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Sorry I have been “pre-occupied”. I just have so much going on here, that I have hardly been online.

I so appreciate the warm thoughts, prayers and wishes for Alexa! She is doing great today-lots of emotional outbursts (gotta love steroids-and roid rage), but I can’t complain (OK maybe a little).

I stamped today, and was on a Yellow kick!

All I wanted to do was call this post YELLOW. Thats it-plain and simple.

I wanted to investigate WHY I am suddenly drawn to this color (since lately I have been in a pink and black mood). I am always drawn to pink, and that soft sky color. Also celery and chocolate. This was just not my norm, so I did a little “research”!

I thought I would share it with you as I found it all very interesting. Just Google your color.

I think I may research colors more often in my creations BEFORE I make them for specific reasons, since I may want to convey a certain feeling or message. It really is a cool idea.

After my research, and recent news I can see WHY I may have been a in a YELLOW mood.

So read on!

I also think its funny-Im a Taurus and my “color” is yellow. HMMMMM.


Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. While it is considered an optimistic color, people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and babies will cry more. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Yellow enhances concentration, hence its use for legal pads. It also speeds metabolism

Astrological Color Associations

Aries — White
Taurus — Yellow
Gemini — Red or Purple
Cancer — Bright Green
Leo — Golden Yellow/Orange
Virgo — Pale Blue or Violet
Libra — Violet
Scorpio — Reddish Brown
Sagittarius — Orange or Purple
Capricorn — Brown or Blue
Aquarius — Dark Blue
Pisces — White or Purple

Hope and Happiness: Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit.

Nature of Yellow: Yellow is one of the warm colors. Because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazard signs and some emergency vehicles. Yellow is cheerful.

Culture of Yellow: For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones. Its use for hazard signs creates an association between yellow and danger, although not quite as dangerous as red.If someone is yellow it means they are a coward so yellow can have a negative meaning in some cultures.

Now onto my YELLOW cards.

 This first one is for a friend going through an emotional time. Its hard to be there for someone so far away.

sparkling-stars.jpg An angel awaits-

I LOVE this sentiment.

I thought my friend could use a little card, to let her know I am thinking and praying for her and her situation. This will go postal tomorrow.

I LOVE the Elzybells images. I was about to come off my stamp spending probation when we got hit with the several hundred dollar vet bill :C So its back in effect.

Lynda was super sweet to send me several of these images, to tie me over.

This one came in handy!

I can’t buy MORE Elzybells till I use what I have more. BUMMER, I know.

I thought this girl was perfect for the situation, and message I wanted to send.

The moon sparkles, and so does the star, which was done using my SU! star punch (love that one! I heart stars).  I love the girl hanging for the star.

The stamped stars are from Green Grass Stamps-Card Greetings (retired).

The little stars are Creative Card Candy Twinkle stickers by A Muse.

Next up-a super simple and under 10 minutes card.

in-the-daisies.jpg Sunny Days

YES! Another SU! sample! WOW!!!

This card was so super fast. It uses the Spring Solitude bundle.

It would have been faster if I didn’t add bling flower centers, and tie my ribbon trough the card the way I did.

I could have fiddled with it more, but decided to leave it be.

As busy and simple as it is, its kinda pretty with just these colors.

Made me happy. Even though I was SOOOOO tempted to add something to the top. Oh well. Maybe I should have left the ribbon off?

Anyway-I wanted to share it just the same.

Tune in tomorrow for our blogger’s challenge.

Kids School vacation starts too-OH BOY! That should be a fun week.

Thanks for checking in here again.

Till tomorrow.


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What a bitter sweet day! THANK YOU for the well wishes, and prayers. God has worked hard for me today! (Tracey some of that was for you too girl).

This is one post the exclamation points can do no justice for. I was in tears over this.

I have some FABULOUS news! Alexa’s LAST day of chemo is around May 18th! See my 30’s are going to ROCK! With Alexa in remission and done chemo then, what more could anyone ever ask for?


I thought it was to be in late August, so this is quite a nice surprise. We will still have monthly labs and a physical to make sure it stays in Remission, but who can complain about that?

So only ONE more spinal tap.

Fever’s will no longer be so scary (yeah right), and no daily meds. Long days at the hospital. And many more things that only someone who sits here can begin to understand.

I am sure it will be very weird getting over this whole thing. We still have the risk for return for the next 5 years, but I have FAITH!

