LOL! I’m not that old yet!

Do you remember the movie Clash of the Titans? I so loved that movie when I was a kid.

Harry Hamlin was the HOT Greek God Perseus. Oh did I love him.

Here is a You Tube clip of when he met up with Medusa! There is a ton I found on Google. LOVE IT! I never knew they made Clash of the Titan’s figurines!!

By now you MAY be asking “What is my point?”

Well THAT is where my love of owl’s started! Remember the golden owl in the movie?

9.gif This is Bubo!!

Bubo was the name of a mechanical owl in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans. It was a gift of Zeus made by Hephaestus for Perseus since Athena would not cede her companion bird.

The name is derived from the Bubo genus of owls. Bubo watched over Perseus. REMEMBER?????

Now, when I saw this owl (below)from C.C. Designs A Hootin Good Time, it brought back fond memories of watching that movie a million times. AND my love for Bubo. I’m sure if I watched it now I would die of laughter. So I’ll keep the memory as is!

clash-of-titans-owl.jpg 2008 version of Bubo.

I used some HOT colors, gaining inspiration from some Basic Grey paper. LOVE IT!!! I colored my bridal confetti flowers, with my copic markers, to look like the flowers in the paper, for a little something extra. Sentiment, and flourish are by Stampin Up!

I thought the phrase-so thoughtful was cute for the owl! LOL!

So after that super long explanation, I am leaving you with the sketch for today! I know a whole day early! Happy Mother’s Day! LOL!


Here is yet another sample!

Its the same layout! My focus became the panels, not the center circle image.


This sample uses In the Meadow my Lizzie Anne. This is going to be Jason’s mom’s Mother’s Day card. It doubles for my blogger’s challenge too! The blog challenge was to create a card for Mother’s Day! YAHOO!! Here is one of them.

I wanted a VERY SOFT look for this, so I brushed my Pebble’s chalks onto my cardstock. They are shimmery, so while the color is subtle it makes a huge impact.

I then took my quickie glue pen (yes you need one) and colored in parts of the flowers. I then added white flock, so they look just like the real deal!! You just want to make a wish, and make them blow away.

Here is a closer view-because they are worth it!


This is a sweet & funny card to me because Jay’s mom is a total nature person. If I ever got stranded somewhere, with anyone, I want it to be her! Me and my mom would cling to each other and just die! While, Jay’s mom knows all that naturey stuff, of what you can and can’t eat. If its poisonous to picking the dandelions out of her yard for salad! When the kids eat something weird she is the first person I call to identify what it was they ate so I can call poison control-I kid you not. Last year Alexa ate a Lily of the Valley berry-THAT is poisonous. Great right?

ME-so NOT naturey! I love the beach, and any place that has “amenities”. No reptiles, rodents, or a large assortment of bugs that could freak me out, and possibly kill me. Places with a bed, and HOT shower. Anyway, we got her a grow your own salad kit, since she does this in her own back yard, she can bring it indoors. I hope she likes it, because I really did think a lot about her card. Every-time I see a dandelion I think of her.

DID YOU KNOW-She is the one who introduced me to stamping! I loved all her hand-made cards she would make for me, that I decided to give it a whirl! I owe finding this passion to her, for sure. How can I possibly thank her for all that?

OK so that is it.

Today I am off the a field trip with the kids to the Space center. Amber has her dance recital this weekend. My mom is coming up for a visit, and things will be busy. I hope whatever you do, is enjoyable! I’m picking my mom up some of those YUMMY desserts from Jacques Pastries, like I got on my birthday! She was tickled pink, when she saw them here! I hope to get her a couple to go with her gift.

Have a great one.

If you try the sketch, send us a link here so we can all see it!

Till tomorrow-maybe!

