Happy Valentine’s Day!

WOW! I am BUSY BUSY BUSY! Like you have NO idea how crazy-but here I am.

I also hope you get to do something special with the one’s you love.

This is such a Hallmark Holiday, and I really think you shouldn’t need ONE day to show people you love them. It really needs to a year long effort.

Jason and I work hard at that. Be it a little message on the phone, an email, a card in the car-left for them to find as they head off to the next journey. Same with the kids.

My mom would sometimes write little notes on the napkins of our lunches! I always loved it, and do the same for my kids. Or I draw a cute little picture for them. Pop up with random surprises. That’s the fun stuff.

It really is the little things.

Jason and I have a date Saturday! YEAH!!! It is SO needed. So we will really be sure to enjoy it.

OK Now I am off and running and I promised to share some good stuff-

First is my card to my AWESOME, loving BEST friend and husband-Jay

He is my rock. Anything you could want rolled up in ONE person-that is Jason, to me.

I am SO very blessed that he felt I was worthy enough to be his wife, and mother of his children 😀

My love, Forever & ever.


The heart IS the “card”. It opens on the left side. The photo turn holds it closed.


The rest is just to add to the overall design.

I used this bird image from Inkadinkadoo. It reminds me of “love birds” and just growing old together, sitting somewhere, looking at the stars.

The birds are flocked. The moon sparkles.

This sentiment by PTI- Out on a Limb is my most favorite-EVER!

The flowers are one of my favorite SU! sets-Stem Silhouettes. I added some punched vellum flowers to my branches for interest, and to continue the blossoms on the branches below.

I LOVE these colors together! Ruby Red, Cameo Coral and Black! I had to spritz some black to complete the look.

Jason LOVES when I make him cards. The more involved the better! LOL! Now THAT is pressure. You have to out-do the last one, all the time. He saves everything I make him-so there is definitely PROOF of improvement 😀

OK now for my Papertrey Ink tip

You saw she is coming out with 2 new colors! Aqua Mist and Spring Moss!!!

MY problem with ALL Palette Ink is that the COLOR on the COVER, does not come CLOSE to the color stamped. For me, this is personally frustrating.

Aqua Mist appears almost like a teal on the writing on the lid. You have no idea how truly gorgeous the color really is.

So I have a solution for ALL my Palette inks 😀


I stamp my labels (for this I used Limitless Labels), and stuck then to my lid. Now I get a very nice look at how the color is once it is stamped.

You could certainly print the names off, but for me having it listed on the bottom is just fine.

SO I hope that helps you, if this was an issue you had, like I did.

I also want to tell you that I store these inks in a white RIBBON holder (clear hinge top lid), from Michaels! It costs $10, and stores about 18 pads! On their sides though. But hey, for me a cheap space saver.

OK next up! How do YOU get more stamping time if you have children. Now I can’t help with ALL ages, but can tell you mine are 8, 5 and 3.


You are going to create a POST OFFICE within your home. Your kids will play this for HOURS on end. Writing letters, delivering them, picking them up. Its a totally awesome, and a creative game that keeps them busy, and happy. TRUST ME.

Target sells Re-usable shopping bags. They cost a $1!!! They are red, and are sold near the $1 section. They look like a zipped up wallet. Un zip, and you have a bag with handles! WAY cool, and you can bring the game to Grandma’s.

This becomes a MAIL CARRIER bag for your kids.

You all RAVE about those CHEAP $1 mailboxes at Target. I KNOW you have oodles that you are hoarding! So get them out.

I not only let my kids decorate them with stickers, papers, rub-ons and stamps, but they have about 15 they put throughout the house. THIS takes some time for THEM to do, so mean while YOU stamp!

I bought them some cheap stamps, washable ink, and markers. I get the ugliest notecards on CLEARANCE for like a $1. They can decorate them and the envy’s as they wish. You can even buy cheap $1 playing card for them to use.

I stamped the Limitless Labels on some Avery mailing labels, and then using a Martha Stewart POSTAGE shape punch, I make them their own stamps! Each had their own box of stamps, letters, and envy’s. They just peel and stick. And if they put them ALL over your GLASS table-they peel off, no problem 😀

My kids have a blast with all the different things they can do with this activity.

OK Im off to Alexa’s class party. I hope you all will have time to stop by at the PTI release. Its gonna be HUGE!!!

Tomorrow I will have a tutorial for one of my PTI projects. So hope you can check back then.