I will aslo say Alexa seems to be feeling REALLY great after her Chemo today. Her counts are great, but still good enough.

Then came the BITTER.

 Poor Daisy-she hasn’t been well the past few days. I have been freaking out over it, and today was the final straw.

After taking Alexa to the doctor I had to run and take her to the Vet. Long story short, and a couple hundred dollars later (really bitter part for Jason-but it could have been way worse)-she has a stomach bug.

My poor Daisy :C But at least its not a toy or other object stuck in her intestines (like what was thought)

Just a cracker or something else, that didn’t settle well with her. Can you say my poor baby has a “senstive stomach” LOL!

So that was the SWEET of that.

No more people Smackerals (think Winne the Pooh and his Honey-talk) for her! JEESH!!! Anyway-its been a long day and I am SO very thankful!

Now lets get DIRTY!

Our monthly  Dirty Girl Challenge-

It was Give a Shout out!

We are so proud of our Fellow Dirty Girls who have recently designed stamps for various companies – Mona Lisa for Cornish Heritage Farms, mel mel for Gina K, SweetMissDaisy for Whipper Snapper – let’s give them a special SHOUT OUT in this month’s challenge!

Challenge Focus: Stamps Designed by Fellow Dirty Girls. –OR– alternate option – use any fellow Dirty Girl’s galllery creation as an inspiration to semi-CASE something of your own (be sure to link it in your post).

Required Element: Spring Color Combo – whatever feels like Spring to you!

Restricted Element: NO CuttleBug/Big Shot/Wizard or similar diecut/embossing machines.

Keyword: DCS208 (for Dirty Challenge Shout February 08 )

So check out all the girls blogs/galleries. Mine will go in my SCS gallery tomorrow.

I was in SHOCK over the NO die cut/embossing stuff, but they dont call it a challenge for nothing.

Here is my creation using Melanie’s  Just so Hippy set

mytime-dirty-challenge.jpg Sorry I’m so Behind (thats inside)

I just LOVE this set, and these colors are spring to me 😀 Anything PINK screams Spring! This is the SU! paper-Berry Bliss. It is SO yum.

Since I am ALWAYS “behind” on sending thank you’s this is perfect for “someone” who I haven’t thanked-YET!

I loved the layout. Very different for me. I like the layers, colors, and brass elements……it all just flowed. This was a 15 minute card. Not too shabby. My paper was the start point. I like using a color as my base right now. Notice I did the same on my Owl card??? Its just “different” for ME, cause I LOVE white! LOVE IT!

The flowers are felt and velvet. Just so darn CUTE.

I hope you likey :D. I have fun doing these monthly challenges.

I hope to work in some others over the next few months. So stay tuned.

Well all this happy dancin has got me WIPED out! Up since 5:30 am. 5 1/2 total hours of driving, 5 hours in the hospital, and then 2 hours at the vet-WOW! Its exhausting just revisiting the day.

I’m off to crash with some Girl Scout cookies. I am already out of the chocolate coconut carmel thingies. I knew I should have ordered more than I did! LOL! Any locals out there?

Till tomorrow-

Thoughts “For You”

Feb 20, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Owl greeting

Well Alexa has her intrathecal chemo today. We are going to Dartmouth bright and early, since she will be put out. She always gets so sick after this type. Poor girl. I just try to think-she will only have 2 more types of this Chemo till its OVER!!!

WOW! The end is in sight.

I try not to get too excited over it, but its hard not to.

Its amazing what McDonald’s can do for kid :D. That is always her asked for Reward for being so brave. Alexa really is so amazing about all the crap she has to deal with.

I am in such awe of her.


That gives me 2 hours to find something to do with myself. So plenty of time for me to  deliver a card 😀

I love images of the wise old owl! This one to me, is SOOOO cute. I am not sure WHO makes it. But, the flourish is a SAB set from Stampin Up!, as is the paper, and Rub-On’s 😀

This card I am sharing today, is being hand delivered to a male nurse at Dartmouth. So I didn’t want anything too girly-although I DID use some flowers-sorry could NOT resist! I just got SU!’s felt flowers-YUMMO!

Anyway-it was pretty simple, overall.

Just wanted to share a little something. Definitely NOT my usual colors. I had no masculine nurse-type of stuff, and just went with what I felt compelled to use. I had been dying to ink the wise ole owl since I got him a few weeks ago.

Its whats INSIDE that counts right?

