I have been super busy and have no eye candy for you (SHOCK!!) I plan on stamping today though, and getting a week’s worth of stuff (and assignments done) completed because I have a crazy week of field trips, Kindergarten enrollment, dance recital rehearsal and recital, baseball practice & games, and Mother’s Day stuff to wrap up.

Anyway time to announce my Birthday MYTIME MAIL!! I told you I will draw the winner’s via www.random.org

Well I felt #1 should be whomever was #30! Its only fitting, don’t you think?


30. Lynn |

Happy Birthday Lauren. I’m so happy that you have takent the time to reflect on your life so thoroughly…decade birthdays tend to do that to us. It’s true when they say that Life Begins at 30…it’s a time when we become more comfortable with ourselves, and believe me when I say that life really does get better with time. Thanks for sharing your reflections with us!



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596 .kat gomez |

Happy 30TH girl..
I love your work its awesome.. thanks for sharing all the good
stuff.. cheers to the next decade.. tu amiga kat..oh and a gift I would
LLLOOOVVVEEE to receive are COPIC SKETCH PENS!! I don’t have any and I can’t
wait to have some I would love a 72 set.. one day.. )



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206.Deb Neerman |

Happy 30th, Lauren!

I’m subscribed to your blog and read it everyday … even if I don’t post everyday, LOL! Your ‘list’ is full of wisdom and experience … are you sure it’s not your 40th?!?

One thing I’ve learned is that the older you get, the wiser you become … and not just wiser, but more tolerant. When you’re young, everything is black or white. As you age, you realize that nearly everything is in the gray area!

Oh. And to love unconditionally!

Happy wishes for another 30 years of love, laughter, inspiring and sharing! You rock, Lauren!

~Hugs, Deb


Thank you to each and every one of you for visiting, the b-day wishes, and some who have been trying the sketch. Most importantly sharing your thoughts/wisdom & experiences with me.

It really has brought even more insight to my life.

Now I will share the Smilebox! This is much more fun & easy to share my photos

Click to play My 30th Birthday
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Here is a Smilebox with photos for my 30th Birthday! WOW I had a blast.

We got up, Jason made me my favorite breakfast-home made waffles with raspberry caramel sauce! YUM!!!

He them took me to Jacques Bakery, where I picked out some gourmet desserts, in place of my Birthday cake! Well worth it!

In the Smilebox you will only see 4! I ate 3 before thinking to take a photos! LOL! With Jay’s help of course 😀
He took me to shop for stamping stuff! YEAH!

We then stopped in Manchester to get Greek Vegetable platter! I LOVE greek food, and we have nothing like that where we live here. So I was able to have that Sunday, after my b-day!

We then went to dinner at Newicks where I got my Lobster!! It was delicious! I haven’t had it in like 6+ years!!! You don’t get much out of that shell! But I was full from pastry anyway.

Funny thing was when the waitress asked how old I was my immediate response was going to be 23! LOL! I have felt 23 since I turned 23. It was a happy year for me. I met my husband and life turned a happy corner. So I am going to forever be 23!

I got money for my CKC shopping trip, a headless set for my cell phone (now I need one for the house!), Some perfume by Britney Spears called Fantasy (WOW! Smells amazing), body wash/lotions and stuff, hair care things. I know Im forgetting a few things.

My mom sent me 2 handbags-which Amber quickly claimed as hers! Shopping money-which I bought my bed set with, a book on the year I was born! So cool! Gas only 0.67 a gallon!! 3 shirts, amazing hair care products, 2 butterfly silver necklaces, gift card to Dunkin Dounts, and I think Im forgetting something! LOL!

Jason’s grandmother sent me flowers! So pretty!!!

I got gift cards from friends to TGIFridays, and a Spa!! I also got a beautiful necklace, soaps, gourmet chocolates, coffee (HEHEHE), a scarf, a Frame from Sue (one of my readers). Jay’s mom made me 2 beaded anklets.

I have some other stuff coming too. Its just running late. My dad’s gift will be here Wednesday. HMMM! HE said Ill be really surprised.

I bought myself the Beautiful Butterflies set from Unity Stamps. I REALLY wanted it, so I splurged on it.

So that is all my friends. Thank you again for the responses and emails, ecards and all of it. Im still sorting through a lot of it! LOL!

OH don’t forget-my article on the Craft Critique-HERE! If you wanted to know more about the Punch Bunch punches, there you go!! I got more for my birthday too 😀

OK Im off to stamp land!

Till tomorrow!