cupcake-stack.jpg Stacks of Cupcake Wishes

This card uses : Cupcake single, and ribbon from American Crafts (which inspired by colors). You can never have enough birthday cards, and I feel this is very gender/age neutral.

OK I know some of you may yawn at this post (SORRY), but many people have yet to try one the the best, and simplest techniques of all time-MASKING and REVERSE MASKING!!!

I know I personally love the technique, and the first time I tried it, I was floored. Yeah I know, so not revolutionary but I was excited just the same. We have all been “there”. Remember the first time you tried embossing powder? LOL! I know I do! LOL!

OK, well I thought to put together this little tutorial because many people wanted to know how I made—-> this <—- cupcake card. Many of you seem to be visual learners, and I am not the best at just explaining things. I’m hands on and can look at something and just figure it out. So when I have to “break it down” I’m just not that great at it. Its better to show you, for me anyway 😀

Any questions-just ask. Ill answer them for you.

DIRECTIONS for masking-click to enlarge photos please

Step 1

Stamp your image on a sticky note or eclipse tape (making sure the sticky strip has part of the image stamped!). Carefully cut out the image.

Step 2

Stamp image on cardstock.


Step 3

Place cut out sticky note image, over stamped image-like photo. Then stamp another image over it. I repeated this process for a third cupcake.

mask-and-stamp.jpg For this one I did NOT ink the sentiment for the next layer of cupcake.

THIS is what it will look like. I made a trio stack of cupcakes.

stacked-cakes-done.jpg cool huh? Now its like you bought a whole other stamp isn’t it?

Now this lets you make things look like they are layered behind each other with out stamping through the image and looking messy!

Next up-many people had no idea how I sponged on my color so neatly! Here you go-

REVERSE MASKING-another fun concept, often neglected. Not one you will use often, but fun all the same.

Step 1

Take the paper, that you had cut the main image out from, and place it around the stamped image you cut.

Step 2

Take a sponge dauber and rub into ink pad of choice. Now lightly pounce desired color, in area of choice.

reverse-mask.jpg See that the mask prevents it from going outside the stamped edges.

Here is the stack all inked. Now you can also see how I began to color in the sprinkles with my Singlo white gel pen, which I then use my markers to color over, so the sprinkles have color that can be seen.


Then color and design card as desired!

That simple.

 CRAFTY TIP -if I take the time to create a mask, I always out it in with the stamp so I remember I have it, and it is there if I want/need it again!!! No need to cut out a new one every time.

So that is it for today! Tomorrow is my Saturday Sketch! I hope you will come back to give it a try. I hope to get some stamp time in today. I haven’t gotten much done the last few days. Least not that I can share yet.

Till tomorrow-