OK-that is it for me. It will be a LONG day/night, so pray Alexa doesn’t get too ill. She is also more susceptible to infections and whatnot after.

Thanks for checkin in with me today-

Ill be back later, when I get home to post my Dirty Challenge card 😀 Didnt have time to photo/edit/upload.

You know how it is.

Till later

My Everything-

Feb 19, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

mytime-everything.jpg My everything-

Hold on to your seats people!

No you don’t need to check the banner, this is MY blog! And yes, you are seeing a Stampin’ Up! sample! LOL!!!! I made a few today, actually. Some people wanted to see some, so here you go.

It has been SO long since I have used any SU! sets. Even longer since I last ordered. Its been like over half a year I swear!

I FINALLY put in an order, mainly needing non-stamp items, but could not resist a few must have sets. PLUS with Sell-a-bration, its a good deal. I really liked some of the free sets.

I made this for my hubby! Its one of those “anytime” cards, for no reason.

The sentiment speaks VOLUMES.

Looking back I should have went with masculine colors-but thats OK. I love how it turned out. I will leave this out for him, for when he wakes up in the morning.

The bird is actually stamped, colored and cut-on dimensionals, over the flower cluster in the corner.

I have been LONGING for Define your life! I have always loved it, and earned it free 😀 YEAH! Its one of those sets, that to me, will be timeless. Never go out of style. I do alot of name frame things and need definitions that begin with each letter of the alphabet. This set is perfect. It is also a very nice size. I like the extra element it adds to really “define” the message you want to convey. To me that is everything.

As for the set itself-No I did NOT cut it! I ripped the foam backing off, and just put in back in the case. I will use my acrylic blocks when I want to use this one, by adhering it with my ATG gun, to the block- EASY!!!!

The bird in this card is from the Always set. The flowers are from Spring Solitude, and the definition is by Define your Life. It went perfectly!

The ribbon is also Stampin’Up!

The flower centers on the bird have some pretty little adhesive rhinestones. I just love them.

Well thanks for looking 😀

I have alot yet to do-tomorrow us suppose to be our Dirty Girl Challenge, and I have yet to create anything for it! YIKES.

Hope you liked today’s sample-be back tomorrow.

Till then-

Thanks a bunch-Set for a cause

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Jason and the kids are playing Wii. I am all gamed out. So here I am, back to chat it up 😀


OK I LOVE this card 😀 I love the colors, and the layout. I love the use of the felt flowers. All of it.

Banana, Chocolate, Not Quite Navy, Ruby Red, and Olive.

I also love Gina’s set-How Sweet it is! (the sentiment is a rub-on by Making Memories) .The best part of this set is that it benefits The American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. $7.00 of every set sold is divided evenly between these two organizations. This set is available with wood blocks or on cling cushion. Click on the options button to make your choice.

That is cool. I am all about working to make a difference, and if buying something I love and will use, helps too, then that is a HUGE bonus 😀

When I saw this paper-I want to say its by American Crafts-but am unsure :C, I thought of this set immediately.  If you know which paper-line this is, drop me a line, because I cut off the strip and can’t find it-SORRY.

Not my usual color combo-and I appreciate that. I like stepping into unfamilar territory (unless it involves scrapping-EW!). Keeps us challenged and moving forward. Its important to EVOLVE.

Be a work in progress. Never complete, never perfect. Always changing.

That is my personal aspiration. Always want to reach for the sky. There is no limit, no end. If you have nothing left to accomplish, then you have nothing left to live for.

Does that sound too like- Chinese Proberb-ish? LOL! Oh well. I don’t care, its how I feel.

Either way-that is my thought for the day 😀

So what are you reaching for? Do you know what you want in life?

Its so important to have a focus. Have goals. Make a difference. In any way.

Be it saving for a vacation, improving your relationships, maybe mending a bad habit. Helping someone else. Sending cards more often (GUILTY HERE). Getting organzied, going for that promotion, whatever.

Anyway-I hope to accomplish so much over this next year, it will make my own head spin if I think about it! You have NO IDEA 😀

I have some exciting things coming with this new year, and I am pushing forward-full speed ahead.

I am going to give my 200% to accomplish what I really want. I believe I CAN do whatever I set too. I have a great support system.

I am turning 30 in May, and I want it to be the start of the best time of my life! My 20’s have been great, but I am determined my 30’s will be the BEST!!!

I am so grateful for all I have-truly!

Well thanks for reading.

What are you aiming for? Have you even thought about what YOU want? Id love to hear it.

