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handyman-set.jpg My Handyman!

Now is this set not adorable??? I believe he is called Jack of all trades! He is being released by C.C. Designs on the 4th.

I so needed another cool guy set! I LOVE cutesy. You can’t have a cutesy handyman without a tool box right? I  love making boxes and gift items-with cards to match. I had SO MUCH FUN making this tool box 😀 It was perfect with my handmade hammer accessory, and my cool Lowe’s gift card holder tin. I almost altered that, but liked it as is.

Here is a close up

handyman-special-tool-box.jpg Handyman tool box

How cute would it be for your kids to decorate one for their dad? They can make/buy what they think should go inside of it?

 There is also a lined background coming out with this release and I used it on my toolbox. Can you see it? I stamped it in Walnut ink. I also used my Tim Holtz distress inks (my faves are linen, tea dye and walnut), and randomly rubbed them side to side on this for a woodgrain look. Added some screw style brads for that added “look” of a real tool box. I liked the pencil handle for a more handyman feel. The measuring tape ribbon was another cute touch.

I created the hammer just for FUN, as another thing to add to the box. It’s good size. Made with some punches. No biggie.

I made the tool box using a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of Kraft cardstock.

Here is the template below-CLICK IT TO ENLARGE. Keep in mind Im NOT a pro making this-is just a little guideline to help you a bit, if you need a more visual idea. NOT a print and cut template!

Im no Paint Shop wizard. I recommend making any template with copy paper FIRST, that way you can work out any kink’s or question’s you may have. If you get it perfect first time, then you have a real template to reference in the future 😀

THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE 😀 No contest or publication submissions.



1)Along the 11 inch side – score at 3 and 8. This will be the SIDE panels of your toolbox and will be LONGER than the front/back piece.

2) Along the 8 1/2 side – score at 2 and 6 1/2. This becomes the front of you tool box.

3) Trim along scored edges to center. In photo you will see a little extra left on either side of the 3 and 8 mark. That is so you have excess on your panels that adhere the ends together. Cut away the X’s-that is excess cardstock

4) Use tag corner punch on tool box sides. I also cut 2  pieces of cardstock 1 1/2 wide by 3 inches long. Use tag corner on those as well. Punch 2 holes large enough to fit a pencil through. Adhere to inner side panels-as seen in photo.

5) For front of box cut away from panel as you see fit. I just used my ruler and hobby blade for an even look.

Decorate as desired!

Now for the card 😀

handyman-card.jpgMy Sexy Handyman

The little square at the top is suppose to be like blueprints. I stamped the bkgd going across, then up and down for a grid paper appearance. I then scribbled 1 2 3 4-for like steps in the project. Scribbled a picture too.

Just a fun card.

Well I hope you likey!

Thanks for checkin in with me here.

Till tomorrow.