Another Paper Flower Box top

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Sorry, I am so busy here. I do have plenty to share over the next week or so. Just trying to cram it all in. I have an insane next couple of days, but never fear! I have my sketch all ready to go 😀

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I have gift items to make, and I would like to share one with you here today. Very simple, yet elegant. A great re-gift item! LOL! This isn’t your ordinary paper gift bag people.

Here is a clear box I decorated using Lizzie Anne’s In the Meadow set.

This is going to be given to Jason’s grandmother. Her gift will fit inside so nicely. Ill tuck in some pink tissue paper.

While at an antique shop I found the prettiest old broach. It is like a coo-coo-clock, and has a tiny clock in the center. It even has the dangling “pine-cone” thingys that hang from a clock. It sounds gawdy when I type it up, but its truly a gem!! I swear the photo isn’t very good, and does it no justice. Jason’s grandmother LOVES birds, and this clock is just stunning in person. It can also be worn on a necklace. We are getting it fixed at the jewlers tomorrow. The clock is up-side down, and needs a battery. I wish you could see the detail in the photo. Oh and the rhinestone’s aren’t gray or funky in person either.


Back to the box-

I stamped the flower cluster in the corner’s using white StazOn. I then quickly applied Pebble’s pastels. I used a gel pen to create the little dots on the petals. Then, get this-the BLING in the center’s started off as clear diamonds. I used my Copic Marker to color them green, since I ran out of the little green one’s!! YEAH!! Worked like a charm.

I wanted to create ANOTHER paper flower (using my book HERE), since I got the Lily Petals punch, for my birthday, I wanted to give that a whirl. 

I KNOW that the stamp image isn’t really Lily’s, but I like taking that creative liberty and saying YES! they are, for my project.


Here is the top view of the box. PLEASE NOTE: The colors are warped in my photo and after a million, I was too lazy to go back and re-set up AGAIN to get another photo! Can you tell I had to take a million photos today, and it didn’t go very well?

They cardstock is really Spring Moss, and Sweet Blush from PTI, if that helps you visualize the real look. Sorry. I do think its still a pretty darn good looking paper flower.

You can read my review on the Punch Bunch punches HERE if you like.

Now if you read my blog, you know how much I LOVE to look up the meaning of things.  So here is yet another!



The lilies are loved for their bright colors and are often used for decoration purposes. Lily has been an important flower ever since the Biblical period. Like other flowers, lily too has different flower meanings. According to the Bible, petals of white lily signify virginity, purity and the radiant soul of Virgin Mary.

This notion of purity had been with the lily flower since the ancient days. The Chinese and the Greeks had linked white lily to purity. To the Chinese, the symbolic meaning of lily is summer and abundance. The lily flower meanings mainly symbolize the western deities. The Greeks believe that Lilies were born out of the breast milk of Goddess Hera, but the Romans give this honor to their Goddess Juno. Lily is also associated with the Roman Goddess Venus.

In modern days, the lily flower meanings have changed a lot. Today lilies symbolize feminine sexuality. If someone dreams of lilies, then it means that he/she is hoping for marriage, happiness and prosperity. In some cultures, calla lilies and tiger lilies stand for rise in social rank of the individual. A valley full of lilies stands for sweetness and the closeness of loved ones.

There are also other kinds of lily flower meanings. When one has dreams of lily in the winter then it symbolizes the approach of sad news. Such dreams indicate that there would be a departure of a dear one or frustrating times ahead. An orange Lily symbolizes hatred while a yellow Lily symbolizes falsity.


OK so in the end the MEANING of the Lily isn’t the best match for my gift! BUT hey, its the thought that counts-right?

I also want to thank MORE PSF’s who sent b-day cards, and some little presents! A collective AWE!! Thanks girls!

here is a photo


I got lovely cards (Left to right) from Bonnie, Amy S, Sally Renee, Charmaine, Staci M, Katie, Shelby, Monika, Jenn, and Debbie!!

