Oh man. I hurt. But I feel so happy that I wanted to share it.

 Do you ever get an idea for a project (OK non card project), and once your decide to put that project in motion you CAN’T wait?

Maybe its my OCD? I always make “lists” of things to do, and cross off as I go. I get a thrill everytime something is accomplished.

Well “I” got the bright idea to re-do the kids rooms Sunday afternoon. Just sitting there looking at all their CRAP!

So we went and bought what I thought was needed.


I felt the rooms needed a make-over, a face lift of sorts. Also it wastime for my quarterly room review! This is when I got through all their toys and weed out what we don’t need, won’t use, and have wrecked or outgrown.

Since getting this “idea”, I was told by Jay we would execute it this weekend. Together we we purge, organize, paint, move furniture scrub every little thing owned.

Girls room first-repaint, new bedding, curtains decor-you get the idea. Amber needs a big girl bed-she is in a toddler bed now.

Well I woke up, had a good cup of coffee, and instead of stamping “I” spent the ENTIRE day puring, organizing, moving furniture, washing everything-walls, windows blinds nick-knacks you name it, and YES! Painted the entire room myself-all done and put back together, before Jay even got home!

The room looks so clean-and sweet. Once I finish the last details it will be perfect.

Now I hurt…………………………….everywhere!

Their room is now a pretty SOFT yellow, with like a Pink Passion and touch of orchid opulence!

Its a girly room-with alot less clutter, and their Princess and other girly things look great!
This weekend we will get Amber’s bed and a new rug. I also want to get 2 plastic picket fence panels to use as their headboards-then hang a flower garland across them.

Then-onto Noahs room! I am tempted to do his tomorrow-BUT I need to go to Target first to get his room decor stuff.

Despite the pain, I feel SO much better now that most of the work is over!

OK Sorry to ramble-I just had to let out a huge sigh and relish in my accomplishment of the day.

I also got the houser cleaned and dinner made-now THAT is a true miracle. Tomorrow is definitely Pizza night! Oh yeah and totally a stamp day-all three have school! YEAH!!!!

Well thanks for reading-if you did! LOL!

EDITED TO ADD: I will share photo’s once I get Amber’s bed and and the carpet 😀 Oh yeah- and its not anything like a pottery barn catalog! I wouldn’t be able to let them play in it if it was! LOL! So sometime next week I should be DONE getting the accessories