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OK Did you all notice my category button is GONE, as is my Blog Roll and some other VERY important things I had on here? I didn’t delete it. I thought I did by mistake, even though I had no idea HOW, but was relieved to find that Splitcoast has upgraded their WordPress system-which means that many of the SCS members who have these blogs are having the SAME issue I am. That caused us all to lose the same data.

I am hoping they are going to be able to restore EVERYTHING I had there. Especially my categories! I’ll never find certain things if they can’t.

Oh and lets not forget my spell check is GONE!

Please dont flame me for my errors in my last post! LOL! I wrote it during my first few sips of coffee!

So say a prayer it pops back ON! AND thanks for you patience as this is a problem that is out of my hands.


A published piece-and some tips!

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Good Morning!

Hope you are having a great week! I think some of you may find today’s post helpful. I am going to publically address many of the behind the scene’s questions/emails I receive, on a very important topic. Read on.

I have an article up on the Craft Critque today, for Craft’s n’Things magazine. I hope if you have time you will check it out. I give some fact’s about the magazine, and my opinions on it as well. I know I get many emails asking what magazine I personally love! That is one of them.

As you will read it is a great one for the papercrafter, and those who might want to dabble in other craft’s as well.

I thought it would be suiting if I share ONE of the project’s I had published in the current April issue. It is one of my most favorite-to date!!

Butterfly Journey


You can view this on page 58

Details are in the magazine.

I used Butterfly Kisses by Papertrey Ink. You all know how much I love butterflies, and this set is one of my most favorite! The felt the metal plaque was perfect!

You may also know how much I love to re-use everyday items, and make 3D projects. This one in particular is a Pop Up’s Prima box-that held a tin with my Prima’s in it. I popped out the box, and this creation was born!

The flowers were part of the box-so I colored them.

Anyway-here is where this post hopefully gets “helpful”.

I get many emails asking about being published very regularly. Especially following a publication I am in. I am flattered that many of you seek advice from ME of all people! LOL!

Some of the questions I get will be generalized and addressed here.

Q. What advice do I have, what is the “secret” to getting published?A. The #1 secret to getting published in ANY magazine is to SUBMIT! LOL! Seriously so many people think that there is a secret way to get in, and some editor is going to magically email you and request your work. NOT SO! YOU need to take the time and submit it, through whichever process they use.Every magazine has a website that has their requirements for submissions. Make sure you read them carefully, and follow their specific rules!

Q. Do you have any pointer’s on HOW I can get in?Many magazine’s often have thier TIPS, on how to get IN! What theya re looking for. Read those.A HUGE thing that may seperate YOU for THEM is your photographs! Think about it. You are presenting your work through a photo, often times. If that photo is not stellar then you may not get picked up. You can’t have it be all blurry, or dark. make sense?

Another tip someone told me years ago was always make sure your Macro setting is ON! That is the little flower picture

Try to make sure you have good lighting as well. I usually take several photos one one card to ensure the best shot. I also get a few different angle’s. Try to get a close-up of a great detail too if neccessary.

Q. ” How do you know what to submit?”A. Well that is a great question. each magazine also has a calendar for what they would to see. I personally don’t go by the calendar. I have to just create what I like, and not create JUST for the sole purpose of submitting. If it is not fun, then its not for me. Submitting is actually a lot of “work”, so I have to let the creative process be the fun part. I do find it helpful in order to guide me in a particular direction if that is my goal.I have been so insanely busy I have not had time to submit anything is quite sometime. I went through a little guilt over it, since it can be so fun once it is published, but as I said before, I publish myself everyday HERE! I’m just not in print.

Q. How long does stuff take to get published?A. That again varies from place to place. Some have a quick turn around of just 3 months, other may take projects up to over a YEAR in advance-like my project today! I submitted that when Butterfly Kisses first came out. It got picked up over a YEAR ago. I ahve stuff get published I forgot all about! LOL! You will be told when it is going to be put in print.Q. Do you get paid?A. Depends! Each magazine is different, and again look into what the incentive may be for each place you plan to apply to.