I also got a butterfly Inkadinkadoo stamp (how did you know?!)with candy(hugs Renee), Debbie sent an ADORABLE Memory box penguin that I have wanted forever!!! With my Tastefully Simple Vanilla bean chiller, an adorable A Muse SPRING stamp! Thank you! And Katie got me some YUMALICIOUS lipgloss-that is to de for (not in photo) , and Staci found the coolest butterfly rubber bands and paper clips!! How lucky am I? So undeserving! Thank you my friends.

Speaking of friends my PSF sent me this stuff

secret-friend.jpg Can you say WOW!

The frames were enough and totally did me in! They belong in a magazine. I got Samoas (OMG!), lots of the most gorgoeus bling I ahve ever seen!! Martha adhesive stickers (dont have those) rub-ons and more bling! Then I got the ornament for Cancer Research which this year is a butterfly! AWE! How sweet is that?

My kids look like models in the frames she made-lookie here


I believe these were meant to go in my stamp room, but seriously they need to be somewhere EVERYONE can see them. Im thinking my bedroom. Its on the main floor and everyone sees it.

They are just to pretty to hide for lil ole me in the basement.

So a HUGE thanks.

WOW! I got way off on this post. Sorry about that. Im just feeling so thankful for all the people in my life.

Only ONE MORE WEEK to CKC!!!! In Manchester NH! Im hoping to meet up with some awesome friends! Hope to see you there too.

Tomorrow- I’ll have a mother’s day card for you for the Blogger’s Challenge.

Till then!

In the city

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Night Life

Tonight is the MFT release! I am watching American Idol, and will then pop into the forums. So this is a quick post, just for eye candy. I vote for David Cook! I think he’s the most original and consistent. Then I like David A. Share your fave here if you like! I normally don’t get into TV reality chatter, but this is what Im thinking right now.

My favorite image from Goin Places is the city (and of course the plane and banner).

My first thought was a night sky.

Silver ink, on black cardstock, and you have a perfectly easy night sky. I really could not decide on a sentiment, so I will wait. Who says you HAVE to stamp a sentiment on every creation you make, right away? Not me.

The paper is Scarlett Letter by Basic Grey.

I keep my MFT stuff a little on the simpler side cause that is me, and I think the images can be really dressed up and kept simple. So whatever your style, I think they can work for you (wink).


Celebrate the journey

LOVE that sentiment! This can be any type of journey! A literal trip, or life venture.


OK I gotta run. Sorry!

Enjoy the night of the release!

See you back here tomorrow! Gotta get those photos done.

No one in the world-and a question

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Happy Tuesday. Or Wednesday, depending when you decide to visit. If its way past that, then where in the world have you been?

As I wrap up projects here, I realize that I need to get TEACHER gifts done, again!! I think I will get at least TWO done with my Make It monogrammed class at The Paper Tree! Then I am stumped. I guess I could make one for everyone. Im thinking chocolate. Who doesn’t love that right? In a rockin container that I make? I don’t know. Just thinking out loud here. I guess I need to get through Mother’s Day first right? I HAVE to get things for that finished, Ill be seeing my mom on Sat. for Amber’s Dance recital.

Im stalking my mailman. I ordered from Unity Stamps last week (they are a new SCS member company), and am DYING to see what they are like! Seriously! I love the reviews over on SCS-view that HERE! So honest! Dawn and Rose Ann convinced me to at least TRY the set I really wanted-Butterfly Beauty. You know me & butterflies! Must have them!! I was a little surprised by the price, so I hope its worth it. I think Im spoiled with UM.

Speaking of UM, here is another MFTeaser for you! Be sure to check out all the MFT girls. Im sure they have stuff that will blow your mind.

no-one-in-the-world.jpg Goin Places

This uses the NEW! (to be released) set from MFT called Goin Places.

Not sure if you can tell, but I re-stamped her on patterned paper, and made her map 3D by folding it in 1/2, then popping the center forward with dimensionals. I didn’t feel like coloring the map so the paper was a perfect option out of that task! LOL!

