mytime-tcpj-skater-kitty.jpg   The Skating Cat

Time has just flown by. I so wanted to get this done earlier, but that doesn’t always work out that way.

Life here has been CRAZY. We had Amber’s Christmas Show-which was over the top CUTE!!! OMWord-proud mom here-wait till I get the Smilebox done! I hope the video thing loads properly. It was just too precious! PRECIOUS I tell you.

We then had a visit from THE Santa himself! I got lots of photos for that! I even began to wish he was real! He was awesome!! I’ll go into that on more when I do that post. AMAZING.

I finally got some stamping done!! YEAH!!! Dog training is hard work people! My little Daisy Doodle is quite the cuddlebug.

 I was having such a wave of inspiration, but it was quickly squished with kids and dog training. To be frank-I’m wiped out. Its all worth it though. The kids have been acting in a way the guarantee’s the NAUGHTY list today-so that did NOT help either.

Well I PROMISED you all a tutorial, on how to make a card “in motion”. It is along the idea of a “spinner” card, but it doesn’t spin-it slides along a track. Think of like a train. It has 2 tracks that keep it from sliding off. Along the same idea.

After I posted THIS card, I got OVER 100 personal email messages, asking for a tutorial. WOW, you love me! OK maybe not me, but thanks for the awesome feedback. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Its so rewarding to know that people like this stuff or find it helpful, when you put so much of yourself (and time) into it.

So, now is the time 😀

I didn’t want to re-do the exact SAME card, so I decided to show you how versatile it can be 😀 In keeping with the WINTER theme of December, I decided to do Skating scene instead.

Keep an open mind-anything could be done.

I am including step by step instructions. Please click the photos for a larger view. Post your questions here, if any, and I will answer it in the comments section.

Please be aware-it sound difficult, but seriously is easy. Also goes pretty fast 😀 Just try it! If you do send me a link so I can see it.

Here is what you will need


Your main layer (snowflakes here).

A “hill” or land panels. This adds to the “look” that your image is doing something or going somewhere.

A hobby blade/mat

2 Pennies

lots of dimensionals

a little imagination ;D

Step 1-CARD DETAILS- the prep before the “technique”.

I made my card base from white cardstock.

I then cut/matted my snowflake patterned paper (from DCWV).

 I cut 2 “hills” in different sizes (using my CM Wavy cutter). Added Dazzling diamonds.

The IMAGE- its important to make sure your image allows you to HIDE the pennies. So make sure you check that prior to going all gangbuster’s then getting sad it doesn’t look right!

 I stamped my desired image (cat from The Cat’s Pajama’s-Kitty Christmas). I cut her so she was on her own lil ICE patch! Sentiment was done using SU! markers, and is from Wintertime Fun. Colored with Copic’s and added liquid applique (with dazzling diamonds while wet-then heat set) to the fur lining of the outfit.

Step 2

layer-snow-hills.jpg Layer the snowhills, using dimensionals

Step 3

track-layers-on-image.jpg Layer- dimensional, penny, dimensional, penny. In the MIDDLE of the 2 penny “sandwich” is your track, I am referring to.

Step 4

figure-on-snow-hill.jpg  blade-to-make-track.jpg Place the image on the “track” with cardstock between 2 pennies.

This gives you an idea of where you will need to make a cut for the other end of the pennies to slide into. Don’t make your slice too far apart. Get a little close to the track. Like 1/4 inch along the edge is about right, for a good fit. You can use a pencil and Layer Ease first if you like, and it has to be PERFECT 😀

Use hobby blade, and follow the lines of the bottom track, as seen in photo.

Step 5

pennies-in-slider-track.jpg POP the pennies into place.

 Put one penny in front of bottom layer. Pop the back penny into cut layer.

back.jpg This is how the back may look. Adhere with dimensionals to card base. Careful not to place dimensionals in a spot that will inhibit movement. Area above track will need to double up on dimensionals (in other words apply 2 in the same spot).

 This allows the penny to freely flow along the track when pushed/pulled.

 mytime-skating-along.jpg click for larger view

mytime-tcpj-side-view-skater.jpg Here is the side view. You simply push her along the hills so she “skates” across the card!

Pretty cool huh?

Now its YOUR turn.

Hope you enjoyed!

Till tomorrow