for a ROCKIN do-it-yourself tutorial!

WOW! After I posted my goody package, from my Secret Friend, I received over 200 emails, asking about WHERE you can buy that pkg, of full glitter Prima’s.

Well, considering I have NO IDEA “who” sent it to me I couldn’t answer that question. I myself had never seen a pack like that. There was an obvious NEED for people to have these immediately!

Ask and you shall receive 😀

SOLUTION!!! Make them yourself!

Now I KNOW the possibilities for this are ENDLESS! Think of all the UGLY color Prima’s you have, that came in the bottle with the colors you love! LOL!

Now think-punched flowers as well!

Any shape-any size-you name it! You can now GLITTERFY it! (That is a Lauren word so not correcting me OK!) You ahve the color of glitter, then you can have a Prima or other option in that exact color.

Here is what you need-


Decoupage glue-with brush * Glitter * item to be glitterfied * tweezer’s-it gets messy!

Brush glue onto object-like so


Dip item into glitter


Tap off excess, let dry.

Add to card, ot project of choice.

The glue really holds the glitter on there NO PROBLEM! You can even “sculpt” your Prima to dry in whatever position you want, because when it dries it hardens right up.

Here is a sample using the flower I made.

mytime-glitter-prima.jpg Cherish everything

Flower-Fun to Be Floral

Leaf-In the Treetop

Sentiment-Say it in Script (LOVE THIS SET)

Kept this very clean and simple, as to show you the impact of the glitter flower!

I just used my Matt Pack and pierced a border for added interest! It takes a simple, single layer card from an Oh, to an OOOHHHH!!!  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! LOL!

Hope you like my mini tutorial! It was alot of fun, and very easy to do!

Till tomorrow.