diasy-cover.jpg Daisy’s Book cover

Well I had to post this before it got too late. I still can’t believe it. I have some of the BESTEST Friends/Blog buddies and reader’s in the WORLD! Seriously-I am so blessed.

First the PSF’s create a Disney Make-A-Wish scrap book, and people send hundreds of cards, and amazing things in between to this!

If you read my blog regularly you know about my cockapoo Daisy. She is now 6 months old.  Now before her, I was not what I would call a “dog” person, but now I’m definitely a Daisy person!

When we first saw Daisy I fell in love with her! The worst part was “I” didn’t even want a dog-but she changed that!

Now I can’t imagine our family without her.

Who else gets that excited just to see you in the morning, or when you get them their food? No one in my house, but Daisy does! LOL!

I was SHOCKED, and FLOORED- when my PSF Kathie (and her fur babies Hazel, and buttface, I mean um, Mr. French (Hazel likes to call him buttface :C) sent me this AMAZING book for Daisy.

She gave me permission to post it. Kathie if you have it somewhere else, let me know so I can link it!

It was wrapped in a dog food bag-cut up (which was SUPER adorable) with dog paw ribbon and a dog bone! Should have gotten a photo, but I was TOO excited.

She even included the CUTEST letter from her furbabies! With a photo of them 😀

Kathie THANK YOU so very much for this gift. It is next to me everyday! I am in awe of its beauty, and the time, thought and talent that went into every page!

THANK YOU-Hugs, Kisses and Daisy drools!
Here it is-Enjoy!

daisy-6.jpg Page 1-2 How can you resist her?

daisy-5.jpg page 3-4 AWE! This was the minute wqew got her “home”. Love it!

daisy-4.jpg page 5-6 I love her sleepy photo’s. She loves that blanket too.

daisy-book-3.jpg page 7-8 This page cracked me up!

daisy-2.jpg page 9-10 She included real toilet paper! LOL!

daisy-book.jpg page 11-12 Yes she is adorable-new haircut is looking great now too!!

daisy-book-1.jpg page 13-14 Yes-she is still naughty!!

I had to share every page with you!!!

Kathie was SO beyond sweet to take the time to make me a photo book of some of my favorite picture’s  have shared with you all here in Blog land, of my Daisy!!

I can’t imagine the time it took her to do this, and now I have to think of an OVER THE TOP, fabulous card to thank her with!

PLEASE leave your opinions as to ideas of a FABULOUS card I could come up with! It can be a stamp image, shape, any idea!!

Here is a photo of her in Noah’s room, after the re-make! She had to get in every photo.

Daisy in Noahs room

Thanks everyone!

Till later-