Q. Why is it a lot of work?A. Well first you create, then you photograph, then you edit. Now it is on to submitting it maybe online. You then have to include a detailed supply list with instructions. Then you wait. IF you get picked up, some times you have only a few days to get it OUT the door. Then it get’s picked up, you then not only have to get your supply list done, but a detailed step by step set of directions so that say someone who never stamped before can re-make the card. THAT is time consuming.Q. Can I submit the same card/item to several places?A. No you should NOT do that, until you know it has been rejected by the first place. You are not allowed to get the SAME idea published in more that ONE magazine. If it got chosen to be picked up at two places, you would have to tell one-SORRY! They don’t really like that, because they are planning on your project being available. Afterall you sent it to them. That is an awkward position to put yourself in. Why do it?Think of it as a store having a shoe sale! You fall in LOVE with these shoes. Must have them. You call ahead, and ask the store clerk to HOLD them for you. You get all excited, run to the store to buy the shoes, only to find they already sold it to someone else, who happend to show up 4 minutes before you.

Q. How do I know if it is rejected?A. Each magazine is different. Some will say/do nothing, which is hard. Some email you and say something along the lines of this- “Thank you for your submissions. We get more beautiful work than we often have room for. Thank you for taking the time to submit your projects for publication in our magazine. We regret we cannot use any of them at this time. We hope you will try again next time.” Can you tell I have gotten that email a couple of times?Some will give you date-if you don’t hear back by X, then you know you are a REJECT! LOL!

Some will take a few weeks/months. If you want to know, you can email them and ask! Give them time to get back to you, and make sure it is AFTER the possible alotted time where is could possibly be accepted. You dont want to be annoying!

NOW FOR THE PEP TALK!Yes rejection stinks!BUT-You don’t know until you try. Try and try again! You miss 100% of the chances you DONT take! You definitely won’t ever get published, or win that contest, or get that design team position (or whatever your goal is in life) if you don’t even ever TRY and enter! I can’t stress that enough.

What do you have to lose? NOTHING that you wouldn’t if you didn’t bother.

IF you get rejected-and if you submit , or enter contests or anything else-you will at some point, try not to feel bad and take it personally! It is par for the course. We have all been there! Even some of the BEST stuff is rejected. They only have so much room. Plus maybe your project didn’t suit a theme, or color scheme. Maybe it was too difficult for others to re-create. It can be very simple. Just know it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough!

Well I hope that helps you. I always encourage anyone to go after what they want, because nothing just falls in your lap. Anyone, who is anywhere, most likely had to work for it.

Speaking of working- I’m off to go create!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions-feel free to ask them in the comments section. I will edit this and add responses below. So check back in if you had a question.

Keep in mind Im not a professional-Im just speaking about things that “I” have personally found helpful to ME! There are many opinions about this I am sure. I am offering my personal expieriences and what I have learned, by trial an error.

Have a fabulous day


Its the little details that make it

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Checkin in late tonight. Quick post I wanted to share. 

I have heard so many people say-what makes a card from go OK to WOW!?

Well it can be the littlest of things.

I decided to show you how adding sometimes the simpliest of details, can really help step-up your creation.

Here is the first card-which I made using C.C. Designs It’s my birthday.

Paper is by K & co.


It’s cute right? But something is MISSING!

I am a big advocate for DIMENSIONALS!!! NO FLAT CARDS!! Unless they are one layer. I use them on about every card I make. Look how “flat” this looks.

This most likely would have ended up scrapped, or never shared. But I re-vamped it a bit. So it is now a keeper.

Here is the stepped up version:


Ah! Now that is better! All I did is add some ribbon-pop up my sprinkles layer, and my main image. Added some ribbon. Then I put a cute sentiment going around the corner!

This is the same card as above-I just pulled the top layer up, and added the touches I told you.

See the difference?

Don’t get me wrong-sometimes simple is best-but there is such a thing as perfectly embellished too.

I hope you try this out. Mess around and take your card up to a WOW! By practicing this you will get better and better at embellishing your creations.

Try to keep it balanced, and DONT over do it OK!

I say take a photo of the “PRE” stepped up one first, then take one of the finished product like I did here.

Well Im off. I have a ton of stamping I want to get done. I challenged my self to use some new goodies, so I will be back to post later 😀

I really need to get my butt in gear, and get my tutorials that I want to share done too. Plus some other tid bits of stuff here and there. You know how it is.

OK, till then-and thanks for stopping by and saying HI 😀


Onesie Bouquet for a boy

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After making THIS Onesie Bouquet, I got hundreds (no joking) of emails/request’s asking me to share HOW I got the baby onesie’s to look like flower buds. Many people wanted to order them. It would be rather pricey for me to sell them, if you count the cost of the items, and MY TIME 😀

I was so overwhelmed, and flattered that SO many people liked it that much 😀 THANK YOU!

