Well its Wednesday! We are 1/2 way through to the long weekend! Jay has Friday off-Happy Dance!!!

Tomorrow I am taking the kids on a field trip with Amber’s Class to Charming Fair Farm! I have wanted to go there for some time now, and am so happy to have this opportunity to go. I am keeping Alexa & Noah out of school for the occasion. I *almost* had Alexa go to school since she missed Wed-till Tues from her Chemo/stomach bug??, but then I thought-she has missed school always for icky stuff, why not something FUN!

Now may God grant me the patience and sanity to live with being in charge of 3- three year olds and my kids as well! LOL! Better remember the camera too. Note to self : CHARGE BATTERIES! Isn’t that the worst? When you actually remember your camera, only to have it DIE. UGH!

Well today I thought I’d share a card I sent to a special friend to let her know I am thinking of her. I really loved the colors. They are soft yet cheery to me.

I am proud that I actually not only MADE it, but got it out in the mail last week. MIRACLE!

Happy Thoughts


This set is called In the Meadow. I used my square nestabilities for the embossed edge. I then used another to block off the image so I could lightly sponge the pale yellow in the center. Who says you need a Copic Air Brush system? Not I! LOL! I am actually surprised I have yet to cave on that purchase. I think I’ve held off for like a year! GO LAUREN!!!

Upon uploading this card above, I found a card that was similar in cheeriness & color-it was published about  3 months ago in March CARDS magazine page 174!

mytime-birthday-bouquet-by-la.jpg Party for Amber

It uses Its a Party. I just used circle and scallop punches for the flowers. I thought it was the cutest, simplest idea for an invite. It was fun to see Amber’s name in the magazine. Although I CRINGED seeing my handwriting! I should have printed it out. PTI didn’t have their Simple Alphabet then.

I can’t even remember how long ago I made this card! It HAD to be last summer because the leaves are in FULL bloom, and green. So not fall yet. Definitely BEFORE winter. That is the WORST part about submitting-things can get accepted over a year in advance! By the time its published you have a whole new style, or forgot all about it.


I also have a card in Stamp It! Cards page 54 A TRUE FRIEND. I haven’t submitted in so long now, and I forgot all about this one. So fun to see though. Lots of my fellow peeps in there as well.

Well I wish you all a great day. I am needing to get busy since I will be on the run all the rest of the week. I hope to upload all my stuff to share. So much coming up!!! Gotta love new yummies!