Who is there?


Oppourtunity who?

For you! Can I come in?

Well you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Read on please!

Paulette and I went to The Paper Tree today! What fun we had.  That store has some fabulous stuff. Elzybells, A Muse, and Cat’s Pajama’s to name a few. We won’t get into the paper and ribbon! WOW!! I felt right at home.

After we enabled some woman to buy certain stamps, and aScor-Pal , we sat and chatted with the owner Michelle for at least an hour. She said she liked me, and my excitement for this. WOW! I guess I must be a walking billboard for this hobby I love so much. I just can’t hide it. She asked me if I wanted to teach classes at her store in Manchester NH!! Whenever I want, I set my own hours! I can do whatever projects I want. I just need to think about it, and schedule a date!

Let me say she was SUPER nice to talk to. We really hit it off.

Now many of you know I use to be a Stampin’Up! Demo. I have NO problem talking and teaching people, large groups, no problem. If anything I can’t shut up. I enjoy people getting excited about this whole hobby. So here lies my dilemma.


Should I open the door?  Should I take the plunge and attempt a class? My first one would be a project I design, using the Scor-Pal! I love that thing.

Do you live in the area?

 Would you attend one of my classes if you could?

My issue is failure. I don’t want to jump and not know where I am jumping too. I also don’t like wasting my time.

If you would like to take a class with me, feel free to tell me what you want to learn! I can do ANYTHING!! BE HONEST!!! I can take it.

I really think its a good opportunity, that I can do on my own schedule! I’m thinking of hosting several classes one Sat. a month! I can spare that. It would also help me earn some $$$ for stuff for our family.

Don’t worry I’m not dropping any DT work, or stopping my blog! I Love doing everything I am now.  This is just bonus where fun and having a “job” I may love collide.

What are your thoughts? Should I go for it?

Thanks for the input!!