The waiting game that is.

So we saw the doctor. I love our pediatrician and her “normal” oncologist. Its weird they aren’t handling this. Im now “cut off” since Cancer is no longer the primary issue. Anyway-

Here is the “plan”

Alexa has to drink 7 oz. of Citrate of Magnesium. We need to clean out her bowels. The purpose of this is HOPEFULLY during the “cleansing” we start to see COLORED poop. It is possible that during her virus, the gut didn’t squeeze enough to activate the gall bladder to work on the  poop-leaving a “usually” small portion of poop un-colored. Since she has a bajillion other issues that lead to constipation it is supposedly likely

Another reason for the clean-out-if we DONT see colored poop-its all white we are in a load of CRAP, and I don’t mean just literally!

We will then do a ultra-sound of the gall bladder and liver (another reason for the clean out-makes results easier to see and more accurate). IF there is something unusual after that we have to resort to a CAT SCAN.

Now in the middle of all this if ANY fever results ER here we come.

Oh and BAD abdominal pain. She will have cramping but it has to be pretty bad.

So I have spent the ENTIRE day begging and pleading and bargaining with Alexa to drink the drink. We still have 3oz to go. I think I know where I will be all night. Sitting in the bathroom with Alexa! Because she has bowels f steel!

I have no idea when this will finally hit her.

A little background-Last year in Jan Alexa was FULL top to bottom-Yes, FULL! Puking Poop!

She got 3 enemas (the maximum allowed) and a tube ran through her nose to her belly pumping Go Lytley. She got 2 FULL IV bags full-not a poop squeezed out of her. Finally the NEXT day (they said most adult would be curled up in a ball on the toilet ALL day after 1/2 a bag) she began to poop ALL liquid. They thought they saw a blockage and the poop was passing around it and she was scheduled for surgery the next morning. Prior to the surgery they did another x-ray-she was CLEAR! She held all that liquid (and not one complaint except the tube in her nose) so long that is liquefied ALL her poop.

Anyway-here I am. Waiting for her to finish the drink and praying the cleansing starts SOON. Then I can get some answers.

So its either a fluke-Auto-Immune Hepatitis, or a blocked bile duct in the gall badder-gall stones-or early liver failure.

Prayers said for the fluke.

Im beyond exhausted and I know its stupid but am a little worried we may have to ditch Amber’s field trip. All the kids were so looking forward to it. ME TOO!! They have missed out on so much in the past 2 1/2 years you know.  Here we are again, different problem. I know I should not be whining but I am always honest and this is part of my thoughts. I just want everyone to be healthy and go to the stinkin farm like a normal family! What is so wrong with that.

 I just want to see brown poop!! I thought she’d be going by now. UGH!

Since the day your child is born we all worry over poop. Geesh.

I have read all the thoughts/prayers and emails and really cannot tell you how much they mean. Im not just saying that. I have really taken some comfort in all of you out there. I know it may sound silly but its so true.

So thank you for being my sounding board.

Ill be back when I know more.