Well I thought instead of spreading it out, I would just post my PTI projects here together. I also provided some “commentary” on my thoughts for each project.

 I hope you enjoyed the projects I had created.

I’ll be back later today to announce MYTIME MAIL winners-so till then there is still time.

 Some were shared in previous posts. Other’s I will include tutorials for are-the Paper Flower favor, and Pop up-two hearts card! Lot’s of emails about those! Just have patience with me, I WILL get it done.

 If you like any of the creations used, and want MORE details- you can see my complete supply list in MY gallery at PTI.

Just click ——>HERE<—–and browse my gallery, by stamp set!

All the desinger’s really created a great assortment of projects! So check it all out, if you have not done so already.

 All the stamps used in these projects can be purchased at Papertrey Ink.

Here we go! I’d love to hear if you had a favorite too!

pti-flower-favor-entire-set.jpg  Paper Flower Wedding set

I had so much fun, combining the stamping, with the patterned paper for this project. The the upper left-we have our -Pop up-two hearts, one love Wedding invitation. 

To the far right we have the “centerpiece” or a favor, made with ALL paper! I utilized the PTI heart tins for this one. This continue’s with the heart and love theme.

Then, we have our table cards. Pretty straight forward. I like that everything matched so well.

To the bottom left, is a favor idea. Behind the front panel inside the heart ornament-is a heart shaped packet that holds Sweet Peas. Another fun way to package seeds. Print the planting info, and put it inside as well!

This project was just too fun for me.

Next up-

pti-two-hearts-card.jpg Two Hearts

I loved the patterned paper peeking through the larger heart. The idea for this was to be a wedding card to present to the happy couple. It co-ordinated with their wedding theme (above). Also a great Valentines or anytime kind of card!

pti-pattern-paper-wishes.jpg Birthday Wishes

Oh I so loved this one for many reasons. SIMPLE, SOFT and PRETTY!!!

 It show’s off the paper!

Used the boxes, bags, and tags set,  in the un-intended way, and I LOVE using my “inside” card sentiments as the FRONT FOCUS of my card! When you do this its much more for your money! Just because its a sentiment that you THINK should go on the inside, doesn’t mean it HAS to! Put it on the FRONT!!!!! Don’t you agree?

pti-tag-card-for-you.jpg Just for you

I loved using the Boxes, bags & tags as the main focus of this creation. The circle layer is up in dimensionals, for some POP! I love being able to use a set for more than it is intended to be used for. That set is a MUST OWN!!! I seriously fell in love with it. The flowers in the set were my absolute favorite! I had to STOP myself from using them. This card can be for ANY ONE, ANY TIME!

pti-pretty-party.jpg Pretty Party

I loved using purple! Oh and I LOVE adding circle elements to my projects. This paper by Making Memories created the perfect party palette! I loved the striped and dots.

pti-side-seeds-of-love-pkt.jpg Seeds of Love

I think seed packets are a great wedding favor. Unfortunately they aren’t all that pretty, in their entirely! So I covered it! I let the flower’s show through, and loved how this turned out. Just give seeds with your “theme” flower, and they are PERFECT! Plus seed packets make a elegant, yet cheap favor, that in the end, is a gift the recipient WON’T chuck in the trash! Every-time they look at their beautiful blooms, they will remember your happy day!

This also doens’t JUST have to be for weddings! Think TEACHER’s or other wondeful people that you need to get gifts for.

I believe this seed packet was a whopping 0.32 CENTS at Walmart!

I loved this as the favor idea, because not only is it pretty, but I PERSONALIZED it! I added a layer of acetate, then using the Ambassador alphabet, I stamped the LAST initial. I them used the simple alphabet and did the groom & brides first initials!

This says:

          R B C

forever & always (my uncle and aunt to be’s initials)

Then in the corner-Love Blooms!!! How perfect is that? They take NO time to make too!!

OK we talked about favors for the guests, how about YOUR gift to them?

pti-wedding-day-set.jpg Wedding Day Mr & Mrs

Now isn’t this such an elegant presentation for your card for the new happy couple?

Once ANYONE gets married, one of the first things they think is “Oh Mr & Mrs. X”. So this is perfect!

PRESENTATION is everything!!! I think this would be one of the first things opened. It looks like it would have something grand inside, and shows how much you care.

I am actually giving this to my Uncle and his new wife when they get married in August. Her colors are ivory and teal. I am in charge of favors, and Wedding invites! (Don’t ask me WHEN I am fitting this in-I have no idea-but I NEED to get the invites done ASAP!!!) I am going to take a Sunday and just DO IT!

There is an envelope, I made to match, and a pillow box for your gift! I think its a great way to present a gift card, or check, in place of putting it in the card. Or a small gift. But lets be honest-they want and need the cash 😀 LOL!

Well that is that! I hope you enjoyed the release.

I do have MORE of my “rejects’ to share. Those are creations I make, but didn’t include in the reveal. So sometime soon I will post those.

Once again-thanks for looking. I had SO much fun with this stuff, in case you couldn’t tell! LOL!

Till tomorrow!