As I am going to share, it is actually REALLY EASY to make. It is however, somewhat time consuming if you are a little anal-like myself 😀 I need my onesie “buds” to be perfect. I do think I will make this for every new mom. It’s just a really FUN gift idea 😀

Let’s get to it!

My fellow PTI design team member Geny, is due to have a bouncin baby boy this June! So I promised her I would make her one for her son 😀 Now the “tin” part isn’t done being decorated yet, because I ordered THIS SET, the other day, and am waiting for delivery 😀 Then if she does see this here on my blog she will still be a bit surprised by the decoration on the tin itself.

NOTE: This is not for contest or publication

If you decide to create one-send me a link! I would love to see it 😀

10-oneisie-bouquet-for-geny.jpg Bouncin Baby Boy Blue

So  I decided that white onesie’s would be best for the boy project, since I wasn’t sure if I were going with yellow, blue or red accent flowers. I think I should always have a pack on hand now! You just never know. make one in yellow and you are golden for a last minute gift for any sex child 😀

You should get the 0-3 month size. a 5 pack is best!

I found this bucket at Michaels for $1.99, and it was just the PERFECT size! To me it screamed BOY! BUY ME! It has a cute handle, and I secured the top under the handle with a large glue dot.

In the girl tin I used the large heart tin from Papertrey Ink-I didnt want a heart for a boy though-needed to be more “rugged”.

I used some designer paper from SU! called the East Coast Prep collection (again-perfect!). I simply covered the bottom portion of the tin. Kept it simple. I plan on cutting out particular animals in the set I linked above, and adding them around the tin. I think it is pretty cute as is though.


*Tin/container of choice* 5 pack of white onesies-size 0-3 months* White floral tape* Glue Dots* Leaves* Paper/Prima Flowers* Tin filler*

Decorate your container as desired FIRST! This will help determine what your flower theme will be.

Make sure your work surface is CLEAN!

If you want to see the photos closer-please click to enlarge!


Step one

1-onesie.jpg     2-onesie.jpg Snap onesie bottom. Fold in either side.

Step two

 3-onesie.jpg    4-oneise.jpg      From top end, roll neatly into a snug ball. Wrap mid-bottom oprtion tightly with floral tape. You do not want to use any other type of tape because should the mom-to-be decide to USE the onesie’s, it would get gooey and stick to the shirts-ick!

Step three

5-onesie.jpg Now you want to fold back one of the edges, like a rose petal unfolding. It is also good to try to fold over the seam where the folded shirt ends to hide it.

Mini Dual Buds-Now if you look at my bouquet-I bought a 5 pk of onesie’s, but have 7 flowers. I did not do this with my last bouquet, but decided in order to fill this larger bucket I would make 2 of the onesies have double buds! So instead of 5-I have 7 buds!

Step one

6-onesie.jpg Fold in sides  like above. Then fold up bottom.

Step two

7-onesie.jpg Now roll from the side, in.

Step three

8-onesie.jpg Now fold the “jelly roll” in half. So ends come together. Tape like in Step Two above. Unfold the edges a little as above in step three above.

Last but not least

9-onesie.jpg Now it is time to arrange the onesie’s in your tin! make sure you put some sort of filler in the bottom. Try not to get a tin that is too deep. You may want to arrange the set up of your bouquet. Place larger/taller onesie flowers in center.

After they are all set, now for the fun! I like to choose a variety of flowers ot add in between, and on top of my “bouquet” I place them first-then, if I am happy I use glue dots to secure them all in place.

11-onesie-bouquet-close-boy.jpg Close up view.

For this one (since I know the mom is NOT going to use the onesie’s) I sprinkled some red glitter to finish it off.

I will shrink wrap this, tie it all nice with ribbon, and send if off in the mail!

Now this beats the $60 bucks you’d spend on a bouquet of flower’s that will die in 5 days.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing HOW it comes together! Now for a perfect card to accompany a Onesie Bouquet , can be found ->HERE.

So that is it for today! Thanks for stopping by.

Nursing you back to health-fun news

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Did you miss me yet today?

Well I have been very busy. Creating, photographing, and editing. A lot of behind the scene’s stuff. The PTI release is almost here!!

