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This card uses- Boho Blossom, and Build a Bloom from —->HERE!

Well its the middle of the week-and I got my children’s class goodies DONE!! I was on a mission! I will post photos soon. Im on the RUN!

Yesterday, I had to fill egg’s for Amber’s class egg hunt. That was a disaster! Something simple, became so complex! I got like 3 different things that DIDN’T work to fit in my eggs.

Now WHY is it that when you NEED to find something-like a SIMPLE roll of stickers, an item that is usually EVERYWHERE when you DON’T need it, is NO WHERE to be found, when you do?

AND, why do people work at Michales have NO IDEA what CRAFT supplies are? Am I the only one who runs into this?

I mean “I” am pretty educated on craft stuff, and where things are in the store-but you can’t tell me where you would have a ROLL of stickers?! No NOT the $4 pack of scrapbook stickers-I need CHEAP, kids stickers. The same stickers I find in the $1 bin/toy section, everytime I take my kids, but yesterday when I went KIDLESS, were no where to be found.

This kind of thing-worker’s NOT knowing 1) Where something is, and 2) WHAT you are talking about, happens all the time!!!


Anyway, I made this card, since it was done with “my time”, and time was my “thought” behind it. I was in a tissy yesterday. I felt I was Time-Less! Only this card is great! IMO! 😀

I loved the sentiment.

I also never use green-like all green. Not pretty spring moss or celery green-just olive green. My unfavorite green. 

 I haven’t used this set in FOREVER-and love it! Plus I hate green, so rarely use maily those colors,so it was a nice challenge.

 I put my blocks together-then stamped my flower in white stazon, on the acetate, then layered over the squares!

Love the crisp, clean look.

Anyway, I was inspired after seeing the colors of some of the Summer stuff at Target yesterday…….which they were totally re-stocking the stamp/scrap isle’s with NEW!!! Goodies! I so wanted in but was seriously getting the evil eye from the worker :C She obviously did not get or appreciate my eexcitement-a NON paper crafter I’m guessing.

Anyway I left her to re-stock. I will hunt down new stuff tomorrow-when I am kidless.

Today I am off to Chemo with Alexa.

I am having a hard time with the thought of parting with my Candy Carrot Garden :C I LOVE that thing! I plan on bringing it with me today for the Staff in Oncology. They love things like that. I think they will appreciate it more that kids in Kindergarten.

As I said, Alexa has Chemo today, and we are due for a snow/ice storm. I hope our travel will be ok, since it’s and 1 1/2 hour drive-in perfect weather-no traffic.

On a HAPPY note!

Kim from MFT informed me that since it is the 20th-monthly MFT Day, she is having a sale!

YEAH!! Details below are copy/pasted from the thread you can find BELOW!!

How about a little *promo* that offers a discount on all orders, including Intl orders! Enter the code MFTDay0308 and receive a discount of $4.60 on your order! This is like offering free shipping on US orders under $40, but the discount will work on all orders, and those US orders over $40 get both free shipping (as usual) AND the discount! This offer extends of course to our valued Intl customers and there is no restriction on what is purchased!
Here are the deets:
*During your oder process, use the coupon code MFTDay0308 and receive a $4.60 discount on your order total
*This coupon is only valid until midnight March 20th in honor of Celebrate MFT Day and National Craft month
*There are no product restrictions, but note that some items are currently out of stock and the coupon can’t be used on those items
*Orders will ship within 2-3 business days as usual! Most often more quickly, but sometimes the pesky family beckons…

So RUN don’t walk! We all love a sale right?

OK I really need to run-so I’ll be back later to post my Dirty Challenge. It MAY have to wait till tomorrow-bear with me!

Till “Whenever”