No, it’s not me-it’s Queenie.

cleaning-wand.jpg Queen of Clean

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2 posts today! Sorry I forgot to post Queenie yesterday :C I got busy taking Alexa to get counts done and a bajillion other mommy things we have to do-I know you get it.

I am extatic because my photo light arrived! Doesn’t the photo look great? I ordered the replacement bulb  online and it came 4 days later! YEAH!!! If you need any photo/camera stuff, I was very happy with this place-2 Sister’s of Texas. Shipping was well priced as well.


Is she not the cutest thing ever???? I started by coloring her. Yes, I used my Copic’s. I think those were some of the BEST money I spent as I use them DAILY!!!!!!

 I then colored/stamped JUST the bucket (drawing in the handle). The idea’s just flowed from there. I tried to keep the over all look “clean” (yes pun intended!)

I loved the idea of making a cleaning wand from ribbon-so I did! I looked in her bucket an thought that thing could be pretty cute. I then  placed it across the card.  I went to layer the Queenie down, and “something” was missing.

I lloked in her bucket-again and found I also liked her “cleaning rag” so I had to make one of those too! This closth looks real, in person, and has texture to it.

If YOU want to make one all you do is use the “faux suede” technique.


You take your desired piece of card-stock, cut to size.

 Run it through your PAPER CRIMPER- several times.

Then turn it, run it though going across, then to the side. The more you do this the better!

You will see the edges curl up. That means the fibers in the paper are separating! You then carefully separate the piece of broken down card-stock, by pulling it apart!

That gives you TWO faux suede pieces.

Think- cowboy hats and boots, baby items like duckies you can paper piece, or teddy bears, cowboy hats/boots. Endless possibilities!!! It’s a technique I really LOVE to use.

So I did my cloth, and snipped the edges of it with my scissors. I like how it draped in the back like it was a real rag. WAY CUTE!! I *almost* added some “dirt” to it, but just could NOT bear the thought.

Anyway-I hope you like her!!

Thanks for checking in again. I know many of you visit me here daily. THANK YOU!

 I try to get out every now and then and comment for others. This week is just impossible. I have my Papertrey Ink project’s to do (OMG!! The sets are ROCKIN), and I really need to finish the Wedding stuff ASAP!

Thanks for checkin in here-I read every comment, and you all make me smile, even on the toughest day of days.

OFF the my stamp room

Till tomorrow