The baby shower went great! I think they got every big ticket item imaginable!!! That includes ALL baby furniture! WOW!! That is so nice for them 😀 The new mom to be looked SO cute. Isn’t that what we always think of OTHER pregnant women? When it is ourselves we are disgusting, fat beached whales, who look like they swallowed the largest watermelon, known to man, but our friends and family we just say “AWE! You are just so cute!” I never felt “cute” when I was pregnant. I always POPPED out early.

Anyway-I have some great stuff to share this week.

 Tomorrow I will FINALLY post HOW  I made the Onesie bouquet! So check in then. Oh, yeah, and it is for a BOY!!! I know many of you asked HOW to go about doing one for a boy. I hope you like my solution 😀

TODAY-I have a cute little altered band-aid tin to share, and some fun news! 😀

Here it is:

lauren_pcsguest.jpg I am going to be a Guest Designer for Pink Cat Studio for May!! May 3rd is my 30th birthday, so what a great way to celebrate right?!  I am in love-since finding her stuff only a few weeks ago. I obviously jumped at the chance. Then, when I saw the set I would be working with I was even more excited 😀 I have Tweet & Billy arriving this week 😀 Can’t wait. So stayed tuned for more on the and sneak peeks and prizes the end of this month into May!

Well what do you think? Pretty cool huh? Now dont miss the BOTTOM of this post because it includes some fun news for YOU!

You probably want to see something fun, since you have been waiting all day 😀

Here is a little “Nursing you back to health”, altered band aid tin and card.


The card I really threw together, in a rush-and Im not totally happy with it, so would most likely make a different one for a gift.

I had to do a brunette cause I have done Dress up Lily with red hair and blond hair already!

I thought about this altered band aid tin from the moment I saw that Dress-Up Lily could be a nurse! So I went to work! I decided to fill my tin with assorted berry flavored cough drops 😀


How cute is it that she is “holding” a pill, and first aid kit? I used these super awesome Epoxy Stickers by Around the Block. They were just perfect.

Another view

side-tin-nurse-amber.jpg Left side-thermometer

nurse-lily-other-side-tin.jpg Right side-Not feeling well

Note: The back has an epoxy red cross sticker-too cute!

 Now there are most likely a million little things you could put in here to help make someone who is not feeling so great, feel a little better! Maybe some Vitamin C drops, or thera-ful packs. Maybe some tea? Little honey sticks. ENDLESS Possibilities. Whatever you feel the person you are giving this to needs. I liked that my cough drops co-ordinated with my Scenic Route paper! LOL! Plus I LOVE Luden’s cough drops-even when Im not sick! LOL! This would also be cute to keep on your desk at work so when you get a tickle in your throat, you can have a drop handy 😀

Well that is it for today! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Now onto some more good new’s-Then I’m off!

   NEW PERSONALIZED OPTION!!!Remember THIS POST? Well, after talking with Melissa, she agreed, it would be SO cool to let EVERYONE have that option! Read on-her wordsPink Cat Studio is now offering a service that allows you to choose the name that will appear on the packaging of the Lily, Billy and Cat Plate 1 stamps.

This would be fun to do for yourself and would also be great for an extra special gift for a friend or relative who has a little girl, a little boy or a cat.

There is a small fee of $1.00 for this service. Information on how to have your stamps personalized is available on the Pink Cat Studio website at in the Cat, Lily and Billy stamp category pages.


Inspired by

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Nothing earth shatttering today. Finishing up some projects 😀 FUN!! FUN!! I love when it all just flows. 

Stamping-This OBSESSION we like to affectionately call a “hobby”.

Many people just don’t get it. I know most of my friends don’t. They most likely think I’m insane. Some of the few friends I do have that stamp, well it really is just an “occasional” thing they do. Some haven’t replenished their cardstock, or bought any new stuff in months-maybe even over a year! (Can you imagine?)

Anyway-I try to tell people that don’t get it, what I get with stamping, is that you can do ANYTHING. Whatever you see in the store, YOU can do that, maybe even better. Again, they think “Oh here is crazy Lauren babbling on again”. So, whenever I get a Wedding, shower or even a birthday invite, I like to take the invitation as my card inspiration.

We can get inspiration from everywhere!! I  know I do all the time. Now to show some of you what I mean. It’s sort of like casing.

I told you that I have a baby shower to help with. Here is the invitation, which I was inspired by 😀

jenny-baby-shower.jpg It was a rather large invite. Sorry for the photo. To capture it I had to take a large photo, but then it was too large to load here. I had to tape out the personal stuff.