OR if you have accomplished something you set out to do-lets hear it. Give yourself a well deserved SHOUT OUT! You should! I want to hear it 😀

Ill check in again tomorrow.

Tiles in the spotlight.

Feb 18, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

OK this is another quick post.

I am trying to keep this weekend for my family. I am sure you understand. I have just been so busy and think I need to give them all some extra attention.

Since all the stamp co. releases, I was quite busy, and then other family stuff, so we are trying to just have a KID/FAMILY focused weekend.

We had a blast at my mom’s. We always do. My mom and her Hubby cook a HUGE feast everytime we go.

 It was perfect, till we heard she is considering moving to Portugal with her husband. OMG! I can’t believe it.

I haven’t talked to her about all that just yet, but I am sure we will. Just wasn’t the right time and place. That is a HUGE deal. They said we could move there too, but um NO!

I think I need to stick put. I need MODERN medicine, and live close to one of the worlds BEST Children’s Hospital-Boston Childrens. So I am all set.

I like my modern world, and am not about roughing it. I hear all the work they have to do there and cringe.

Plus with Alexa’s need’s I need to make sure she gets the BEST education possible.

AND I think living in NH is pretty FARM GIRL-I can’t imagine literally living in a farm country! SO not me. No Target-No Thanks!

Anyway-onto the card-


This was a SIMPLE card, using the spotlight technique.

Spotlighting is when you highlight a PORTION of an image. It usually POP’s with color.

I recently bought this birdcage stamp at my LSS. I dont know WHY I had to have it, I just did. It combined SO well with my SU! Stem Shilouette’s.

On a recent trip to Michaels I found these adhesive backed glittery “tiles”. So I stamped JUST the bird from the cage onto it, and layered it on my card. PERFECT!

The main layer is also pieced onto a stamped white layer for more 3D POP!!

I just love black, white, and this pink. I added pink stickles to my flowers as well, for a touch of color.

The ribbon is a wide satin by May Arts. I love it.

All in all very SIMPLE-but so all occassion.

OK I need to run. But thanks for stopping by. I do have alot to share, but today is not the day :C

Till tomorrow.

Bottle of Hope-Some Rak’s and tags, and thanks to you

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Well happy Monday. I only use the word HAPPY with Monday today because its a holiday, and Jay is home 😀

Otherwise Monday is my least favorite day of the week :C

I want to say thank you to everyone who had RAK’d me lately. You have made ME very happy.

I have provided photos of some of the cards I have received lately

-I am missing the package from Bonnie. She sent some candy and Daisy some special treats! Thank you Bonnie and Ken! With all you have going on-you are just truly amazing

Click the photos for a larger view.

prayer-jar-stuff.jpg  rak-3.jpg  rak-1.jpg  rak-2.jpg

Photo #1 is a VERY special gift. To the right corner is a polymer clay prayer jar for Alexa! Truly AMAZING!

Ilysa from Polymer Clay Productions has an AMAZING program where she sends these special jars to Cancer patients!! She sent this package of Polymer goodies for Alexa! Can you believe that?

The program is called Bottle of Hope, and you can watch the ceremony filmed at CHA by clicking the link, and checking out her site.(I however cannot watch it) Stuff like that puts me in an emotional FUNK!

But I really want to say THANK YOU Ilysa! What a wonderful thing you are going for so many people.

Now onto photo 2

the cards are from-in order of left to right

Lora (TheStampQueen on SCS)so sweet, Chelsey (who also sent Alexa a wonderful package for a Princess) thanks girl, Bobbie (who cracks me up endlessly).

Photo 2

Renee (scs happystamper05) my long time PSF-hugs!, Chelsey (bubblegumgirl SCS) , Crystal who also sent me the cutest stamp! Thank you!, Charmaine so talented and sweet! She is trying to make me buy that stamp set!

Photo 3

Lynda-who included Elzybells images to tie me over-thanks, Jenn who made me the sweetest bella card for V-day! Another great longtime PSF friend,and Mellie-who included the sweetest poem!

Thanks so much.

Sorry my thanks is LATE :C


I was nominated for the Excellent Blogger award by Kelly! Thanks so much! You are way sweet.

I have a few tags, that I can’t find-SORRY! If you tagged me can you re-send. I came home to 2 days worth of emails and am slowly getting back to people :C


OK Now I HOPE to post some eye candy following this-be right back

Sweet Sundae Wishes

Feb 17, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Happy Sundae (hehehehe)

OK I am running off for a day at my mom’s. I know I have email’s to answer, and I will do that tomorrow.

