OK I planned this post differently till I realized WHAT today is. 

I just have to shout that it is Alexa’s 2 years into Chemo today!!! She was diagnoised/started treatment Feb 6th of 2006!!! WOW!!!

We now have offically 6 months left.

Feels like just a few months ago, and almost like a dream-OK a nightmare, that I was sitting there listening to the most frightening news I had ever heard in my life.

 But God has been good, and she has been Cancer FREE!!! I know there has been a purpose for all of this.

I promise when you go through something like that EVERYTHING in your life changes.

I know “I” have changed immensely. I view the world, life and people so differently. I take NOTHING for granted.

I am so much more thankful and driven. I realize the need to enjoy every day, and see no guarantee’s of tomorrow. You need to do what you can TODAY! Don’t wait. You may not get that chance.

I just pray endlessly that she will continue to be strong and beat this.

I appreciate everyone’s support through the past 2 years.

It really has past so quickly, as the worst is behind us.

OK now onto the post I had planned-sorry for getting side tracked, but this is a huge day for us.


When I made this card, the idea, for an egg shape, came by looking at the egg in the set. It’s a REALLY cute egg.

It is called Eggstra-Special Easter.

I thought it would be fun to use other MFT stamps to make my pattern on my egg.

So I inked up Behind the Scenes, and away I went.

 I used my coluzzle oval to create the egg card. Fold at the side. I think alot of us think egg shaped greetings when we think Easter.

As a kid my mom made the BEST Easter baskets. My FAVORITE thing to get was Cadbury Creme Eggs! OMG!

They are always a diet killer for me. I even LOVE the new Caramel filled ones. Every-time I see one I think if being a kid. One year my mom put JUST a basket of those yummies for me. It was awesome. My dad would sometimes go to the candy shop, and get us really cool Easter candy-like the eggs you peek into, and there is a bunny scene. They are made of pure sugar. So pretty. I would keep mine for years. Then finally have to toss it.

My brother loved the Reese peanut butter eggs-so we would often trade candy. He wasn’t a big Candy person, and would keep his forever!

I would sneak into his room and “borrow” some of his neglected candy. He never noticed, till it was almost gone, and realized HE didn’t really eat it! LOL! What good is getting an Easter Basket of candy if its JUNE and its still full? That is candy abuse.

Every year we would spend HOURS decorating Easter Eggs. We would color on them with crayons, then dye them. A tradition I try to carry on with my own children-who would rather THROW them into the dye :C Maybe this year. l

Last year we did 3 different egg hunts with the kids. The kids really all got the whole concept. I believe Noahfound the most.  He was VERY competitive about it. A True boy. Reminds meof my brother.

I was always the one to find the egg with the $1 on it. He would pitch a FIT over it, every year! I LOVED it.

 We actually went to Alexa’s Make a Wish trip to Disney ON Easter last year, and they got all kinds of cool Easter stuff there.

It is hard to believe that was almost a year ago. WOW! That FLEW by. Thank goodness!

OK sorry about trailing off down memory lane-you are here for the card-

The bunny is flocked. So its cute and fuzzy. It reminds me of the white bunny banks that were fuzzy, with red eyes. I would get one like every Easter! I loved to touch it, and always found the red eyes a bit creepy :C Anyway-this one is CUTE!

Thought I was going to go off again, didn’t you?

The butterfly is a acrylic embellishment from K & Co. Really cute.

I hope you will be up for the MFTeaser party tonight from9-11 p.m. Eastern time. Lots of fun is planned including finding out how YOU can be the next MFT Guest Designer. Head over to the MFT forum on www.splitcoaststampers.com to find out all the details and join us there tonight.

I would love to hear of your Easter Traditions. I believe Greek people have some interesting ones. I also love to hear WHY you do certain things. So feel free to chime in here OK!

Till tomorrow-or tonight if you go to the MFT PARTY!!! 😀