Anyway the large card, is the invite for the baby shower. Below it is my card, inspired by the shower invite.

Here is a closer look.

jenny-baby-shower-card.jpg Sweet and simple-yet oh so cute!!

This card is 4 1/4 X 4 1/4 square card

I had this clear set Sassy Shilouette’s for over a year. NEVER used it! LOL! Till now. The images are pretty small. Cute though. SEE you never know when you are going to need something-LOL! (I think that is where the hobby goes to obsession)

I decided to use the border’s around the girl in the invite. Can you see all the nestability embossed border’s on my layers? I stamper her in chocolate since really didn’t want her in white. I wanted her in brown. She is afterall a shilouette right?

Since it is a shower card, to go with the gift, I tied the ribbon behind the layer to look like a gift 😀 I love doing that.

The spring moss cardstock, and sentiment is by Papertrey Ink.

So see you can make just about anything! I would have wrapped the gift to match too, but we got her the Bassinet-a little too large to have custom made wrap. I just bought a large gift sak at Target, which ended up being WAY bigger than I thought! Turns out you can fit a BIKE in it! Or even myself-with room to spare. It was only $4.99, so I thought it wouldn’t be THAT big! WOW! Im thinking Santa needs to get one for each kid next year, and they can just have a blast riffling through their new toys in the gift sak! LOL! Talk about a time saver. (Kidding, I know the fun is unwrapping every little gift)

Well that is all for today. It is the actual shower today so I will be pretty busy. Should be fun though. I have some more great things in store for the week. Hope you enjoyed the weekend 😀

Till tomorrow

Sketch time! So sweet

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lil-cupcake.jpg   sletch-43.JPG Click to enlarge

Happy Saturday!! I have in my opinion, a great sketch for you! It can make quick and cute cards, and maybe even use up some of those scraps!

Sorry I don’t have much chatter today. Im EXHAUSTED. My mojo is now on empty-and Im typing this late at night. It was either post now-or not till maybe LATE. I  know many of you stalk the sketches (AWE! THANKS) so had to get it up and done.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

This CUPCAKE  stamp is from Lizzie Anne. I think its such a great size cupcake. I sponged the top of the cupcake in red. I was inspired by some cupcakes I was so wanting at the Bakery! But I resisted. Good Lauren. When I went to color my sprinkles it didn’t show. The red just absorbed the colors. I was SOOOOO bummed because I wanted them to match that YUMMY paper by K & Co. I took my white singlo gel pen, and colored the sprinkles. When they dried I colored over the white with my Copic marker’s! Problem solved.

I re-stamped the bottom of the cupcake on vellum cardstock to make it look like a paper on the bottom of the cupcake. Pretty cute.

The acetate tag was stamped with Celebration Frames in white Stazon. It’s not crooked, and I dont know why it appears that way-but felt I had to justify that! LOL!

  I had fun with this one, and I hope you will too. Feel free to substitute the circle for another shape. If you get to try it send us a link, so we can see what your take on it is.

I have a busy week here.

Jason’s best friend is expecting his first baby, and I need to help with the shower. Never a dull a day I tell you.

I do have some great stuff to share through the week too-so I hope you check in again 😀

Till tomorrow


I’m busy, busy……………….

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This is my song for today 😀 It is from Veggie Tale’s-and is called the Busy, Busy song 

Archibald (Mayor): I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You’ve no idea what I have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.
Larry: Oh, I see.

Archibald and Doctor: We’re busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You’ve no idea what we have to do.
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you.

‘Cause we’re busy, busy, frightfully busy
More than a bumblebee, more than an ant.
Busy, busy, horribly busy
We’d love to help, but we can’t!

I love that song! LOL!

April 4th-and it is snowing right now.

Do you believe that? WHERE is Spring? Did she forget she had somewhere to be? This is just insane.

I’m in such a happy mood today-despite the SNOW (blech!). I have my nice HOT cup of Keuirg brewed Dunkin Donut’s coffee-yum ( also love Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee, Cinnamon Mocha, and French Vanilla -note: I am not usually a flavored coffee person).

 I got the Wedding invites/RSVP’s DONE!! I made a few boo-boo’s so I do have to buy a few more supplies and make like 10 more-but I see the light at then end of the tunnel.

I made another onesie bouquet for my friend (more on that later-and yes a tutorial for you to do your own).

 Im the Featured Crafter today on Craft’s on a Whim! ………………….. Thanks Andi :D, and I am ahead on my End of the Year-Thank You gift for Amber’s Dance teacher!!

