Johanna, Bev and Chriss-were both super sweet and nominated me for the Arte Y Pico award-which means Art & More award. ( I know someone else nominated me and I’m SO SORRY! Remind me who it was and I will link you). I need to tag 5 people but the first one really touched my heart today, as did one of my friends.

I would like to tag-

1) Dawn Bryson She is so talented and she touched my heart when she told me she is doing a walk for Down Syndrome!! The walk this Saturday! It is called the Buddy Walk. Check it out! There is one in my area every year in October. If you want to support that cause, go to her blog and make contact with her to donate :D. How amazing of people to give back in their free time. I LOVE IT!

*On that note-I wanted to share one of my best friend’s Tracey (aka cuccicoo1002 on SCS), is taking her daughter Shannon to donate her hair to Locks of Love today! Their area newspaper is going to run an article about it, and it will feature Shannon, before and after, as well as info about Alexa (since she was why Shannon thought to donate her hair-Can we give a collective AWE!!! How sweet!).

It truly amazes me how I believe God took a awful situation in my life, and brought so much good from it. Alexa’s life has truly touched so many, and brought so much good out of other people. I knew when it happened, there must be a greater purpose. For that, I am thankful, Alexa was a instrument, used to help bring so many other people together, raise awareness and touch lives in innumerable ways. More so, I am thankful that God has allowed her to fight this horrible disease head on. It’s hard to complain about things when Alexa goes through some tough stuff, and still has a great attitude (minus the steriod week-LOL) and a smile on her face.

She has also defied many of the “LABEL’S” people with Down Syndrome are associated with. I believe it is because she is a fighter, and I expect the same of her, as my other two children. I do what I can to push her to reach for the stars! I am so proud of her, I can’t even tell you. I know she has moment’s and somethings need work, but over-all, she is just an amazing human being. I wish I could get in he head for one day.

2) I would also like to nominate my friend Bee-She visits me daily, and we chat. She cracks me up. She has a son Noah, who has Autism. I think she is an amazing person, and mother! I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. So Bee-big cyber hug! She makes some pretty cute stuff too!!

3) Next up is Bobbie. OMG! She leaves me the funniest comments and always makes me feel like I’m a super star! I don’t know what it is, but she is just the cheeriest person I ahve ever NOT met! LOL!

 4) Now we have Robyn. Robyn is a SAHM to 5 children. That ALONE amazes me. From what I can tell she is still sane! I go INSANE most days by 3pm, and I only have 3. That is why I do my posts in the MORNING! LOL! Maybe she needs to teach me her secret! Anyway, all that and she is a Cricut Wiz!! You should see some of the stuff this girl pumps out with that thing. They need to hire her 😀 I also love that she still makes time for herself! That is so important.

5) Last but not least, I want to nominate Sharon. She is the brain behind A Chemistry With Paper. She is so talented, and has some amazing stamp sets! I did work for her for a short time, but had to cut back on some of my responsibilities. She was so super sweet to me, and so nice about me leaving. I admire her so much. She raised her boys on her own, and they seem to have turned out so great.  I was so sad to say goodbye to her and ACWP a few months ago, but I am going to be a happy customer!


Velta had nominated me for a Excellent Blogger award :D-a while ago :C Sorry it took forever to post about it. Vee has some of the most elegant cards I have ever set eye’s on! She has such a great flair for it.

Annette-she tagged me for 7 random things about me. I have done so many of these.

I dont know if I have anything else! LOL!

1) I hate veal, liver, and the thought of eatting lamb.

2) I am not into “texting” and all that. I an a TALKER, so if I want to say something, Id rather call ya! Although I love emailing and all that stuff.

3) I cheated on my diet yesterday :C I had Chinese food. And yes it was good.

4) I hate buying shoes! Although I am addicted to buying pocketbooks.

5) I love that every night Jay and I get to spend at least 2 hours-kid free, and watch out fave TV shows. I look forward to it everyday

6) I hate the Home Improvement stores. I do anything possible to NOT have to go to them. That should also include places like Best Buy, Circut city and stuff like that. Electronics BORE ME TO DEATH!

7) I  need “lists”. This halep me stay organized and keep it together. I find in my daily life if I dont put it on a list I am an airhead and forget. Its awful

OK Now I need to go do my blog post with card samples!

Be right back