Ok so maybe I AM turning into a crazy dog lover!

I call her Daisy Doodle, and Alexa calls her Crazy Daisy. Its really cute to see the kids participate in her care by following commands, and giving rewards, putting her in and out of the crate, feeding, brushing, and of course playing.

I had to share this photo of Daisy with her adorable PINK doggy coat 😀


C’mon you KNOW I was going to have to get her outfits! LOL! She is too adorable not too. She actually likes it. (I think). She is very compilable with whatever I want to do. I think its great I get to start her out like that 😀

But, I had to share my success with all of you, since you did help me with all your advice 😀 So thanks. I especially appreciated the phone calls and emails I received. Really helpful.

Daisy has her first appointment tomorrow, and it should only cost me well over a $100. YIKES :C Now there goes my stocking stuffer’s! LOL! I think she’ll fit in there nicely.

I also want to direct you, who have dogs, to this place—->Ask Me Dogs, that I found, which is like a SCS, but for DOG OWNERS!!! How cool is that? It has an online pet expert that can help with any question, as well as other owner’s give helpful advice.

So I wanted you all to know after all the advice I did the following………………which has lead to success!

No Success Story

 Tuesday-  I deciding to TRY to let Daisy have the run of the kitchen (used lots of gates), instead of being crated. What’s weird is she goes in the crate at times on her own during the day, and when I leave or can’t watch her every move (today I made my bed, and she found and ate a crayon Alexa left on the floor while coloring ;C). She doesn’t mind it all. No crying, fussing or freaking. Totally happy to chill. Come night time-watch out.

OK Night comes- I have her gated in the kitchen, which is good size, and cord safe :D. I kept her crate open, but thought if she could see us it should work. Our room is off the Kitchen. Well she jumped, and jumped and jumped till she knocked it over! Came into our room, and tried to jump up on our King size bed-Um, yeah, not happening. She cried and cried-so I decided that SLEEP would WIN. I then let Daisy sleepwith us. Jason was so NOT happy. But, you wouldn’t even know she was there. She was very good. She woke me up twice in the middle of the night, by nudging my arm, went out for a potty break, then back to bed. I realized I didn’t want this to be long term, so made the decision for the following night to stick it out, be consistent, and try something that would hopefully work.

Just like kids right?? Now is the time to NOT instill BAD habits.

Now Wednesday Night

I keep her crate open. Put up all the gates in the kitchen. I move her bed to the doorway, where there is the gate, but she can see us sleep (thanks Dawn and Bobbie). I then swaddle her like a baby in this blanket that she dores (it was Noah’s when he was a baby). She loves to be swaddled-funny huh??

I included my t-shirt, and her favorite stuffed squirrel. Left a nightlight on, and ran the DISHWASHER!!! That seemed to help.

She would get up, and just whine, as oppose to bark, and yelp.

I would tell her down (to make her stop jumping on the gate), and then Daisy Bed. It took several times of me getting up and re wrapping her, and putting her there with the commands. So after several trips I stopped getting up but used my voice, and a snap of my fingers (my mom use to do that with our dogs), and VIOLA. She went to her bed and slept 😀 She did wake up at 1:30 and 5 :30 to go out, but then quietly returned to her bed, without fuss!!!


Now here is a photo of her swaddled in her blanket, on our Suede video rocker chair that she has deemed HERS. You can see her little squeeky squirrel she carries around.

She litterally lets me lay her down and wrap her up. Its Hilarious.


Let me go on and say that Daisy is like the best little thing on 4 paws. Seriously, amazing. She is very well behaved, and is already getting some simple commands. I am using one-to two words to teach her.

I am doing the bell thing as suggested for going out to use the “potty”. She will ring the bell on the door sometimes too! She hardly has any accidents-which I am so thankful for.

She has long curly hair in the “back”. Needless to say she has had 3 baths!!! I never bathed a dog before, but she loves it. Stays perfectly still, then lets me dry her, and brush her. She then let Jay and I cut her hair-NO PROBLEM!

I teach her sit, down, treats, eat, out, fast-fast (that means we are here to potty not sniff the entire yard), and then there is crate-go, and bed Daisy.

I just might actually be able to do this.

So my point was thanks for the advice.

I also think we made the best move buying Daisy. She is a great breed for what we as a family were looking for. Plus she is definitely MY DOG. I am HER PERSON!

I felt like picking her was like a Grey’s Anatomy show, when Meridith says to Derick (when he is deciding over her and Addison) “Pick me, choose me, love me” 😀 Yes I am pathetic

That was exactly what I told Jason. I said that is what she is saying. She belongs with us.

He said we made a good choice. She truly is a darling.

OK thats it for my dog insanity. Thanks for bearing with me, as I am so new to this. I know its a stamping blog, but I wanted to share it with you 😀 Plus the beauty of a blog is I will never really know if you read it or not, and I can still throw it out there!

NOW I am really going to get stamping! I think I have a “routine” in place, so it may just happen.

Till tomorrow. Don’t forget Saturday Sketch time 😀