Since I am sure many of you have kids in Dance, and the end of the year is coming up, I thought I would share my gift for Amber’s  Dance teacher today!

floating-dance-frame.jpg Dancing Ballerina’s frame

Here it is! 

7 Ballerina’s Dancing. That is how many girls are in Amber’s class. I wanted to do something special that she could save, yet was dance related. When I saw the Ballerina & saying, from LAD, I knew it would make the PERFECT gift! I am also giving her, her own Ballerina stamp & sentiment, since she is a stamper as well.

I “thought”, very briefly, on letting each girl sign under the ballerina’s, but the frame is so cute, I just cant bring myself to do it! LOL! They are, afterall only 3-4 years old! maybe I’ll let them sign the back!! LOL! Is that awful or what.

 I bought a “floating” frame-which is just 2 pieces of glass, that you sandwich your “photos” in. I loved the look, so wanted to use that idea.

Here is a side view

dancing-frame-gifrt-side.jpg I decided to use this year’s recital costume to make my ballerina’s Tutu costume colors, as well as copy the flowers they are wearing in their hair, on the side. I used adhesive flower rhinestones.

Here is a close up view

trio-ballet.jpg The Tutu’s are pink/purple and each girls hair piece on this alter’s from pink, purple, pink, purple………as well as altered the hair color from blonde to brown.

The Tutu’s have dazzling diamonds on them, so this really shimmers.I had this paper by K & co in my stash, and it matched the girls costume’s perfectly. I think and hope she will like this. Heck I wanted to keep it! LOL! How cute would this be (even a single one) stamped/colored/framed in a girls room? LOVE IT.

Well that is all for today. As I said I’m “busy, busy”. I need to get some projects done today-so wish me luck, and mojo! LOL!

Hope you come back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch!!! Its going to be a fun one.

Till then

Sharing some thoughts-and awards.

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Johanna, Bev and Chriss-were both super sweet and nominated me for the Arte Y Pico award-which means Art & More award. ( I know someone else nominated me and I’m SO SORRY! Remind me who it was and I will link you). I need to tag 5 people but the first one really touched my heart today, as did one of my friends.

I would like to tag-

1) Dawn Bryson She is so talented and she touched my heart when she told me she is doing a walk for Down Syndrome!! The walk this Saturday! It is called the Buddy Walk. Check it out! There is one in my area every year in October. If you want to support that cause, go to her blog and make contact with her to donate :D. How amazing of people to give back in their free time. I LOVE IT!

*On that note-I wanted to share one of my best friend’s Tracey (aka cuccicoo1002 on SCS), is taking her daughter Shannon to donate her hair to Locks of Love today! Their area newspaper is going to run an article about it, and it will feature Shannon, before and after, as well as info about Alexa (since she was why Shannon thought to donate her hair-Can we give a collective AWE!!! How sweet!).

It truly amazes me how I believe God took a awful situation in my life, and brought so much good from it. Alexa’s life has truly touched so many, and brought so much good out of other people. I knew when it happened, there must be a greater purpose. For that, I am thankful, Alexa was a instrument, used to help bring so many other people together, raise awareness and touch lives in innumerable ways. More so, I am thankful that God has allowed her to fight this horrible disease head on. It’s hard to complain about things when Alexa goes through some tough stuff, and still has a great attitude (minus the steriod week-LOL) and a smile on her face.

She has also defied many of the “LABEL’S” people with Down Syndrome are associated with. I believe it is because she is a fighter, and I expect the same of her, as my other two children. I do what I can to push her to reach for the stars! I am so proud of her, I can’t even tell you. I know she has moment’s and somethings need work, but over-all, she is just an amazing human being. I wish I could get in he head for one day.

2) I would also like to nominate my friend Bee-She visits me daily, and we chat. She cracks me up. She has a son Noah, who has Autism. I think she is an amazing person, and mother! I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. So Bee-big cyber hug! She makes some pretty cute stuff too!!

3) Next up is Bobbie. OMG! She leaves me the funniest comments and always makes me feel like I’m a super star! I don’t know what it is, but she is just the cheeriest person I ahve ever NOT met! LOL!

 4) Now we have Robyn. Robyn is a SAHM to 5 children. That ALONE amazes me. From what I can tell she is still sane! I go INSANE most days by 3pm, and I only have 3. That is why I do my posts in the MORNING! LOL! Maybe she needs to teach me her secret! Anyway, all that and she is a Cricut Wiz!! You should see some of the stuff this girl pumps out with that thing. They need to hire her 😀 I also love that she still makes time for herself! That is so important.