Jay and I had a great date last night. Got home late. How could we NOT have a good time? We also went shopping! You CAN’T beat that! LOL! A man willing to go to Michael’s, Target AND the dollar store-that is PERFECTION! No complaining either.

This is a quick post 😀 SORRY again its late. I didn’t want to just THROW something together, and wanted to use a unique sketch. I hope you like enough to give it a try. Its a pretty fun one I will hopefully use again.

I promised a sketch using A Chemistry With Paper, since that was what the winner chose as the featured set.

This set is called Ice Cream Party! One of my most favorite! Its the perfect Build-A-Sundae set.

sweet-sundae-wishes.jpg Sweet Sundae Wishes

I used the BKGD image, and my SU! Markers to color the words I wanted-Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

I always think Neapolitan when I thing Ice Cream cards! LOL!

The ribbon is from Michaels and matched PERFECTLY.

Liquid applique made the perfect WHIPPED cream topping. I little bling for the cherry.

OK I really need to run-Jay is giving me the evil eye, and the kids have their coats on.

Enjoy the day!

Tomorrow Jay is off from work, and the kids have school (except Amber) but still! Can you say YEAH!!!

Till tomorrow 😀

Tah-Dah! Here is the rest

Feb 16, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

OK so I know its NOT a big surprise, since I am sure you have seen the PTI Design Team gallery-but just in case you missed it-here are the remainder of my samples.

Everyday Blessings:

pti-mytime-blessing-with-bird.jpg Remembered in Prayer (also uses Out on a limb, Just Hatched)

mytime-pti-cross-if-faith.jpg Faith is the Substance

mytime-pti-cast-your-cares.jpg Cast your cares (also uses Beautiful Blooms)

Women Of Life:

pti-women-of-life-daughter.jpg Your Day Daughter

mytime-pti-daughter-daisy.jpg Daisy for Daughter (also used Polka Dot Basics)

Shapes by Design:

mytime-circled-hello.jpg Round about hi

mytime-pti-retro-daisy.jpg Retro Daisy Fold

You can purchase these sets, used in this post ——>HERE

If you are curious about the products then please visit the gallery. I spent a LONG time typing it all up and just CAN’T do it again. It is sectioned by Set, then DESIGNER.

I’d love to hear what your favorite is, and if you have a reason-then why 😀

Also if you have any questions let me know.

Thanks for all the warm, sweet words, and support. It meant so much.

This being my FIRST month at PTI, it was very scary! You never want to disappoint 😀 So all the encouragement really helped ME personally!

I also have my Candy Carrot Box, and Easter Baskets posted below-so feel free to check those out if you haven’t gotten to yet.

Thanks for reading! Im off to my date with Jason! Lucky me 😀

SORRY! OK I want to say Im SOOOOO sorry I didn’t do a sketch with the A Chemistry With Paper set-YET! I hope to return later (I am going to stamp this morning), with a sample using their images, just as the winner asked.

My stamp time this week was limited to MUST DO.

I had a crazy week and with the Papertrey Ink release and whatnot, plus Valentine’s day-blah, blah, blah, and tutorials, with emails , so it just didn’t happen 😀 SORRY again

So here is a sketch I LOVE!!!! You know I HAVE to include circles whenever possible. I hope you like it too.

You can see this card as one of the World Card Making Day winners on page 66 of the March 08 issue of Paper Crafts!

I was THRILLED because I only sent in 2, and I “felt” this was a winner :D. The other one was too involved I think. Oh well. We got a MONDO box of amazing stuff for winning. Really cool.

Stitched Stem Thanks

mytime-stitched-stem-thanks.jpg       sketch-35.JPG Click to enlarge.

This card uses all stamps by Lizzie Anne Designs. Flowers by Its a Party. thanks from Just Words, little flower from Daisy Dots.

I faux stitched the stems, and used Stickles for my flower centers.

The paper is by Memory Box-Sugar Collection. The dots repeated the pattern in the flower, as well as the pierced stems 😀

I hope you take the time to try it out. I would love to see your take on it 😀 So send us a link so we can all view it.

Thanks for reading and playing.

Im off to do that special card as promised. I HOPE to get it uploaded BEFORE Jay and I have a date! But if not I will post it tomorrow-

Thanks for understanding 😀


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