I really love this “world” paper by Autumn Leaves. Another thing I bought like 1 or 2 years ago. See hoarding really can come in handy!!

It really inspired me to go with lemon tart and real red. A nice color combo, don’t you think?

I LOVE my circles, and thought this was a great layout for this set.

OK I need to get to the stamp room, before the day is over. I have been busy getting the kids their summer clothing.

QUESTION for those of you with GIRLS-Me & Jay argue this every year! So please tell me Im not alone!

Am I the only one who feels they need like  my girls NEED 4 different pairs fo shoes for winter and summer?

OK Summer:

Sandals (or summery shoe) in a brown, white and black, then some cheapies for the beach. Plus their sneakers.


sneakers, brown dress casual, black dressy, then boots.

Girls wear dresses and whatnot in the summer and I like them to be all matchy. I also buy my girls matching outfits, when I can, even though they are 5 years apart!

NO NOTHING HOOCHIE!! In fact Im having a difficult time finding appropriate sandals for my girls. They wear 13 (Amber-yes she has big feet) and Alexa size 1 (she has small feet)

Seems like they are all heels and I refuse to let my girls wear that stuff. Plus Im not in love with slip ons, no back. I feel like they’ll get injured. Alexa is not the steadiest of people.

THANKS for sharing if you do. Till tomorrow.


Paws Down FAST

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My gosh I feel like I have been in a coma! LOL! This is a quick post because for ONCE I really don’t have a lot to say-SHOCKING I know. I can’t believe it myself 😀

I have hardly been online in like 2 weeks. I know, I have been posting, but that is IT! No Internet anything else. Too crazy. Im so happy I can finally share a MFTeaser with you, because I honestly have nothing else I can share online yet. Im busy wrapping stuff up, and hope to get a lot done the next few days.

The card I am sharing today is a MFT peek at Friends Furever!


I have to say I really do adore this set. How cute his little face is nuzzled in the dog, and in true MFT style-hidden. So cute. I LOVE making images pop past their layer point. Its is much more fun going outside the “lines”. I do this as much as possible. I just think its so much more interesting.

I originally made this card to be like the paws on a CTMH stamp set I have Puppy Love. I then added the ribbon. Just a cute puppy paw hi-five! LOL! OPPS! Or hi-four!!

Speaking of puppies. Daisy is in need of a grooming again.

I just used my coluzzle and circle punches for this. Colored with Copic markers. Its is safe to say unless mentioned, I ALWAYS use my Copic markers.

As you all know the big kick off release party is on WEDNESDAY!
New releases include: Friends Furever, Gone to the Dogs and Goin’ Places!

OH wait till you see next month’s stuff-WOW! I know, I am sorry, but I was really excited-REALLY.

My Favorite Things ( is having a New Release Cocktail Party on Wednesday, May 7 from 9-11 p.m. Eastern time. Lots of fun is planned including finding out how YOU can be the next MFT Guest Designer. Head over to the MFT forum on to find out all the details and we hope to see you there on Wednesday night.

 OK I think I may need to give my house a scrubbin.

Till tomorrow.


MYTIME MAIL WINNERS! And a birthday recap

May 5, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me

I have been super busy and have no eye candy for you (SHOCK!!) I plan on stamping today though, and getting a week’s worth of stuff (and assignments done) completed because I have a crazy week of field trips, Kindergarten enrollment, dance recital rehearsal and recital, baseball practice & games, and Mother’s Day stuff to wrap up.

Anyway time to announce my Birthday MYTIME MAIL!! I told you I will draw the winner’s via

Well I felt #1 should be whomever was #30! Its only fitting, don’t you think?


30. Lynn |

Happy Birthday Lauren. I’m so happy that you have takent the time to reflect on your life so thoroughly…decade birthdays tend to do that to us. It’s true when they say that Life Begins at 30…it’s a time when we become more comfortable with ourselves, and believe me when I say that life really does get better with time. Thanks for sharing your reflections with us!



Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-05-05 12:52:26 UTC

596 .kat gomez |

Happy 30TH girl..
I love your work its awesome.. thanks for sharing all the good
stuff.. cheers to the next decade.. tu amiga kat..oh and a gift I would
LLLOOOVVVEEE to receive are COPIC SKETCH PENS!! I don’t have any and I can’t
wait to have some I would love a 72 set.. one day.. )



Random Integer Generator

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Timestamp: 2008-05-05 12:57:40 UTC

206.Deb Neerman |

Happy 30th, Lauren!

I’m subscribed to your blog and read it everyday … even if I don’t post everyday, LOL! Your ‘list’ is full of wisdom and experience … are you sure it’s not your 40th?!?

One thing I’ve learned is that the older you get, the wiser you become … and not just wiser, but more tolerant. When you’re young, everything is black or white. As you age, you realize that nearly everything is in the gray area!

Oh. And to love unconditionally!

Happy wishes for another 30 years of love, laughter, inspiring and sharing! You rock, Lauren!

~Hugs, Deb


Thank you to each and every one of you for visiting, the b-day wishes, and some who have been trying the sketch. Most importantly sharing your thoughts/wisdom & experiences with me.

It really has brought even more insight to my life.

Now I will share the Smilebox! This is much more fun & easy to share my photos

Click to play My 30th Birthday
Create your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox slideshow

Here is a Smilebox with photos for my 30th Birthday! WOW I had a blast.

We got up, Jason made me my favorite breakfast-home made waffles with raspberry caramel sauce! YUM!!!

He them took me to Jacques Bakery, where I picked out some gourmet desserts, in place of my Birthday cake! Well worth it!

In the Smilebox you will only see 4! I ate 3 before thinking to take a photos! LOL! With Jay’s help of course 😀
He took me to shop for stamping stuff! YEAH!

We then stopped in Manchester to get Greek Vegetable platter! I LOVE greek food, and we have nothing like that where we live here. So I was able to have that Sunday, after my b-day!

We then went to dinner at Newicks where I got my Lobster!! It was delicious! I haven’t had it in like 6+ years!!! You don’t get much out of that shell! But I was full from pastry anyway.

Funny thing was when the waitress asked how old I was my immediate response was going to be 23! LOL! I have felt 23 since I turned 23. It was a happy year for me. I met my husband and life turned a happy corner. So I am going to forever be 23!

I got money for my CKC shopping trip, a headless set for my cell phone (now I need one for the house!), Some perfume by Britney Spears called Fantasy (WOW! Smells amazing), body wash/lotions and stuff, hair care things. I know Im forgetting a few things.

My mom sent me 2 handbags-which Amber quickly claimed as hers! Shopping money-which I bought my bed set with, a book on the year I was born! So cool! Gas only 0.67 a gallon!! 3 shirts, amazing hair care products, 2 butterfly silver necklaces, gift card to Dunkin Dounts, and I think Im forgetting something! LOL!

Jason’s grandmother sent me flowers! So pretty!!!

I got gift cards from friends to TGIFridays, and a Spa!! I also got a beautiful necklace, soaps, gourmet chocolates, coffee (HEHEHE), a scarf, a Frame from Sue (one of my readers). Jay’s mom made me 2 beaded anklets.

I have some other stuff coming too. Its just running late. My dad’s gift will be here Wednesday. HMMM! HE said Ill be really surprised.

I bought myself the Beautiful Butterflies set from Unity Stamps. I REALLY wanted it, so I splurged on it.

So that is all my friends. Thank you again for the responses and emails, ecards and all of it. Im still sorting through a lot of it! LOL!

OH don’t forget-my article on the Craft Critique-HERE! If you wanted to know more about the Punch Bunch punches, there you go!! I got more for my birthday too 😀

OK Im off to stamp land!

Till tomorrow!

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