Oh GOSH! This is officially the last week of me being in my 20’s. YIKES! I have SO much to share today. Shocker, I know, I am always so long winded. Sorry.

I did not do well accomplishing my goal to look HOT! Instead Im NOT! LOL! That is OK. I have a year right? ;D My birthday is next Saturday. Should be fun. We are going to Newick’s for dinner, with some of our friends. I will FINALLY get some Lobster. So NOT in season. We live near Maine which has THE BEST lobster-ever! We aren’t traveling there though, just to Concord NH. Since my darling hubby HATES seafood, I rarely get to have any. I told him this is my birthday, my choice! I don’t think I have had lobster since we have been together. That is a long time. It better be

 de-lic-ious :

  1. Highly pleasing or agreeable to the senses, especially of taste or smell.
  2. Very pleasant; delightful: a delicious revenge.

Speaking of Birthday’s………………

Who’s got Pink eye?

 That would be Pink (Cat Studio) Eye Candy (aka sneak peek), and Blog Candy too!! Stay here for the peek, go here for your chance at the blog candy-to win your FREE set!!

Farm Animal Party

Don’t you just love Melissa’s interactive party icon? I so wish I could figure that stuff out. You should have seen me trying to figure out HOW to load this thing. In reality VERY easy, now I know. But it took me Eon’s.

I think I am going to be going back to school this summer. I looked into some things, and I am possibly taking a computer/graphic arts course. Cool huh? I won’t be so computer challenged after-all!! I may even get the knack, and knock your socks off! LOL! I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway-you aren’t going to want to miss her next release. WAY CUTE! If you like cutesy (which we all know I do) then you will LOVE this new set.

It was so sweet of Melissa to let me share a little peek at this new set, here with you today. Since I only used a snippet of one of the MANY images, and I so LOVED this sketch and felt I HAD to use it 😀 She said OK!

So here it is-with your sketch! (click to enlarge that if you like)

lots-of-dots-celebration.jpg        sketch-47-1.JPG

How cute huh? Now you get to see a part of why Im so excited.

NOTE: The candles and sentiment are from Lizzie Anne’s-Happy Birthday set. It just went SO WELL, that I had to use it. I was inspired by my American Crafts ribbon, with this design. Lovin the colors of this, let me tell you.

Aqua Mist, Navy, Pumpkin, Summer Sunset

This is the Sketch Take #2

pti-challenge-paper-thanks.jpg         sketch-47-2.JPG

You may recognize this sample from yesterday’s blog hop! That was fun! I did my best to “hop” and still be there for the family. I’m in awe of the amazing things you all created with the challenge! WOW!!

Anyway-the above sample was inspired by my Sketch above! I think it adds a fun twist. It’s a layout that you can make as simple or complex as you want. I love the options this invites. I am a simpler kind of girl most often. Feel free to try one, or both! Send us a link here so we can all see your take on it. I can’t wait to see what you do!!

I am off to enjoy the day! My bestest shopping enabler friend Paulette and I are off to what sounds like an AMAZING new stamp store in Manchester called The Paper Tree!! Can’t wait to see what yummies they have in store for us!! I love finding new places to shop. WE are not a good pair. We just make each other buy everything. She isn’t the one who will tell you that you DONT need it, and put it back. She is the devil on your shoulder saying YES! Buy it! You deserve it! You will make wonderful things with it! -SERIOUSLY!

Be back tomorrow-with a full report! (Jason skips the reading of my blog on the weekends LOL!) Plus my birthday is next week and I don’t have any obvious must have’s (shocking I know), so he is all for letting me just shop. Fun stuff. 

Speaking of shopping………………


Punch Bunch Punches & the Paper Garden book are HERE! Don’t miss them! You have seen that I {heart} them. I even have an article on each, to be published on Craft Critique this May!!

If you have something you want, just email Christine and she will add it to the next order. I just ordered the Lily petals, balloon, oak leaf, sun punch AND the tool kit to add to my slowly growing collection. Didn’t have the tool kit yet!!

Oh and FANTASY FILM is here too in 10 colors. I got a few more of those too.

LASTLY, I went to Michaels and Martha Stewart had so many new amazing punches. Yes, you will see them all on my creations soon I am sure. Just and FYI, that she has some MUST have’s.

OK I’m out of energy. SOOOOOOO, your “homework” for today-try the sketch, link it, and I’ll be back tomorrow.