5) Last but not least, I want to nominate Sharon. She is the brain behind A Chemistry With Paper. She is so talented, and has some amazing stamp sets! I did work for her for a short time, but had to cut back on some of my responsibilities. She was so super sweet to me, and so nice about me leaving. I admire her so much. She raised her boys on her own, and they seem to have turned out so great.  I was so sad to say goodbye to her and ACWP a few months ago, but I am going to be a happy customer!


Velta had nominated me for a Excellent Blogger award :D-a while ago :C Sorry it took forever to post about it. Vee has some of the most elegant cards I have ever set eye’s on! She has such a great flair for it.

Annette-she tagged me for 7 random things about me. I have done so many of these.

I dont know if I have anything else! LOL!

1) I hate veal, liver, and the thought of eatting lamb.

2) I am not into “texting” and all that. I an a TALKER, so if I want to say something, Id rather call ya! Although I love emailing and all that stuff.

3) I cheated on my diet yesterday :C I had Chinese food. And yes it was good.

4) I hate buying shoes! Although I am addicted to buying pocketbooks.

5) I love that every night Jay and I get to spend at least 2 hours-kid free, and watch out fave TV shows. I look forward to it everyday

6) I hate the Home Improvement stores. I do anything possible to NOT have to go to them. That should also include places like Best Buy, Circut city and stuff like that. Electronics BORE ME TO DEATH!

7) I  need “lists”. This halep me stay organized and keep it together. I find in my daily life if I dont put it on a list I am an airhead and forget. Its awful

OK Now I need to go do my blog post with card samples!

Be right back

The QUEEN of CLEAN is in the house

Apr 3, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

No, it’s not me-it’s Queenie.

cleaning-wand.jpg Queen of Clean

Enter to win a FREE set—->HERE<—-All the NEW! C.C. Designs sets will be available for purchase TOMORROW!! YEAH!!Oh and check the DT samples-they are really rockin out the sample’s WOW!

2 posts today! Sorry I forgot to post Queenie yesterday :C I got busy taking Alexa to get counts done and a bajillion other mommy things we have to do-I know you get it.

I am extatic because my photo light arrived! Doesn’t the photo look great? I ordered the replacement bulb  online and it came 4 days later! YEAH!!! If you need any photo/camera stuff, I was very happy with this place-2 Sister’s of Texas. Shipping was well priced as well.


Is she not the cutest thing ever???? I started by coloring her. Yes, I used my Copic’s. I think those were some of the BEST money I spent as I use them DAILY!!!!!!

 I then colored/stamped JUST the bucket (drawing in the handle). The idea’s just flowed from there. I tried to keep the over all look “clean” (yes pun intended!)

I loved the idea of making a cleaning wand from ribbon-so I did! I looked in her bucket an thought that thing could be pretty cute. I then  placed it across the card.  I went to layer the Queenie down, and “something” was missing.

I lloked in her bucket-again and found I also liked her “cleaning rag” so I had to make one of those too! This closth looks real, in person, and has texture to it.

If YOU want to make one all you do is use the “faux suede” technique.


You take your desired piece of card-stock, cut to size.

 Run it through your PAPER CRIMPER- several times.

Then turn it, run it though going across, then to the side. The more you do this the better!

You will see the edges curl up. That means the fibers in the paper are separating! You then carefully separate the piece of broken down card-stock, by pulling it apart!

That gives you TWO faux suede pieces.

Think- cowboy hats and boots, baby items like duckies you can paper piece, or teddy bears, cowboy hats/boots. Endless possibilities!!! It’s a technique I really LOVE to use.

So I did my cloth, and snipped the edges of it with my scissors. I like how it draped in the back like it was a real rag. WAY CUTE!! I *almost* added some “dirt” to it, but just could NOT bear the thought.

Anyway-I hope you like her!!

Thanks for checking in again. I know many of you visit me here daily. THANK YOU!

 I try to get out every now and then and comment for others. This week is just impossible. I have my Papertrey Ink project’s to do (OMG!! The sets are ROCKIN), and I really need to finish the Wedding stuff ASAP!

Thanks for checkin in here-I read every comment, and you all make me smile, even on the toughest day of days.

OFF the my stamp room

Till tomorrow

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